Who’s Your Friend?

Syria has been raging for years and the world could care less….the death and destruction is massive….the US is arming those “moderate Rebels”….and that is a big joke….a joke that has NO one laughing…..

I wrote about this silly paradigm about 3 years ago….and so far not much has changed….we have NO idea who is good….or who is bad…..but we keep sending arms and cash with NO idea who is getting the aid…..

Source: Our Friends The Rebels – In Saner Thought

Plus I wrote a post about her visit when news first came out…..

Source: Finally, Some Leadership! – In Saner Thought

Recently Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and former Congressman Dennis Kucinich made a secret trip to Syria as a fact finding mission….

US Congresswoman and war veteran Tulsi Gabbard, along former U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich traveled to Syria, met with Assad, met with families torn by the war, met with religious leaders, saw the results of US regime change first hand, on the ground in Aleppo and Damascus.

The two US leaders confirmed what we at The Duran have been reporting since our inception…the war in Syria, Obama’s war to overthrow a democratically elected, sovereign, internationally recognized government was, is and remains illegal. Syria’s invasion by US funded ISIS and Al Qaeda forces aligned with Saudi Wahhabi terrorists did not, and does not serve the US interest.

Source: Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard travels to Syria, CONFIRMS: “no difference between ‘moderate’ rebels and al-Qaeda or ISIS  – they are all the same”

If you have more questions as I did then here is the full interview with Gabbard on CNN……

Source: Full CNN interview with Rep Tulsi Gabbard on Syria trip: Debunks neocon lies on air ‹ The Ugly Truth ‹ Reader — WordPress.com

There is so much going on in Syria that it boggles the mind….and we are about to enter into another phase of this conflict…the Trump phase…..and it could go horribly wrong….(a future post to explain is forthcoming)…..

Her visit has gotten Gabbard some flak…..

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D – HI) continues to be pilloried by Congressional hawks from both parties over her visit to Syria last week, with a number of representatives declaring the very idea of going to Syria and talking peace “reprehensible,” with one Congressional aide quoted claiming there was widespread “disgust” over the visit.

Most of the efforts to attack Gabbard for visiting Syria, and talking with President Assad about the possibility of peace, center on nothing specific that Gabbard did, as it doesn’t appear she violated any laws or even political norms in doing so. Rather, most seem to object to Gabbard’s support for peace in Syria at all, with multiple Congressional officials including in their comments demands for regime change in Syria as a precondition to peace.

These attacks are typical of slugs that have NO idea what the science of conflict management is about…..Peace cannot be found without talk to ALL sides of the conflict…pretending otherwise is just moronic and typically ignorant.

Tulsi Gabbard should be celebrated for her bravery and foresight…she has done what NO other Congressional tool has had to the courage to do….

She has my support.

Does Any Of Them Have Half a Brain?

This time I am talking about those mental midgets we elect for our Congress.

This time they have out stupid themselves.

Does anyone remember when the report came out that ISIS was using American weapons in their struggle?  NO?  Then listen up!

Weapons made in at least 25 nations, including the United States, made their way into the hands of extremists through decades of industry initiatives that saturated the region with destructive power. The weapons range from small firearms to heavy artillery and anti-aircraft missiles.

“Irresponsible transfers of arms and failure to control the resulting stockpiles are a major cause of untold human suffering in Iraq,” said the 45-page report titled “The Arming of the Islamic State.”

The findings were based largely on expert review of thousands of Islamic State and other videos showing militants wielding the weapons, which were identified in the report.

Ring a bell?

I bring up old news with good reason…..

The House voted for the first time today to explicitly authorize the incoming Donald Trump administration to arm vetted Syrian rebels with anti-aircraft missiles.

While the language in the annual defense bill also creates restrictions on the provision of the controversial weapons, it represents a win for Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, R-Ariz., a fervent advocate of helping the rebels resist President Bashar al-Assad and his Russian and Iranian allies. The Senate is expected to pass the bill next week.

Until now, the transfer of man-portable air-defense systems, or MANPADs, had been implicitly authorized in the absence of an outright ban. Critics, however, view the new provision as tantamount to a policy recommendation for the president-elect.

