Drop A Bomb On Me

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Great reference to an old funk song from the 70’s…..

There have been times when I have been caught with my brain in neutral and today has been one of those days……

I got the news from my friend over at “The John Liming Report”……the weeping angle (Dr. Who reference) of thew Congress will step down from his leadership roll in October…..

John Boehner dropped a political bombshell this morning, announcing that he’s not only resigning as House speaker but as a congressman as well. Boehner will leave at the end of October, reports the New York Times. Boehner himself told House Republicans in a closed-door session today, reports Politico. The surprise move comes as Boehner faces another revolt from conservative House members about a potential government shutdown, this time over Planned Parenthood funding.

“The Speaker believes putting members through prolonged leadership turmoil would do irreparable damage to the institution,” an aide tells the Hill. “Speaker Boehner believes that the first job of any Speaker is to protect this institution and, as we saw yesterday with the Holy Father, it is the one thing that unites and inspires us all.” (Boehner was seen crying during the pope’s address, though he tends to cry a lot.) The same aide says Boehner, 65, actually intended to quit last year and stuck around only because of Eric Cantor’s stunning election defeat.

Now in October who will emerge as the top dog for the GOP in the House?

It seems that many GOPers are dancing on Boehner’s grave…..read more…..

Source: Conservatives Rush To Dance On John Boehner’s Grave

Where will the process of choosing the next Speaker take the country?  Will we be subjected to a lengthy partisan battle between the GOP and the Tea Party upstarts?  Where does that leave the shutdown?

Lots of questions and few good answers……


Afghanistan: I Read The News Today

First of all….kudos on getting a Beatles reference in there…..if I cannot throw some history atcha then I will get a Rock reference in……

This post is a disturbing one…..we have all heard a story or two about some action that was taken by our troops that is not too kosher….acts of savagery, etc…..and those reports I seldom report on simply because no one who was not there has no idea what happened to promote the action being reported.  My belief is that if someone has not faced the decisions that must be made in combat then who are they to judge.  Most Americans have no F*cking idea.

I read a report a couple of days ago and waited to see if the media would pick up on it….so far not much…..

Let me say here this is NOT about something that US Troops have done but rather something they witnessed…..sexual abuse by the Afghan army…..

The two U.S. soldiers say they used physical force to drive home their message to the Afghan police commander who had been sexually abusing a boy.

“I picked him up, threw him to the ground multiple times and Charles did the same thing,” Dan Quinn, who was a U.S. Army captain at the time, told CNN. “We basically had to make sure that he fully understood that if he ever went near that boy or his mother again, there was going to be hell to pay.”

The actions of Quinn and the other soldier, Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland, against the American-backed police commander displeased their superiors in the U.S. military.

Quinn says he and Martland were relieved of their duties shortly afterward. Quinn has since left the military and Martland is now being involuntarily separated from the Army.

Would like to hear the excuse for allowing this sort of abuse to continue?

“The reason we weren’t able to step in with these local rape cases was we didn’t want to undermine the authority of the local government,” Quinn said. “We were trying to build up the local government. Us acting after the local government fails to can certainly undermine their credibility.”

The New York Times reported this week that U.S. soldiers and Marines in Afghanistan have been instructed not to intervene in the abuse of Afghan boys by U.S. allies, even in some cases in which it’s taken place on military bases.

The Pentagon denies that telling soldiers to look the other way is official practice.

“We have never had a policy in place that directs any military member, or any government personnel overseas to ignore human rights abuses,” spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis said. “Any sexual abuse, no matter who the alleged perpetrator and no matter who the victim, is completely unacceptable and reprehensible.”

That my friends is called “cover your ass (CYA)”!  If true then why were these two soldiers relieved of duty?

There is more denial……

“I personally have served multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan and am absolutely confident that no such theater policy has ever existed here, and certainly, no such policy has existed throughout my tenure as commander,” Gen. John Campbell wrote in a strongly worded statement released Tuesday.

These two soldiers deserve a medal for their action….not relieved of duty and basically called liars by their commanders.

But what is the source of this abuse?

Source: The Rape of Afghanistan by Justin Raimondo — Antiwar.com

While I was researching this I found another report…this one in “the Daily Beast”………

U.S. Marines preparing to go overseas are given a detailed training session about the Marine Corps’ own rules against sexual assault. But they are offered practically no guidance on what to do if they witness rape and other sexual abuses by “local nationals” in other countries, including Afghanistan, where child rape is common.A 45-minute scripted presentation given to Marines as part of their pre-deployment process doesn’t say that they shouldn’t report sexual assaults in the countries where they’re serving. But it explains that laws and norms about sexual relations vary from country to country, and that in Afghanistan in particular, sexual assault is a “cultural” issue, and not a purely legal one.The Daily Beast obtained a copy of the script for the training session, which includes a set of PowerPoint slides and instructions about what those leading the session are supposed to say on sexual abuse in other countries.

Seems to support the allegation that US Troops should just look the other way…..Then the prez of Afghanistan had to weigh into the dialog……….

