Has The US Been Duped?

I would like to remind my readers that about a year ago the president went before the nation and announced that we would “degrade and destroy” the Islamic State.

After many many airstrikes by the US and its coalition members the news from the battle front is not the best we could be getting.  It appears that the terror group known as ISIS is no closer to defeat than a year ago when this all began.

Recently the media reported a favorable situation Turkey has decided to allow US planes to use their airspace and air bases as a base of operation…..they also decided to join in the fight.  The problem with their participation is that they are flying more ops against the Kurds, a long time enemy, than against the ISIS positions.

The Kurds an ally of the US and the most successful fighters against ISIS is now a target of one of our allies…

So my question now is…..was the US duped by Turkey so they could wage an all out war against a long time foe?  This question needs an answer if this whole plan is to be remotely successful.

There is something rotten in Istanbul!


Source: Turkey duped the US, and ISIS reaps rewards – The Unz Review

19 thoughts on “Has The US Been Duped?

  1. Airstrikes are not enough as the territory they control is huge in my opinion

      1. Don’t forget that US has spent a lot of money for wars and a big financial crisis took place in the US before 5 -7 years approximately. During these wars a lot of US soldiers lost their lives, therefore it is difficult to persuade the public opinion that US will go “boots on the ground” again in the Middle East

      2. That is true and the medias will protect the government by limited coverage….making it appear that drone strikes and airstrikes will win this conflict…..they are afraid of a revival of the anti-war movement….

    1. Pakistan has always been a monetary arrangement with the US….when the money dribbles down to a trickle we are no longer ‘friends’….

      1. Sounds like some of my own so-called friends. I had a lot of them at one time but I learned the lesson the hard way. When I went bankrupt back in the 70s — (since recovered nicely thank you) — there were very few “Friends” to be found. Before that horrid event I was flush with them … I had friends coming out of the woodwork.

      2. I know what you mean…I had a similar situation….I have many acquaintances but only a few friends…..friends are there in your time of need….the others are just passing through….chuq

      3. I have a rather snarky saying that I used to use privately but I will share it with you. It is my definition of what “Friends” really are and it goes like this:

        “If they are not sleeping with me or helping me to pay my bills they are acquaintences but never “Friends.”

        I have since moderated my original position out of dire necessity. — The necessity brought about by growing from ‘young, dumb and full of ….’ to being respectably “Old” …. and …. of much less use to the societal order than when I was head-pattable and groin-strokable.

    1. This will be fun to watch….Turkey our friend attacking Kurds our friend……and how will it effect the war on ISIS since Kurds are the only successful force out there against ISIS……

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