Does anyone else see a problem forming?
Keep in mind that we, the US, are still involved with airstrikes in Syria….how long will it be before one of our AA missiles brings down a US plane?
I ask again….what are these mental midgets thinking?
When will the American people pull their heads out and see what ignorance all this is?

If You First Don’t Succeed

The Pentagon has a new idea for fighting the “bad guys” in Syria…..not as moronic as the “moderate” rebels……nope it is far more idiotic than that…..

After their last attempt to recruit and train a whole new rebel faction for Syria ended in disaster, the Pentagon is angling to try again. US officials are bursting with confidence, saying they have more Arabs volunteering than they know what to do with.

Described as an “eclectic” group, the new recruits seem even less suited to the role than the last ones. One US military adviser described them as “raw, literally civilians coming off the streets,” which plays well to the US narrative of locals rising up to resist ISIS.

But the US training missions have struggled enough with training proper militaries and rebels with considerable existing experience. Carving a whole new fighting force out of untrained civilians is the very thing President Obama mocked as “fantasy.”


They could hardly do worse than the last attempt, however, with the Pentagon’s previous training attempts not only ending with the “first class” of recruits wiped out in a matter of days, but with the second class defecting to al-Qaeda almost immediately with a large amount of US equipment.

The Pentagon is already trying to same scheme again so soon after such an embarrassment reflects the lack of realistic ideas among US officials on how to win the ongoing war, and continued pressure to “do something,” even if it clearly won’t work.

What was it that Einstein had to say about doing the same things over and over?

What’s The Truth Worth?

NOTICE:  This press is from the Daily Beast and I have not much luck with the site….for me it sucks but this is a piece of news that I have to get out there.  I apologize if it is a piece of crap for you or your system.

For some time now I have been hearing and reading that there was  massive breech of protocol within the intel community over the vetting of the Syrian “moderate’ rebels…..also that there is some evidence that the US was responsible for the rise of ISIS.

In case you would like to check up on me I have included some of my more notable posts for the near past……

Source: Arms Come To The Rebels – In Saner Thought

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So far I have not posted much on these allegations….but after reading this article I thought it was time to put the info out there and see what my readers have to say about this turn of events…..

So please read carefully and then let me know what you think about the article….

The scandal over cooked ISIS intelligence just got worse. Now analysts say they’re being forced out for not toeing the Obama administration’s line on the war.

Source: Intel Analysts: We Were Forced Out for Telling the Truth About Obama’s ISIS War – The Daily Beast


News From The Battle Front

There is so much happening in the Middle East and our conflict with ISIS, et al……the newspapers would prefer to report on award shows or some B/Ball game or other such nonesense…..so I have taken it upon myself to try and report those “minor” irritants that the MSM avoids…….

For instance, 3500+ US troops will return to combat duty in Iraq and the MSM barely notices…..and then some love sick veterinarian hijacks a plane to Cyprus to talk to his ex-wife and the MSM gives 6 hours of coverage and speculation……can you now see why I do not use the MSM as a reliable news source?

Syria is a fascinating piece of work especially if you are interested in international affairs…..

It is common knowledge that the US is arming and training those “moderate” rebels that are fighting Assad….but did you know just how pthetic this scenario is?

Syrian militants backed by different arms of the US government have fought just outside Aleppo—a recent headache highlighting the difficulty of intruding on a disastrous war, the LA Times reports. Backed by the Pentagon, the Syrian Democratic Forces in February pushed the CIA-armed Knights of Righteousness out of the town of Marea, just north of Aleppo, according to rebel leaders and US officials. Similar battles have ensued in Aleppo and a town called Azaz, where supplies are moved and rebel fighters transported, rebels say. “Any faction that attacks us, regardless from where it gets its support, we will fight it,” explains Maj. Fares Bayoush, a leader of Knights of Righteousness.