Afghanistan’s president wants the world to know that he’s as outraged as anybody by the widespread practice of abusing young boys and that he’s going to do something about it. President Ashraf Ghani says the rape of boys as young as 6 is “unacceptable” and that his government will stamp it out “to the extent to which the authority of the state can be harnessed,” the New York Times reports. “Six-year-, 8-year-, 10-year-olds are raped, and I’m not going to tolerate this.” He was speaking after reports that US troops had been told to ignore the abuse of boys by their Afghan allies, reports the Times, which notes that the sexual abuse of boys was banned by the Taliban but is now once again common among powerful Afghans, including commanders in the security forces.

In a video conference with military commanders yesterday, Ghani ordered them to “recognize sexual abuse of children as one of the severest crimes and violations of human rights,” Foreign Policy reports. The US military, meanwhile, denies that troops were told not to do anything about abuse involving the Afghan forces they work with, the AP reports. Gen. John Campbell, chief of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, issued a statement saying he expects “any suspicions of sexual abuse will be immediately reported to the chain of command, regardless of who the alleged perpetrators or victims are.”

I understand the necessity for troops to observe cultural situations….but this one I am on the side of the troops that took matters into their own hands…..you want to hold someone up as a hero….then these troops are HEROES!

This is a situation that needs further investigation…..but will it get it?  It needs the media to look into this as deep as possible……but will they?

What say you?

ISIS: Here’s Your Sign

CRAP!  I lost my cable connection!  Don’t you just hate when there is “connectile dysfunction”?

By now all America has heard of the dust up that the US and its coalition partners are having with the extremist group ISIS, right?  If not, then please go back to sleep and let the adults have the room.

For over a year the US and its allies have been bombarding ISIS from the air while some ineffective group troops are trying to take back territory lost to ISIS and the news is luke warm at best……one day we are winning….the next it is not as simple as winning or losing…..the next it is all the local army’s fault…..then we are back to a major success and the cycle continue on and on and……

There have been some reports that I feel should be released to the public and for some reason is not that important.  I know we have refugees and some dude in a white outfit sucking all the oxygen out of real news….but there was one that I found exceptionally good news and waited for a “breaking news” segment on some news show….and I waited…..

So let me be the one that breaks it for you……

ISIS recruits are fleeing the Jihadist group for various reasons—including their use as suicide bombers, the lack of luxury cars, and the sheer boredom of duties that don’t involve frontline fighting, according to a new report. Published today by a London-based think tank, the report calls defectors “a new and growing phenomenon” and says 58 have left ISIS since January 2014, but calls that number a mere fraction of defections since then, the Telegraph reports. Some defectors have complained about the “quality of life” and were usually among those “who had joined the group for material and ‘selfish’ reasons, and quickly realized that none of the luxury goods and cars that they had been promised would materialize,” per the report. Among their other reasons:

  • A shortage of basic goods and annoying power outages.
  • Cruelty against civilians, racism within ISIS (an East Indian was given toilet-cleaning duty), and advantages bestowed upon foreign fighters over Syrian members, the Independent reports.
  • “One of the most persistent criticisms was the extent to which the group is fighting against other Sunni rebels,” per the report. Defectors said that toppling Assad and helping Sunnis targeted by him “didn’t seem to be a priority.”

The report calls on governments to encourage more defections and take away legal “disincentives” that keep defectors from telling their stories, the Guardian reports. The defectors may have joined a “violent and totalitarian organisation,” the report says, “yet they have also become its victims, and their stories can be used as potentially powerful tools in the fight against it.”

Am I mistaken or is this the perfect propaganda tool to fight the recruitment by ISIS?

Where are the “news” organizations on this?

Should not this made a bigger deal that it is so far…..or is this just another piece of crap that the media has set up with the government?

Obama’s Russian Roulette

Russia is once again that looming threat that it was during the Cold War……we hear almost daily about some new antic of Putin to get the world to notice him.

With all the problems in the Middle east why would Russia be a priority right now?

Simple answer….the budget debate.

You see we have allocated the funds for our battle with ISIS in Syria and Iraq,,,,that will not be a point of contention.  But there are still some cuts to military spending pending……and there we have the rub!

We need a good reason to expand the contracts and the spending…….and since we probably could use the Middle east because of the failures that few will openly admit to…..we need a threat to justify lots more money……and what better threat than an ascending Russia?

The case is being made as I type……we will be hearing a lot more about the pending threat from Russia.

Read On………

Source: Obama’s Russian Roulette by Kenneth G. Eade — Antiwar.com

Shortchanging National Security | Center for American Progress

Soon the budgetary debate will begin and as usual domestic programs will take it in the ass and more money will be sought to fund the US and its constant interventions….

Of course a selling point for all covert funding will be the usual culprit…National Security.

Source: Shortchanging National Security | Center for American Progress

What will be on the menu for the sloths in Congress?  ISIS?  Russia?  Iraq?  Syria?  What will be the winner….we know that domestic programs will be the loser…..now we need to work on the big winner.

We need those big guns and airplanes that are nothing but an expensive paper weight…….we don’t need to feed children or educate them and we damn sure do not need to protect the environment (all sarcasm, in case you were unsure)…..