Are You Ready For Some Football?

I know it is Sunday and all eyes will be on the TV screen…… I do not post much that is too complicated….but I found this and since today is  a day of football…..I thought some might find this piece a bit interesting….and possibly a little frightening….or at the very least disturbing.

Are you a sports fan?  Cool!

How about football?  Me?  I am not a fan, yes I watch a game or two but it is not all consuming… me I think football is a diversion that the media wants people to fixate on so that real news will not be that important to them.

I mean look at your news…..always reports on this team, that player or that scandal…..none of which plays a very big part of the grand scheme of the universe…..sports is a way to control the news and in doing so to control people’s responses.

I mean what does Brady’s balls have to do with the grand scheme of the world?

Now let’s move on shall we?  Remember when you went batcrap crazy over the NSA and its collection of your personal data?

This article reports on many aspects of the game….from the ball to players to spectators……how long before the government or corporations use this data in one fashion or another……

Source: How the NFL—not the NSA—is impacting data gathering well beyond the gridiron | Ars Technica

While you spend all your spare time working on your fantasy team….the government and business will be spending all their time using your data against you……

Still a sports fan?