Let The Training Begin!

Flash!  Turkey has finally agreed to start training Syrian rebels for their program in opposition to Assad.  The problem is that Turkey is going to be picky on who they train…..why?  They still have a massive amount of angst with the Kurds, who are fighting for a homeland and in opposition to the Turkish government.

Now word has come down that the training will begin of about 1200 rebels…….

Pentagon officials updated the press on their vetting process for training the “new” Syria rebel faction that they’re planning to create, saying they’ve identified “about 1,200″ fighters for it.

1200?  Seriously?  First of all as a Viet vet….1200 trained soldiers will be about as worthless as tits on a bull….okay 1200 well trained troops can make a small difference but who will their enemies be?

Politicians like McCain have been pushing for this from the beginning……it is an excellent talking point or placing blame but there is NOTHING said that points to a successful program.  Another problem is that too many are trying to be well versed in the Middle East, they even visit the area, but a visit does not constitute knowledge….US ambassador to Syria Ford does not see this new program as successful…….

It’s also well short of what former US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford, once an outspoken support of the program, envisioned. He’s now very critical of the plan, and says too many of the moderate rebels are willing to work with al-Qaeda.

Ford says that the new rebel faction is going to be too small to be relevant, saying that even if they got 10,000 new fighters a year, it wasn’t clear they’d be able to accomplish anything.

Enough said?

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