ISIS Coalition SITREP #39

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Airstrikes continue….ISIS consolidation continues…….war is not progressing as all intended…..

Item 1–There seems to be a new backer for ISIS…….

In a statement today Jundallah, a high-profile Balochistan-based Islamist faction, announced that it is pledging loyalty to ISIS, and will back “whatever plans they have” going forward. The move follows reports from the Associated Press last week that the group’s leadership was meeting with ISIS members.

Jundallah is primarily a Balochistan separatist group, active in both Pakistan’s far west and in southeastern Iran. In recent years, the group’s attacks have mostly centered on Iran, and there is evidence they have been backed by Israel’s Mossad in doing so.

Jundallah was originally an ally of al-Qaeda, but had a falling out with them in 2003. The group then started getting funding from what they claimed were CIA agents, and there was ample evidence at the time that it was the US funding them.

Always a good piece of news…..our Friend Mossad (I am not convinced that they are truly a friend of the US) and our own CIA are supporting a group that is now allied with ISIS…….

Item 2–Moderate Syrian rebels have retreated from Aleppo…..

A report out of Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News claims that the pro-US “moderate” rebel faction the Free Syrian Army (FSA) has abandoned its last territory in northern Syria, in the city of Aleppo.

The FSA, like most pro-US rebel factions, has suffered mounting losses in northern Syria, and was widely expected to lose its foothold in Aleppo to the Syrian military. The claim of 14,000 fighters is surprisingly high, as the FSA had been seeing mass defections for quite some time

The moderates are proving to be NO match of ISIS and its allies….

Item 3–In its failure to do much damage to ISIS capabilities the US has started a name calling campaign…..

The US war against ISIS couldn’t be going much worse. ISIS continues to gain in Iraq, despite soaring US ground deployments into the nation, and the Syria air war has backfired so bad its wiped out most of the US allies, and brought al-Qaeda, once an ISIS rival, into a partnership with them.

Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said during a visit to U.S. troops in Baghdad not to fear — Islamic State terrorists were simply “midgets” with a radicalized view of the world.

In his words: “[They’re] a bunch of midgets running around with a really radical ideology,” Reuters reported.

The desperation to portray ISIS as an unworthy opponent is palpable, and makes some sense in that it would keep people from watching the day-to-day operations of the war too closely. It also gives future officials the opportunity to argue for escalation on the grounds that they “underestimated” the ISIS threat, a card President Obama has already played in his own escalations. Either way, the feigned confidence is bizarre with the war going so badly on so many fronts.

No creditable analyst sees the US air war as being much good….regardless of what the admin puts out……this is quickly becoming a massive failure.  This is a bit immature….I expect better than name calling from someone in charge… a clear plan…..would be nice.

Item 4–A re4cent massacre of Sunni tribe members was seen as a possible uniting force for the battle against ISIS…..did not turn out as such….

The massacre of hundreds of members of the Albu Nimr tribe by ISIS was seen as potentially driving other Sunni tribes off the fence and into the arms of the Shi’ite government as an alternative to ISIS. It’s not working out that way.

They were trying to bring other Sunni tribes on board for expelling ISIS from Anbar, but there’s been no sign of any of these other tribes moving closer to the Iraqi government since the massacres, and they may well have had their intended effect of convincing the other tribes not to get involved.

Another plan for the fight against ISIS is a bust….like so many other plans.

Item 5–the FSA in southern Syria seems to be doing a better job in their fight against Assad than the other groups……

Rebel groups based in southern Syria are advancing on the western suburbs of Damascus and warning they might soon enter the capital, a development that’s in sharp contrast to the grim reports from northern Syria, where moderate rebels have suffered setbacks from the government and radical Islamists.

The advance by the so-called Southern Front also stands apart from the situation in the north because moderate rebels still appear to be the dominant opposition force in the south, eclipsing al Qaida’s Syrian affiliate, the Nusra Front, in planning and executing military advances.

Further, Southern Front commanders credit airstrikes by the U.S.-led coalition with helping their cause, primarily by keeping Islamic State fighters from moving against them. “If it weren’t for the coalition strikes, Daash would have reached our areas,” Abul Majd, a spokesman for the Southern Front, told McClatchy via Skype, using the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State. “Thanks to these strikes, we are focusing now on the regime, our main enemy.”