“It is an enormous challenge,” says Rep. Adam Schiff, who notes that battles between US-backed fighters is “a fairly new phenomenon.” Rebels are already known to fight each other around Aleppo in northern Syria, where ethnic tensions have long existed between Turkmen, Arabs, and Kurds. The Syrian Democratic Forces consist mainly of Kurdish units mixed with a few Arabs to keep it “from looking like an invading Kurdish army,” the Times says. The SDF scored a major victory in February by taking the town of Al-Shadadi in Hasakeh province from ISIS, Yahoo News reports. Meanwhile, the CIA has a center in Turkey where it arms Syrian rebels with TOW antitank missiles to use against the Assad government.

What a great plan….one our proxies fighting another of our proxies…..explain to me how this is a WINNING plan.

While our proxies are fighting each other there seems to be a rift within the fighters of ISIS also……

Rift is growing between Islamic State’s foreign and local fighters with recent battlefield setbacks in Iraq and Syria exacerbating latent strains within the terror group as it contends with financial hardships and territory loss, according to a media report.

Foreign fighters, long welcomed by Islamic State as essential parts of its global mission, are generating greater internal discord and even violence just as the group pivots outward to target Europe and the US, the Wall Street Journal reported.

“With time, and because of the financial and management differences between them, the locals started to complain” about the foreign fighters, a Mosul resident was quoted as saying. “We all hope to see the day when this division among the fighters ends them.”

“Throughout Islamic State-controlled territory in Iraq and Syria, tempers are flaring, showing how recent battlefield setbacks in Iraq and Syria can exacerbate latent strains within the group as it contends with financial hardships and loss of territory,” the report said.

At least 38,200 foreign fighters from at least 120 countries have travelled to Syria since the beginning of the five-year conflict, according to US intelligence reports.

Many of them, particularly those from Europe, offer little regard for local traditions or rigid tribal structures of western Iraq and eastern Syria.

The growing resentment tends to bubble up following battlefield defeats, said Patrick Skinner, a former Central Intelligence Agency official who is senior associate at the Soufan Group, which follows Islamic State closely.

(Hindustan Times)

Could it be that all our hard work would be for naught….just wait and maybe they will defeat themselves?

Just a couple of stories that the MSM does think are newsworthy…..

Syria: Who Are Those Masked Men?

Today is yet another time for doctors and hospitals…..I will be depending on drafts that I have for my posts today……I apologize if some of this is not as fresh as you are use to…..but getting old does have its draw backs……

Syria is a fascinating region to research….and since we are ass deep in a rebellion against Assad while simultaneously fighting the terror group ISIS…in the beginning 2011 give or take a couple of months……it all started with people rising up in opposition to the Assad regime and then BAM!….enter the group ISIS and all Hell broke lose…..

In the beginning we constantly told the world that we were working with the Syrian Arab Alliance ….but who is this SAA?

the US announced plans to dramatically increase aid to a group calling itself the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a heretofore unmentioned which itself was presented as having just been formed out of a similarly unknown faction called the Syrian Arab Coalition, which was nominally the recipient of large airdrops of US arms.

The group didn’t form out of nowhere, of course, and in many ways it didn’t form at all, as the indications are that the Democratic Forces exist in name only, and were largely an invention of the US for branding’s sake after the last failed rebel-creation plan.

The “Arab groups” involved are all but non-existent, meaning the Democratic Forces boil down to the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), simply relabeled in hopes that the US can start pouring aid into them more rapidly without infuriating Turkey for arming the YPG.

There you are….an invention……..a rouse to keep Turkey in the fold….so to speak.

You see Turkey has been fighting the Kurds for decades….most of it began in the 1970’s with the PKK fighting for separation of the Kurds from Turkey.

Syria: Stupid Is Alive And Well

Yep I know….you guys think that I may be a bit hard on the US and its choices of plans being implemented in Syria in its fight against ISIS and Assad…..

If you will recall our dynamite plan to train rebels was a bust….so bad that the Defense Department threw their hands in the air and said they would go back a re-evaluate the strategy and look for an alternative…..

After a very short evaluation period a new plan has come up….at least a partial plan that is…….

Syria’s largest Kurdish militia, the Peoples Protection Units (YPG), have announced they are joining a new rebel faction, initially dubbed the “Syrian Arab Coalition,” but subsequently renamed to the Democratic Forces now that they are dominated by a Kurdish faction.

