Syria: Guy Ritchie Would Be Proud

I am a huge fan if film director Guy Ritchie……his movie have more twists than Lombard in San Francisco……..his work is interesting, entertaining and well done…….if you have not seen any of his work then I suggest you do so…..they are well worth the price of admission.

That said I am comparing the situation in Syria to a Guy Ritchie movie.

In essence it is the US Syria policy that is messed up…….

The program is meant to train and equip rebels who will fight ISIS in Syria. But the problem is that, broadly speaking, America has three goals in Syria, and they don’t line up:

  1. Support local fighters in Syria who can push ISIS out of its territory in the country’s north and east
  2. Avoid getting drawn into a direct conflict with Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad that could escalate into a major, Iraq-style war
  3. Prevent other extremist groups in Syria, such as al-Qaeda, from getting stronger

These three objectives are fundamentally irreconcilable. In order to retake ISIS territory, the United States needs allies on the ground, which means Syrian rebels (Kurdish forces aren’t enough on their own). But those rebels typically see Assad as a bigger priority than ISIS. If the US were to simply train them, equip them, and let them go their own way, they’d likely use their American support to focus on fighting Assad.

The whole plan is a silly and fruitless exercise….something that I have been saying from the beginning…..and I am not alone……

Let’s look at the training of “moderate” rebels………we started training and have turned a small group lose in Syria……and how has the plan working?

President Obama asked for $500 million to arm and train the Syrian rebels. This year alone, the effort is supposed to train 3,000 soldiers to fight ISIS.

But so far, it’s only yielded about 60 fighters. Of those 60, over half have been killed, wounded, or captured in the past week alone by Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s Syrian branch. American officials, according to the New York Times, “did not anticipate an assault from the Nusra Front.”

So far the plan has been a failure with NO chance of success…… it time for a step back and devise a new plan?

Let’s be honest……if we keep to the plan we have no there is NO way to win and definitely NO way out of Syria!  Maybe that is the plan…….the longer we stay in Syria the more money the M-IC will rake in and after all profits is what war is all about, right?

As I was writing this word came out that all is NOT well with the US trained rebels……..

Syrian fighters trained by the United States are now refusing to fight.

In the past few days, five of the US backed recruits have been detained by the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front. A sixth recruit has reportedly been killed.

The US-backed group, Division 30, is accusing the Pentagon of misrepresenting its mission.

The fighters say they signed up to battle the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), not the al-Nusra Front.

Will this finally put an end to the snowjob of training the “moderates” to fight?  It is NOT working no matter how much McCain thinks it will…..

In an article by Jason Ditz…..

A solid year after Congress authorized $500 million for the training and creation of a brand new pro-US Syrian rebel force, the first class of trainees was deployed into Syria. What was initially expected to be tens of thousands of fighters ended up being 54, and they were quickly routed by al-Qaeda.

It’s just now that the Pentagon is finally admitting to there being “flaws” in their plan, and they are now talking about “tweaks” so that their future efforts are a little less disastrous than what they’ve accomplished so far.

The admission itself is a leap forward for the Pentagon, which has been insisting the 54 troops were going to do just fine, despite there only being 54 of them. Despite this, however, they are offering no indication of what changes they might make, suggesting that finally noticing there are problems with their plan didn’t bring them much closer to “fixing” it.

And there Irene is the problem….Tweaks will not win the day….a whole new approach needs to be found……it is so sad that even with the disaster of the rebels training the Pentagon will still only “TWEAK” the program…..

Victory is going to be a long time coming with these plans…..

2016: My Interest Has Been Peaked

I agree with my reader that says it is way too early to be even mildly intrigued by the 2016 election antics…..the election is over a year away and all we know or think we know may well be nothing more than a fart in the wind.  But like a slow motion train wreck…I cannot look away….I might miss something!

I have written about Sanders only because I have watched him for over 30 years and am proud of him for damning the torpedoes and taking on Clinton……and then there is Trump……his wild ass mouth has taken the country by storm and yes I think he is a big fart in the wind and all this support will lessen the closer we get to a real election…..and then there is the one candidate that that has also peaked my interest….Ben Carson.

I have written about him in the past…..not about his candidacy but rather some of the Right wing rhetoric that he has been uttering for some time now…..stuff mostly down the rabbit hole of Alan West type of thinking……

A recent poll of Republicans nationwide have Carson second to Trump and heads above more traditional candidates like Rubio, Perry, Bush, et al… it possible that he could out funk Trump and win the election?

