Naming Names: A More Precise Look at Why The Republican Party is Dying | RedState

An earlier post today I gave my readers a look at the most recent polls and the candidates and I found another article that kinda goes along with my earlier piece……even conservatives are not too optimistic on the future of the GOP…………

I have read Red State for many years now……I have mixed emotions about Erickson….there are times when he is very insightful and then he drifts off into the never-never land of the nutty professor…..

I recently read a piece in Red State that I feel I need to pass on to my readers……this is one of those occasions that I agree with Erickson…….unless the GOP gets its stuff together it will be a party from the past..

Both Ross Douthat and I have concluded that the Republican Party is set to learn the wrong lessons from the rise of Donald Trump. The party, as we know it, is going to die because the party leadership is incapable of changing. We should examine part of this from one side that rarely gets mentioned — consultants. The consultant class within the GOP has arranged | Read More »

Source: Naming Names: A More Precise Look at Why The Republican Party is Dying | RedState

After reading this let me know what you think……is the GOP a dying party?

GOP: My How The Mighty Have Fallen

I can recall back in the campaigns of 2012 there were names that got all the attention….names like Paul, Santorum and Perry….back in those days these few along with the Newt and Mitt got hours upon hours of coverage……they were the future of the GOP.

What the Hell happened?

Mitt decided to forego another disastrous campaign….Newt is busy making money……it is the beginning of 2016 campaign and names like Paul, Perry and Santorum cannot buy some attention……Lord knows they have tried.

All the oxygen of this election primaries is being sucked up by Trump with a more quiet Carson running a close second in a national poll.

This same poll, taken by PPP, finds the Big Dogs from 2012 cannot break the 3% approval rating…….

(image from MSNBC)

One of the big dogs from the 2008 campaign, Huckabee, can barely manage a 5% approval……

The question on most analysts tongue is….what the Hell is going on?

The common consensus is that the American people are fed up with the antics of past politicians……promises unfulfilled…….games played……and the total sleaziness of the candidates.

Will this continue?  Will the American voter continue this distaste for the ‘normal’ and elected a total outsider?  Will the voter fall for vague statements with NO defined ideas?

This will be an election to watch, if there was ever one, for the outcome will define America for the next decade and beyond.  Will we return to the status we held 50 years ago or will we be a country floundering around mundane ideas with No hope of salvation?

The answers are in the hands of the American voter……will the country elect a leader or a ring master?

The Riddle of Obama’s Foreign Policy | Consortiumnews

I enjoy reading the stuff by Robert Parry….he has a good grip on foreign policy and has some very insightful writings…..

It is no secret that I do not agree much with Obama and his team of lackeys on foreign policy…….he started off as the anti-war candidate and morphed into a neocon who seems to have imperialistic tendencies.

There are not many in Washington that I consider ‘experts’ at foreign policy or international relations…..they all seem to be stuck in the Cold War mindset…….which is not only outdated but extremely dangerous.

Obama’s foreign policy is a riddle that seems to have a very limited answer………


Source: The Riddle of Obama’s Foreign Policy | Consortiumnews


Is there an explanation for all this chaos in American foreign policy?

This piece in the World Affairs Journal does try to explain what is happening with our approach to world affairs…….we will soon make our choice for the next president and maybe now would be a good time to learn as much as possible about our foreign policy……that is if you truly care about this country and the future of your children…..but I may be a bit presumptuous.

Or you could just do what you have done for decades……just vote for the jerk with the best hair or the biggest mouth……and then bitch about what a slob he/she is……


Source: Fast Forward: US Diplomacy in an Untethered World | World Affairs Journal

Trust in War is America’s New Creed | The Contrary Perspective

It seems like the US has been at war since 1959 with few breaks for diplomacy……now with this Iranian deal there seems to be a familiar theme to all the arguments against it……”Trust In War”…..

We have been told this by neocons for decades…..first with the Soviets, then the Red Chinese, then the Central American events….all wanted to start a war over one situation or another…..and now with the deal in the wind they seem to be telling Americans that we should “Trust in War” to make things alright and a more secure world…..

Is this what we Americans want…..endless war….endless death and destruction?

Surely there is another way to deal with situations in the world than the violence of war…….


Source: Trust in War is America’s New Creed | The Contrary Perspective