The faction includes a handful of smaller Arab tribal militias, along with an Assyrian Christian faction. The group is said to be made up of about 3,200 fighters overall, though this is likely primarily the YPG itself, who controls significant territory in the Hasakeh Province.

Ironically, the YPG’s main city, Hasakeh, is co-defended by it and the Syrian government, so its ties to the rebellion in general are unclear. The promise of a massive influx of US weapons into this new faction, however, likely was sufficient to get them on board

In case you are interested…..Amnesty International has accused the YPG…….

Amid the bevy of armed groups fighting in Syria, none has received the sort of fawning heaped on the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and its political arm, the Democratic Union Party (PYD). Their prowess against the Islamic State, embrace of secularism and non-Muslims and emphasis on gender equality have made them the darlings of the international media and top allies of the United States. So it may come as a shock that the London-based human rights watchdog Amnesty International is accusing the autonomous administration that runs the areas of northern Syria under Kurdish control known as Rojava of committing war crimes.

Just which mental midget is in charge of strategic plans for Syria?

Let me see if I have it all right……we abandoned a program of arming and training Syrian rebels because it was going nowhere….and the new plan is to arm a whole new group of rebels….do I have it right?

Here is the new plan…….

After ditching the $500 million “train-and-equip” program, the Obama Administration rapidly started making high-profile pronouncements about new arms shipments to assorted rebel factions. Dubbed “Arab groups” in Pentagon statements, the program is creating a lot of confusion, primarily over who they’re arming.

“Arab groups” aren’t really a specific thing in a largely Arab country like Syria, and while some airdrops were reported in Hasakeh Province, Free Syrian Army (FSA) factions openly talking up terrorist attacks are also claiming stepped up shipments of missiles from the US.

The Pentagon doesn’t seem to be really specific about anything involving this new program. Yesterday, they insisted that the rebels don’t need to be vetted because they’re fighting ISIS, but today they assured al-Jazeera that the unnamed leaders of these unnamed groups were vetted.

Seriously?  Just how much thought went into this “new” plan?

There is another part that confuses me a bit…..our good ally Turkey has finally stepped up and started getting involved in the action and have started by taking their vengeance out on the Kurds…..and we are now supporting the Kurds in Syria…..does that smell to you?

Wait there is more…..we do not want Assad to stay in power yet his army and the Kurds are cooperating with each other at least in the one region….just how does that work out in the grand scheme?

Sorry but I see NOTHING that would give me any confidence the US has any idea what it is doing….at least in Syria…..how about you?

I believe it was Einstein that had a though on this type of plan…….”Stupidity is doing the same thing over again and again and expect a different outcome”…..sounds like he hit this on the head, huh?

Without a good battle plan the chances of a successful completion of the intended goals is never going to work out…..it is that simple, people!

When a Bad Decision Goes Wrong

For over a year I was anything but cordial to those idiots that put all the eggs in one basket in policy concerning the situation in Syria…..all the while war hawks like McCain was pushing the ultimate plan to avoid having to use American troops…..the failed program of arming and training those knights of virtue….the “moderate” rebels…..

The went to Hell from the beginning with the vetting of the “moderate” rebels…..it seems no one knew who they were or where to find them….other than in Syria.

The was so flawed that just last week the geniuses in Washington decided to suspend the program because of the glaring failures it has achieved…..the flop has cost the US in the neighborhood of $5oo million….but it has costed so much more than money……

The White House is pulling the plug on a strategy to train Syrian rebels that by all accounts has been an expensive flop. The $500 million Pentagon program that began in December had been designed to put more than 5,000 fighters on the ground this year alone to fight the Islamic State. The actual number of fighting soldiers as of last month: “four or five,” reports the New York Times. The AP notes the total number of soldiers to come out of the program is less than 80, and many of those were killed, captured, or took off. Not only that, but equipment such as pickup trucks and ammunition provided during the training has ended up in the hands of the al-Qaeda affiliate the Nusra Front.

