What Goes Around Comes Around

I believe that is called karma…..right?

You guys know me…that is if you are a regular……I enjoy making my readers look at history of the world and especially of the adventures the US has had that is now driving the geopolitics of the 21st century.

There are times when our actions have not been followed up with programs that would keep America safe……in other words we, the people, lost interest.

It happened in Vietnam….we finally ended things and brought the troops home and we lost all interests in the country or the region……..again look at Afghanistan in the 80’s….we were so worried about the USSR that we went all in in the fray between the Russians and the rebels…….then after 10 years the Russian cut and run and we pulled assets out of Afghanistan and forgot about it….and the Taleban and AQ came back to bite us in the ass.

We are at it again in Iraq……read on, my friends…..

Source: Recognize That Iraq Is History by Ivan Eland — Antiwar.com

Ever since the Cold war we, the US, have looked for proxies to fight our adventures for us…..Africa in the 70’s……Central America in the 80’s…….Middle East in the 2000’s……

We seem to be at it again in Central Europe and Southern Europe…

It is getting more complicated by the year………I am afraid that all this will make history not kind to the US at all.

I have a question for you……in how many countries does the US have special ops people operating?  (Pause for thought….I can hear the jeopardy music……)……..time up!  135 countries!

If you would like more info then please…..read on……..

Source: A Secret War in 135 Countries by Tom Engelhardt — Antiwar.com

Does anyone else see a problem in the making with this large number of operations going on at one time?

How many is too many?

Please let me know your thoughts…….

18 thoughts on “What Goes Around Comes Around

      1. There you go!! Besides – just HOW effective have we been in Afghanistan? No one has ever been able to tame those mountains – that’s why Russia left after 10 years – and HOW long have we been there?

      2. So true…the last invader that was successful was Alexander the Great…..just like Hitler ignored the weather in Russia…we ignored the terrain and the people…..we will never leave Afghanistan if things do not change……

      1. Actually somebody needs to send them into the field to observe the horrors of war first hand before they allow them to get into a position where they can start the damned wars in the first place. Give them guns and send them over there for a limited “Training” engagement and see if they change their tune.

  1. Actually, ONE operation of that nature is a mistake, for it only leads to the remainder… The mistake is in the concept of capitalistic imperialism, or, at its root, the concept of money. As long as we continue to allow an illusion to drive society’s engine, we will be running out of control… and none of it makes any sense….


  2. Yes, we will never learn. 135 countries? Holy sht. No wonder the world hates us. We are like that annoying person who can’t mind their own business.

    The commenter who said that the higher powers should go first is spot on. It reminds me of System of a Down’s BYOBomb. They should make their sons fight first.

    Also, spot on was the comment about the mountains in AG. Actually, all the comments were, but those fueled my kind of rant.

    1. I like the idea of the Congress needs to fight the wars…a duel or a boxing match or something similar….that way the deaths are minimal…people we can afford to lose….

      1. Yep. Put all the leaders in a room until one remains, then let people at the “winner”. Okay, I just laughed at the loss of human life. I’m solidifying my place down there.

      2. Then I will be with you down there….I agree with you…..I am old so I recall slogans from the 60’s….”Old men start wars, young fight them”…….

  3. GOP and its supporters makes me sad because they have such regressive views on every significant political issue in the 21st century like climate change, women’s rights, foreign policy etc… it’s scary to think of the damage they could do to the world if a Republican sits in the Oval Office.

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