Mash Up Over A Mountain

It is news like this that sucks all the oxygen out of real news, issues and problems….

Of all the messed up crap that is flowing through this world and we are centered on the name of a mountain…..this is a pathetic argument and shows the pettiness of some in this country.  It is a diversion…….WTF?

What mountain you ask?  Have you been in a coma?

Looks like North America’s tallest mountain won’t be Mount McKinley anymore. President Obama announced today that Sally Jewell, the secretary of the interior, has renamed it Denali—restoring a name that Alaska Natives and state residents have used for years, Alaska Dispatch News reports. “I think for people like myself that have known the mountain as Denali for years and certainly for Alaskans, it’s something that’s been a long time coming,” says Jewell. The “secretarial order,” released the day before Obama’s three-day trip to Alaska, appears to end a longstanding battle between Alaska and Ohio over who gets to name the 20,000-foot peak.

A gold prospector christened the mountain in 1896 after hearing that William McKinley—not yet a US president—had just won the Republican presidential nomination, the New York Times reports. But Alaska Natives had long called it Denali (which means “the great one” or “the high one”) and revered it in the creation story of Koyukon Athabascans, who have lived in Alaska long before the US existed. For decades, Alaska has filed a bill every year to change the peak’s name to Denali and saw the move blocked by legislators in Ohio, McKinley’s home state. Ohio officials haven’t yet said whether they’ll try to block the name change, the AP reports.

I tried to ignore this silliness but it has invaded into my comments and conversations…….

So I ask who gives a crap?  No one I know cares one bit what this damn mountain is called……..but apparently someone cares……

Ohio, the home state of 25th president William McKinley, are peeved their man has lost the honor. John Boehner says he is “deeply disappointed,” Republican Sen. Rob Portman says it is “yet another example of the President going around Congress,” and Republican Rep. Bob Gibbs slams it as a “political stunt” that’s “insulting to all Ohioans,” reports Fox News. Gibbs, who says he will “determine what can be done to prevent this action,” argues the mountain can only be renamed with an act of Congress since a law was passed naming the peak Mount McKinley in 1917.

The only stunt here is those twats that are making this a big deal…..mostly notably Republicans.

McKinley his most notable accomplishment was a War with Spain and he was not Harding (arguably the worst president ever) and he was assassinated during his second term…..and there are the high points of his presidency….impressive huh?  (And that is your historical reference of the day……you’re welcome)

This is the most pathetic story of the last week………

If Alaskans want the name change……… then screw Ohio!

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The coming war with Russia?

Breaking News!  The Saga of Brady’s Balls is over!  May the country return to sanity now?

2016 is an election that is focused on foreign policy and yet all the talk is about ISIS and China with immigrants thrown in……there is more to worry about and few are paying attention…….

All the problems in Ukraine has seemingly revived the old “war with Russia” saga that has been dormant since the collapse of the Iron Curtain at the end of the Cold War…..

The US, the EU and NATO has been pumping funds and supplies into the region to offset any advances by Putin and his military……many people working at think tans are loudly proclaiming the conditions for a new “Cold War” are ripe for the picking…..

But is it really possible?  A war with Russia that is……

A couple of months before he retired in July, the head of Canada’s air force provided a blunt assessment of what might emerge from the current military mission to Ukraine.

Source: The coming war with Russia | Ottawa Citizen

Hopefully the American people will listen……the world is getting more dangerous by the day and we must soon pick a president that will have to deal with all these dangers………do they, Americans, want someone with ideas or slogans to handle the dangers?

The more the candidates talk the more we have people with slogans and slim on ideas….if that is truly the case then the world will get a lot more dangerous than it is today……that should scare the crap out of all Americans!

Will Trump Pull A Perot?

Can anyone remember back to the election of 1992?  That was the year that Bubba Clinton ran against Poppy Bush….Clinton was victorious and many blamed Ross Perot for the defeat of Bush.  You see Perot ran as any independent candidate for the Reform Party and got in the neighborhood of 19% of the popular vote.

His detractors say that that 19% would have gone to Bush and he would have smoked Clinton and won a second term… least that is the story some want to push.

Fast forward to 2016 election……..Donald Trump came out punching from the opening day of his campaign…..and since that day has done nothing but rise in the approval polls leaving big dogs in the smoke of his bus tires.

Some analyst are saying that trump will not be the GOP nominee no matter what……and let’s say that is true……with his popularity with voters would he decide to pull a Perot and go off as a third party candidate?

A better question is….if he decides to do this how will the GOP contain him and prevent him from winning the election?

Is there a plan for this situation?  You betcha!

The National Journal has a look at this situation……..

Source: Inside the GOP Plan to Prevent Donald Trump’s Third-Party Run

So there is a plan afoot….the GOP will not go quietly into the election…..

But is there any benefit for trying to sabotage Trump’s candidacy?…..will the voter tolerate this interference in their process?  What will be the consequences for the GOP for this?

Not so stealthily the RNC is trying to head off any plans Trump may have in case he is not the nominee……

The pledge being passed out to the candidates reads:

I, ______________, affirm that if I do not win the 2016 Republican nomination for President of the United States I will endorse the 2016 Republican presidential nominee, regardless of who it is.

I further pledge that I will not seek to run as an independent or write-in candidate nor will I seek to accept the nomination for president of any other party.


The whole Trump drama is just fascinating to people that analyze politics and elections.  They are totally baffled at this point and the real election has not yet begun in earnest.

Keep an eye on the doings….this drama is far from over…….

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Has The US Been Duped?

I would like to remind my readers that about a year ago the president went before the nation and announced that we would “degrade and destroy” the Islamic State.

After many many airstrikes by the US and its coalition members the news from the battle front is not the best we could be getting.  It appears that the terror group known as ISIS is no closer to defeat than a year ago when this all began.

Recently the media reported a favorable situation Turkey has decided to allow US planes to use their airspace and air bases as a base of operation…..they also decided to join in the fight.  The problem with their participation is that they are flying more ops against the Kurds, a long time enemy, than against the ISIS positions.

The Kurds an ally of the US and the most successful fighters against ISIS is now a target of one of our allies…

So my question now is…..was the US duped by Turkey so they could wage an all out war against a long time foe?  This question needs an answer if this whole plan is to be remotely successful.

There is something rotten in Istanbul!


Source: Turkey duped the US, and ISIS reaps rewards – The Unz Review

Bribing Bibi and his Proxies to Behave – The Unz Review

The upcoming debate on the Iran Deal is going to be a complete theater outing…..Israel, who opposes the deal will be offered massive aid in an effort to bribe them into some sort of agreement on the deal……

After the effort and the cash that Israel has gone through to fund the opposition to the deal….will it be enough to keep them quiet on the inevitable outcome of the vote?

Source: Bribing Bibi and his Proxies to Behave – The Unz Review

To answer my own question….NOTHING we do will be enough to keep Israel and its nose out of the deal… other words the US will waste time, money and resources trying to placate Israel just to fail after all the shouting is done……

Why waste the time on them anyway?  Especially when the outcome is so damn predictable.

Update:  News has come up that Obama got his 34th Senator on his side……they, Obama Admin, is claiming victory…..but as I have said….do not count them out yet!