Oops! He Did It Again!

Just had to take a break from all this relaxation and bring you some breaking news…..

Back in 2011 the leader of the pack for the GOP was Rick Perry….he was a very qualified candidate….at least on paper and before his official announcement…..and then he made it official and the wheels came off his bus….so to speak….on the campaign trail he looked goofy and his debates were uninteresting and after all this he decided to back out and go back to being governor of Texas……

Fast forward to 2015…..enter Rick Perry one more time…..this time he was not the front runner at any time…….and last weekend he did what he does best…..drop out of the race……

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is dropping out of the race for president, ending his second bid for the Republican nomination and becoming the first major candidate of the 2016 campaign to give up on the White House. His struggling campaign has been strapped for campaign cash and stuck polling at near zero. Perry’s campaign said the longest-serving governor in Texas history would tell a group of conservative activists in St. Louis tonight that “some things have become clear.”

“We have a tremendous field, the best in a generation, so I step aside knowing our party is in good hands, and as long as we listen to the grassroots, the cause of conservativism will be too,” Perry planned to say according to remarks released by his campaign. Earlier, two people familiar with his plans told the AP that Perry would be dropping out of the race.

Say good-bye to one less clown in the car…..

Who of the bottom tire candidates will be next?  Jindal?  Graham?  Pitaki?

The Problem With Poaching

The weekend and we divert from the insanity of war and politics and look for something else that can amuse and/or inform us…..

Poaching has been a big story for awhile now…..most of it is about the poaching of say elephants for their ivory and then there are those animals that are poached so that Asian gentlemen can put a little lead in their pencils…..black bear bile, rhino horn, pads off of certain animals feet…all supposedly will put the “go” into your giddy up…….lead in your pencil……

Put there is another form of poaching that does not killing an animal….for the same reasons….POTENCY!

A federal judge earlier this month sentenced a North Carolina man to six months in jail. The crime? Illegally possessing more than 500 ginseng roots he harvested in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, reports the Asheville Citizen-Times. He’s far from the only domestic ginseng poacher: By New York magazine’s count, the last five years have seen 53 arrests for the crime in that park alone. There’s a financial incentive to breaking the law. Thanks in part to its reputation as nature’s Viagra, ginseng’s popularity could drive prices for this fall’s harvest to $1,400 a pound. But the price of that popularity is that it is now being overharvested in places where it grows wild—primarily in public parks in the Ozarks and Appalachia—and this could have major implications for those ecosystems.

“It is becoming a concern,” a conservation officer in Indiana tells the Indianapolis Star. “We are seeing declining numbers.” That state doesn’t allow for harvesting before Sept. 1, the point at which the root’s berries can be replanted; ginseng younger than five years also can’t be legally uprooted. Whether the ginsenosides found in ginseng actually boost mood, energy, and sexual appetite is up for debate, but one of about 15 licensed ginseng dealers in Indiana says it does and gives a small chuckle. The roots with longer necks and more rings are said to be more potent, and harvesting them can take hours. “Poke a hole in it with a shovel,” America’s preeminent ginseng specialist says, “and you’re screwed.” Some 95% of ginseng is exported to Asia, chiefly Korea and China, where wild ginseng has been harvested “into near extinction,” as New York puts it. Odd fact: Buyers will pay extra for a “man root,” meaning one that is in the shape of a human with four limbs and a penis. (Kim Jong Un has made a wild claim involving ginseng.)

And there you have the new poaching grounds for illegal joint multipliers…..oh what we men will do to keep the joint working……..it would be sad if it weren’t so damn humorous.  Maybe the rhinos and other poor animals will catch a break now.

Any input?

Have a good weekend my friends!