An Act Of Morality

A Sunday and what better day to write about the subject of ……..Morality?

Now here is a subject that I seldom, if ever, write about…..why?  We humans all have a different idea and definition of what is moral and of morality.  It is like religion….we could argue until the cows come home and never have a clear winner or loser in that debate.

But I decide to break my moratorium on this subject after something I read the other day…..after all it is the weekend I feel I need to write about something that is not my “norm”……..

I will admit it I do not watch much TV but I do enjoy HBO’s Game Of Thrones……I like all such programming about the Medieval times…..

That article that I spoke of earlier…….

Fans of HBO’s massively popular show Game of Thrones frequently get upset over the deaths of favorite characters, changes made to George R.R. Martin’s novels, and any scene featuring Bran. But enemies of the show have more grievous concerns, and they’re calling on the government for help. Yesterday, MuckRock published a number of complaints made to the FCC regarding Game of Thrones. Letter writers are mad about everything from “open homosexual perverted sex acts” onscreen to Comcast’s generally terrible service. But one fed-up American launched into a truly impressive rant against YouTube, Netflix sex, and nudity before calling on the FCC to join the fight of “emotionally mature” people and kill off Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones should not be allowed because of rape and child molestation,” this firebrand writes to the FCC. He or she goes on to state that no plot—no matter how complex—excuses the explicitness of the acts portrayed on the show. “It is not educational,” the complainer writes. “It is sensationalized cruelty.” Plus, the commercials for it are “misleading.” Finally, like the Night’s Watch turning to the Iron Throne for help, the letter writer begs the FCC to rally to his or her cause. “There are still people out there who are not warped and perverted. Please help US, not the shock jocks that are out to offend for fame and fortune.” Read the entire FCC complaint at MuckRock.

Okay I have a problem with people that think that they somehow hold the moral ground……I understand that some may not appreciate the theme of this show and keep that in mind….IT IS A SHOW!  It is entertainment of which some may not like but that is not their place to tell me that I do not like it.  I am weary of sanctimonious a/holes telling me what I must believe……I shall NEVER bow to that….PERIOD!

There is an easy fix if this show offends your sensibilities or your morals……Do Not Watch It! 

And for Christ’s sake….get over yourself and leave the rest of us…….. ALONE!