“We have been looking for now several weeks at ways to improve that program,” defense chief Ashton Carter said in London today, per the AP. “I wasn’t satisfied with the early efforts in that regard.” The revised strategy will apparently have a much smaller scope, reports the Times. For example, instead of several training centers scattered around various countries to train rank-and-file soldiers, one smaller center in Turkey will focus on training opposition leaders. The AP reports that the US also plans to work more closely with Kurdish allies to embed recruits in their units, rather than trying to create stand-alone forces.

Mercifully the Pentagon has ended the debacle…..and as they say…..”back to the drawing board”…..hopefully the next brilliant plan will be more successful than this one……

We will not have to wait for very long……..

The Pentagon-run programme to train and equip moderate Syrian rebels to fight Islamic State jihadists is being overhauled, US officials said Friday. Speaking at a news conference in London, Defence Secretary Ashton Carter said he had been dissatisfied with the effort, which suffered disastrous blows in its early days.

“We have devised a number of different approaches… going forward,” Carter said. A senior US defence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, later said the programme was being “refocused to enhance its effectiveness”. The official said some training and embedding of rebels would continue to take place.

The initial results of the programme were roundly denounced as a flop, with one group of trainees giving ammunition and other equipment to an Al-Qaeda-affiliated group in Syria. Carter cited the work US trainers have done with Kurds in northern Syria as an example of how the training may be focused in the future.

Overhaul?  Refocus?  Does that sound like a new plan or just a tweak of a failed one?

But wait there is even more………keep in mind that the prgram is under scrutiny, right  If so then why is this ………

Currently sitting on President Obama’s desk is the National Defense Authorization Act of 2016 that, as could be predicted, doubles down on a bad bet and…wait for it!…authorizes $600 million for the mythical anti-ISIS/anti-Assad fighters. As it is not their money, why not open the national credit card wide to pursue a failed policy.

The authorization is in Section 1225 of the bill. Even as facts on the ground have suddenly gone very much against the US goal of fighting Assad and his enemies in the hopes that a replica of the US would magically emerge in Syria, the Beltway-ites will not back down (as long as it is other people’s blood and money).

Seriously?  Do you NOW see the games being played?

The hard truth is that we will have to back down sooner or later. But the big question is……Will it be $600 million down the road or $6 trillion?

Ain’t this bullshit just amazing?

Breaking News: Say Good-bye To Stupid!

I have been bitching about how stupid the plan was that has been proposed by the likes of McCain and Graham…..the plan is the one that would train “moderate” rebels to fight in Syria……the first two graduated classes were a joke at best…..the first lost all but 4 of its original members in days after returning to Syria….and the second class did not fight when they returned they simply gave their weapons to others and went home, whatever is left of their home…..

So what will be the future of this most unimpressive solution to the fight against Assad and ISIS?

I am so glad you asked……

The United States is dropping a $500 million Pentagon program to train Syrian rebels fighting the administration of President Bashar al-Assad, the New York Times reported on Oct. 9, citing unidentified Obama administration officials.

The newspaper said Pentagon officials were expected to announce the end of the program on Oct. 9.

Finally, someone has shown that they are capable of rational logical thinking……

Now I wait for the next great plan for Syria…..

Maybe they read all the criticism on In Saner Thought……yeah….let’s go with that answer!

The Save-Syria Initiative Debated Among Opposition Groups | Middle East Briefing

The situation in Syria has done many things……lots of bitching and moaning…..the one thing that has not come out of Syria is a solution to the events taking place in the region……

Action is long in the tooth…..solutions are in short supply….

The situation in Syria is fluid….but according to the Institute for the Study of War…it is a confusing mess……

Source: Forecasting the Syrian Civil War | Institute for the Study of War

I would expect a think tank that is dedicated to war to have little use for a possible peace plan……but there needs to be at least one on the books…..

Finally someone has offered a solution….it will not be met with much success….however it is a starting spot and I believe it should be considered as a starting point and work out from there…….

]The US will not sign on….but at least the UN should take a long look at the proposal….and work from there….but please keep it out of the Security Council, where solutions go to die…thanx to the US……

Source: The Save-Syria Initiative Debated Among Opposition Groups | Middle East Briefing

Keep in  mind that all wars end with a peace treaty….after lengthy talks and compromise…….

All I am saying is….Give Peace a Chance!