The perhaps somewhat surprising current Republican darling is neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who’s polling second nationally and is tied with Donald Trump at 23% in all-important Iowa, the Hill reports. No other Republican candidates are even close to those numbers, and Carson supporters believe it’s not surprising at all and high time the country starts seeing him like an actual threat to get the nomination. “The press has never taken him seriously,” a former campaign manager says. “Now they have no choice but to talk about him.” Donations to Carson’s campaign have doubled since the first debate, and the crowds he’s drawn recently are second to only Trump.

When asked to explain Carson’s appeal, campaign manager Barry Bennett tells the Washington Post the candidate is “the smartest man I have ever met.” He says Carson’s intelligence and leadership qualities will make up for his lack of experience, and the biggest hurdle to him winning the nomination is simply “getting some time at the microphone.” But, CNN reports Carson’s personal political history—he told the network he was once a “pretty left-wing Democrat”—could hurt him closer to the nomination. Regardless, the surging campaign remains confident. “As nice as he is, Dr. Carson is very competitive and believes he can win,” a Carson campaign strategist tells the Hill. “Ask anyone he’s played pool with.”

After careful research I am still left with one nagging question……can Mr. Carson catch the front runner or could Carson actually win this thing?

Are there any thoughts?

If not…..Turn The Page!

Home-Schooled And Illiterate

Opinion from the cluttered mind of Chuq

One of these most important issues at all time should be education…..but these days it gets little notice. There is lots of debate over the rapid expansion of student debt and what are the causes and solutions…..but pre-k-12 gets very little notice……..that is until it is a good political prop for some politician trying to win his seat of power.

About the only time we hear anything about education is when the tools in Washington want to destroy it and make those lovely spending cuts…..

Since the 1960’s the popularity of home schooling has been on the rise……I question the quality of the education one child gets through home schooling.  To me it is just a way of pretending that is a good alternative…..when in most cases it is a bigoted response to public education.

The religious right calls it the “responsible” choice, but for some kids it means isolation with little education……

Source: Home-schooled and illiterate –

I am a product of public education….I am not saying I should be a poster child or something….just that I received a great education that helped me make my choice when entering university…..yes my military service had something to do with it also….but without my public school education I do not think that I would be as active as I am today……mentally that is…..

Am I against home schooling….not really all together….but if it is an excuse to exercise some racist bullshit then I am.  I have run into more mental midgets that were home schooled than otherwise.

If a person cannot cope with society as a whole….what hope is there for functioning in the world at large?

I am proud of my public school education……

I apologize if this post insults anyone but in my opinion homeschooling is not a quality education.

How the Islamic State has helped the Middle East

My routine daily is that I get up and begin work at 0100 hrs…..why so early?

The region that I am interested in at that time will be about 0900 hrs and the news is fresh and not diluted by western media filters……my feeling is if you want real news you go to the source not to your tobacco spitting uncle that types in all CAPS when he is having a redneck stroke…….

In reading news out of the Middle East I occasionally come across an article that I feel will make some go into a catatonic trance when they see the title…..and I found one today!

Most Americans have their preconceived opinion of what is going on in the Middle East and that of the barbaric organization I call ISIS…..or is it ISIL………. I think the accepted title these days is Islamic State (IS)……

An article entitled How the IS has helped the Middle East should be one of those articles that get the Right wing nuts into a situation where their heads will explode……

The expansion of the Islamic State has forced regional powers to cooperate and is in fact strengthening state governance in the Middle East.

Source: How the Islamic State has helped the Middle East – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

I am sure like most times…..the title will be read and their opinions will be formed from that alone……and some will even call me some sort of insulting BS……but what the Hell….someone has to give them something to bitch about and it might as well be me……

I believe that the situation has caused countries and entities in the Middle East learn to work together….having said that let me say that ……it will take more time and more cooperation before this is a success and that means geopolitics will play an important part……dialog would go a long way but the problem there is trust….few trust few……the US can play little to no part in this……we have done enough to cause the problems.  Our one dimensional foreign policy cannot be a solution….it can only exacerbate the situation further.

Turn The Page!

2012 Defense Intelligence Agency document: West will facilitate rise of Islamic State “in order to isolate the Syrian regime”

I found this post on a blog called “Chainsoff”… is something my readers need to consider……

Every heard of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)?

No one had until about 20 years ago…..this my friends is an ultra-secret intel agency……it takes analysis from all other agencies and compiles it into scenarios for the prez and his group of advisers…..

In the last year there have been a wealth of stories, reports and posts that have said that the US basically was directly responsible for the rise of ISIS……..many people disregard such things…..basically not wanting to believe that the US could have anything remotely to do with ISIS and its form of brutality.

Are you one of those people?

If so maybe you should read this declassified document…..before you make up your mind.

Source: 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency document: West will facilitate rise of Islamic State “in order to isolate the Syrian regime” ‹ Reader —