Status of Palestine in 2015

Every American has his/her opinion on what is happening in the Middle East, especially with the Israeli/Palestine conflict……

The media does NOT do balanced reporting on the situation……a case could be made that they are not a partial player in the news of the region…….

There is so much that the American people do not know about it… most case it is by choice because of some outdated BS about some mythical book that has NO historical accuracy within its pages……

If Americans would open their eyes and see the truth their reactions would be totally different than what they form by watching MSM and its lies…..

Here is a report of the status of the conflict……most Americans will NOT read this because…..well….they just DO NOT care!  Shame that a nation that cares so deeply for the plight of others like Sudan or Ethiopians or a group of people trapped on a mountain can care so little for others……


Status of Palestine in 2015.


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