“We Will Arm And Train Syrian Rebels”

Just a thought here…..which group would that be?

I have said many times what a moronic statement that is about the arming……..which rebel group?  Keep in mind that AQ was born out of a rebel group fighting in Afghanistan…..a fact the people like McCain seem to not remember…..

I got this ‘toon in my reader on WordPress…….which would you arm?


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26 thoughts on ““We Will Arm And Train Syrian Rebels”

      1. Welcome …. McCain is senile!! 😦 .. and you’re correct! Who know what? No one … it’s too convoluted and distorted!!

      2. He has been wrong on foreign policy for at least 20 years and now he is the chairman of the committee that controls it……Americans need to worry…..chuq

      3. I’m worrying … he’s not the only clown in charge of major committee. The country ….. is headed down fast!! And we are going with it! SMH …..

      4. Can we manage to get the majority of dems to go out & vote? They didn’t in FL in Nov … I think that is an issue!! Concerned about 2016!

      5. The way it is shaping up it will be Clinton….Bush does not have it……any other GOP is just out there….if it is that then Clinton will be prez….Bernie and Warren are too smart to play spoiler right now….all this could change….but so far it looks like Hil

  1. What do you think…can a well-armed “moderate Muslim” group win against both Assad and ISIS?

    I personally think that Bashar al-Assad is the best to defeat ISIS, although the U.S. doesn’t like him. At this point it may be about “the lesser of two evils.”

    1. Assad would be a better channce but we have made it known that he must go….that should be a draw back….plus Russia is supporting him and we know what we think about Russia…..this whole ISIS thing has gotten all pissed up….and badly.

  2. Reblogged this on Al-Must'arib (the vocational Mossarab) and commented:
    I’d arm Kurds in Rojava. Only them have proved to be minimally reliable. But of course they would not be maleable afterwards. That’s the main obstacle for McCains and strategists alike… Ah… And theyvare secular, socialist libertarians. That is also taboo for US still nowadays.

    1. Thanx for the visit and the re-blog….much appreciated…..I agree once McCain gets his way he will turn on the Kurds as quickly as he embraced them…..a typical American move in our foreign policy…..please visit as often as possible…..I enjoy others perspective on our foreign policy…..chuq

    2. A Spaniard? Cool. I live for awhile on Mallorca, about 4 years and fell in love with Spain and all its glory….thanx for stopping by…..chuq

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