You Guessed It! More Poop!

I know….I know…..I am usually lazy and only post one story on the weekends…….but this one came to my attention after I posted my single one for the day……

Today the theme is ‘POOP”…..some may say that it is a fixation.

Anyway….this is a great idea!

China has taken a strong interest in the intimate details of Hong Kong hygiene. Officials in China’s south have seized some 8,000 rolls of toilet paper marked with the face of Leung Chun-ying, Hong Kong’s chief executive, the AP reports. That amounts to about $12,900 worth of bathroom tissue. The Beijing-appointed leader is considered by many in Hong Kong to be the mainland’s “puppet,” NPR notes, and products that make fun of him have been big sellers, the BBC reports.

Hong Kong’s Democratic Party had intended to hawk the toilet paper at an upcoming fair; last year, 4,000 rolls of the stuff sold out, the AP reports. The toilet paper was made at a factory in Shenzhen, mainland China, says the Democratic Party’s vice-chairman, refusing to name the factory over safety concerns. He tells the AP he doesn’t currently know where the owner of the factory is: “We are worried about what has happened to him.”

Geez!  So many candidates……we have milk cartons….Chinese have TP…….who has the better idea?

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