Chuq’s Daily Musical Interlude

Eyes burn….head hurts……butt has callouses…..time to relax and groove with the move……

In my younger years like any normal teenager….I bought a guitar and started my climb to being a rock star…..then it all came crashing down around my ears……I was lucky enough to see this guy in a small club that sat about 300 people and it cost me a whopping $3 to get in……..enjoy!


ISIS Coalition SITREP #41

Good day, my friends……this will be the last briefing of the week…..will resume Monday and it will be a short week because of Thanksgiving……

Item 1–Pres. Obama is thanking Saudi Arabia for its help in fighting ISIS…….

The White House says Obama met Wednesday with Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mutaib. He’s the son of King Abdullah and the head of the Saudi Arabian National Guard.

The White House says Obama praised Saudi Arabia’s role in promoting Mideast peace and stability and in engaging with Iraq’s new government. Saudi Arabia is one of a handful of Arab countries playing a role in the coalition conducting airstrikes against IS.

My question is…just what is Saudi doing to fight ISIS?  They are getting everyone else to do the fighting…..they are partially responsible for the rise in Wahhabism…..they constantly refuse to fight fundamentalism that breeds extremists… I ask again….just what are they doing to fight ISIS?

Item 2–We now have an estimate on the length of the ISIS situation……

During an interview at the Defense One conference, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Martin Dempsey estimated that the US war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria will last “up to four years.

What he’s basing that on is totally unclear, as the Obama Administration continues to escalate the war, and the scope and goals of the conflict at this point remain totally unclear, and growing all the time.

Gen. Dempsey himself has been recently pushing for major increases in the role of US ground troops in the war, suggesting it was time to start considering using them in offensive operations, particularly the retaking of Mosul.

Personally, I think that figure of 4 years is a bit too optimistic……..based on the flow of the conflict today……

Item 3–I reported about a month ago that Kobane was fought as a PR war…..others see it as such …….

Two months after the United States began bombing militants attacking Kobani in northern Syria, the fate of the obscure border town has become the defining battle of the broader contest with the Islamic State — to solidify, or roll back, its borders and ambitions.

For Washington, Kobani is a crucial public test of President Obama’s strategy of combining American air power with local ground forces. For the Islamic State, it is a test of its image of inevitability and invincibility, and a tool for recruiting jihadists.

Kobane is not as crucial as the media and the military would have you believe….about the best use for Kobane is for PR…..

Item 4–After an absence from the media and the rhetoric…..the US has once again focused on the Khorasan Group………

The U.S. military announced Wednesday it struck the Khorasan Group in an airstrike earlier this week.

The airstrike took place in northwest Syria near Haram, and destroyed a storage facility associated with the group, which the Pentagon described as “a network of veteran Al Qaeda operatives” whose members are plotting external attacks against the U.S. and its allies.

There still is a murky dialog about the existence of this group or its effectiveness….but it makes a good enemy for the media……

Item 5–ISIS seems to be winning the battle of social media……but how can this be?

Soufan: They are very familiar with social media — they know how it works. They are very smart in reaching out to the iPhone generation. They deploy different tools in different markets — using mostly Twitter in the Gulf region, for example, and Facebook in Syria. It’s very decentralized and that is interesting. It is the first organization of this kind that understands the impact of social media.

Soufan: We do know that a whole army of bloggers, writers and people who do nothing else other than to watch social media are working for IS. According to our research, most are based in the Gulf region or North Africa. The program was started by Abu Amr Al-Shami, a Syrian born in Saudi Arabia. And we know that at one point more than 12,000 Twitter accounts were connected to IS. This is one of the unique tactics used by this group: the decentralization of its propaganda work. The Islamic State has maximized control of its message by giving up control of its delivery. This is new.

That concludes today’s briefing……..

Thanx for your time and attention….I do hope that these briefings are keeping informed on the conflict as it unfolds…….

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The best arguments for, and against, Obama’s executive action on immigration – Vox

Any day now the president will make his move on the issue of immigration……and of course there will be a flurry of opposition….days upon mind numbing days of media analysis.

Of course the conservs are being gigantic douches over the issue……

How angry are opponents of immigration reform about President Obama’s upcoming executive order? Enough to riot, according to Sen. Tom Coburn. “The country’s going to go nuts, because they’re going to see it as a move outside the authority of the president, and it’s going to be a very serious situation,” the Oklahoma Republican tells USA Today. “You’re going to see—hopefully not—but you could see instances of anarchy,” he says. “You could see violence.” He accuses Obama of acting like an “autocratic leader,” in a way that is the “total antithesis of what this country was founded on.”

Wait!  There is more……..

Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly believes that President Obama’s upcoming announcement on new steps to relieve some undocumented immigrants from the threat of deportation could trigger a second Civil War.

She told WorldNetDaily’s Paul Bremmer yesterday that Obama’s executive action on immigration resembles the Southern bombardment of Fort Sumter, which led to the beginning of the Civil War, adding that the move is even more inscrutable than Pearl Harbor bombing because “with Pearl Harbor, the American people knew what was happening.”

None of this gloom and doom is helping people understand what is going on………these people are our ‘leaders’….not one of them is worthy of that title.

Since most people get there information from sites that reinforce their personal opinion because of that not many understand the issue…..this article looks at the issue from both sides and hopefully readers will check it out with the hope of understanding a complex issue.

That is my intention…….we will see, huh?


The best arguments for, and against, Obama’s executive action on immigration – Vox.

McKinsey Article Lays Out How to Rethink Capitalism – US News

American capitalism is killing the American Dream… is crapping all over those who actually have to work… me anything you like….communist, socialist, anarchist….I do not much care as long as you pull your head out of your butt and take a good look at the damage capitalism is doing to the average American family.

Capitalism can work but it needs re-doing……..a task few are unwilling to sow the guts to even consider much less attempt……


McKinsey Article Lays Out How to Rethink Capitalism – US News.

Is Stupid Contagious?

You know for the longest time I thought we could contribute the stupidity of the public to over exposure to FOX News, Alex Jones, Glen Beck, Reality TV other such sources…..I never considered that it could be a virus….a stupidity virus?……NO!  I am not joking or making light……there is a for real Stupid virus!.

US researchers have come across a virus that may make us stupider—and it’s turning up in the throats of otherwise-healthy people, the Independent reports. Some 43% of 92 people in a study were found to have the virus. Those affected scored about 10% lower on tests involving visual processing, Science reports; for instance, it took them comparatively longer to draw a line through a numerical sequence on a page. Their attention spans also appeared to be shorter. “There’s more and more studies showing that microorganisms in your body have a bigger influence than anything anyone would have predicted, and this could be something along those lines,” says a researcher.

Known as chlorovirus ATCV-1, the virus typically affects freshwater algae, Healthline reports. Mice infected with the virus subsequently suffered declining scores on similar cognitive tests. The virus, researchers found, managed to cross the blood-brain barrier and take a toll on genes in the mice’s brains. A few things to note, however: More research is needed to see if the virus exists in people outside the Baltimore study area, and even if it is, an outside expert says its effect seems minimal: “If you ask me if I am worried about the existence of this virus, I am not.”

Personally, I believe it is more serious than the researchers say……just watch the news, any news, stupid is approaching a pandemic …….


Thousands protest in Spain for Western Sahara independence – Yahoo News

Spain is illustrating that they are concerned about the different conflicts from around the world…..their Parliament is schedule for a vote to recognize Palestine as a state…..and then this demonstration.

I wish more countries would show such concern for the Sahawaris….the people of Western Sahara…

The Us is mealy mouth about support….mainly because Morocco is a strong ally in North Africa and we do not want to alienate the monarchy….

Spain is showing extremely good taste, IMO………..


Thousands protest in Spain for Western Sahara independence – Yahoo News.

An Open Letter to King Mohammed VI

This is a letter written by a Moroccan journalist in support of Western Sahara……a speech made recently by the king of Morocco could have far reaching consequences……

A very good letter written by a concerned citizen of Morocco……..calmer heads need to prevail…..a resumption of violence will only heard the innocents caught in the middle of this conflict.

May I suggest that Morocco relinquish all claims to a region that does not belong to them……Western Sahara deserves their independence……


An Open Letter to King Mohammed VI.

Western Sahara–Will Violence Return?

We all have places that mean more top us than others……mine is Western Sahara…..,..for haters the desert is a hot, unforgiven landscape of muted brown colors…..but for me it is a wealth of colors……tans, purples, light blues… is a fascinating place that the sand and dunes talk at night and even sings at times……a place I still miss to this day.

This post may not be that interesting to most but since my time in the region I keep an eye on the doings and report what I find..Western Sahara holds a special place in my heart and memories…..I am pleased to see the rest of the world see the damage Morocco is doing by their heavy handed actions against the country…….Today I will post several articles on Western Sahara to help my readers understand the situation.

For my new followers let me explain… the late 70’s and early 80’s I worked in the Middle East and North Africa….I was employed by a Spanish newspaper as a researcher/analyst.

During this time I was sent to Western Sahara after the annexation by Morocco after Spain pulled out of its former colony……a war, a guerrilla war broke out because the people of Western Sahara wanted their independence. I was sent to try an establish contact with the Polisario, the group leading the opposition to Morocco.  I was to try and get their side of the story.

What I found was a people that were warm, friendly, giving and most of all determined.

For years there has been a ceasefire while both sides try to hammer out a solution……and that is where I pick it up today….as reported in Middle East Monitor…….

The Polisario Front yesterday threatened to “return to the armed struggle” against Morocco, in reaction to the Moroccan King Mohammed VI’s statement that the Western Sahara will remain under his sovereignty.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Polisario Front separatist movement, Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, issued a statement in Algeria which confirmed: “The Polisario Front’s commitment to peaceful resolution to this issue despite the Sahrawi pressure to return to armed resistance in the struggle for freedom and independence.

“In the event that international community and Morocco fail to comply with international regulations and legitimate resolutions, the Saharawi people will have no option but to return to armed struggle,” Salek confirmed.

King Mohammed VI warned on Thursday that the Western Sahara will remain under Moroccan sovereignty “until God inherits the earth and everything within it”, stressing that “the autonomy initiative is the most that Morocco can provide” to resolve this conflict.

This tension could reignite hostilities that have been smoldering for years……

The Saharawis, the people of Western Sahara,  want independence and not some self-governing region of Morocco…..this situation could get ugly quick… feeling is that they deserve their independence and the world should be behind their fight 100%.

Please check out the country profile….it will give you an excellent look at the history and conditions…..and help explain what the situation is all about…..


BBC News – Western Sahara profile.


Western Sahara has my support and I will do what I must to help them in the struggle for independence.