Conclusion:  Coalition airstrikes are having limited success against ISIS….none of the plans to unite the Anbar tribes to fight ISIS are a failure…..Southern FSA fighters are having some success against the forces of Assad……
That concludes today’s briefing……
Thanx for your time and attention…….
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Netanyahu Is a National Security Risk – and Washington Knows It by Adil E. Shamoo —

I am disgusted with the media for always making Israel out as the victim……they cause more death and destruction that the Palestinians ever considered doing…..and yet they, Israel, are constantly and consistently painted as the victim…….

It is NO secret that I am not a fan of the PM of Israel…..over the years I have not had much good to say about good old BiBi……but I had not consider him a national security risk…..but after reading this piece I can see why someone could see it that way……and I agree…….


Netanyahu Is a National Security Risk – and Washington Knows It by Adil E. Shamoo —

Joke Of The Day: Iraq Will Be Victorious!

As the world sees the Iraqi situation as a problem with no exit….the government of Iraq is thumping its chest like a sex crazed primate and predicting that they will defeat ISIS in Iraq by the end of next year…..

The US is working with Iraq on a plan for the government to push ISIS out of the Iraqi part of its self-declared Islamic State by the end of next year. As atrocities including the public execution of dozens of men, women, and children continue, a major offensive is being planned for next spring that will involve Iraqi troops assisted by American advisers and aircraft, officials tell the New York Times. Officials say the plan—which will require training tens of thousands of fresh troops—will be to isolate the group in its strongholds before retaking cities like Mosul. For now, airstrikes on ISIS targets by the US-led coalition continue, with Canadian warplanes launching their first strikes near Fallujah yesterday, the AP reports.

Does the Iraqi government see the reports coming out of their country?

Optimism can be a good thing….but too much is just….delusional!

There are few people that will admit publicly that the Iraqi government and its army will be victorious in its fight with ISIS without help….lots of help.

The Iraqi army’s defeat by Islamic State (IS) fighters in Mosul in June came as a surprise. Although the Iraqi military is superior in terms of numbers of soldiers and arms, its fighters quickly deserted their posts. The army is still unable to undertake serious operations to retake control of the cities that have fallen under IS control despite ongoing US-led air cover. The reality of the Iraqi army since its inception is that it has never won a battle against another armed force. In fact, it has exhibited power only when cracking down on popular protests.

The Iraqi army has suffered over the years from two major flaws: it was not designed to defend the country, but rather the governing authorities, and it has always been plagued by sectarianism.

Today’s Iraqi army is known for its lack of discipline. Its troops often demonstrate inappropriate behavior on the battlefield and in public places, showing little or no regard for military rules and regulations. It has had and continues to have adverse effects on the lives of Iraqis. Its reformation now necessitates addressing its flaws to build a true national army with the goal of defending the homeland, not only the authorities.

Sorry dudes but that statement is just bravado talking…….or maybe just wishful thinking….either way it is not grounded in reality.

The only optimism comes from a PM that has no foot om reality…..the US is their only hope….but will it happen?

Optimism is a good thing….that is until it becomes delusional.

Retire The Warthog?

Really?  Whose idea is this?  What mental midget thinks this is a good idea?  Don’t answer…I am sure it is rooted in the defense contract swamp.

Ask a grunt when he is up to his ass in bad guys….who would he want to see come to his rescue…….a Warthog or some jet jockey that thinks he deserves a shot at Top Gun School?  My bet is they will answer the ‘Hog every time.

Sure it is slow…..ugly…….and the absolute best close combat support that the military has ever had.

Retiring the A-10 is NOT a good idea….the worst idea EVER!……..but no one asked the troops which they prefer… is all about defense contracts and money….a decision made by those that have NEVER had to fight a day in their lives…..

Retiring the ‘Hog is an injustice to American ground troops…….


The Air Force’s Rationale For Retiring The A-10 Warthog Is Bullshit.

Police expert: War on terror has turned our cops into occupying armies — and we’re the enemy

The grand jury decision is during any day for the shooter of Mr. Brown in Ferguson…..and everyone seems to expect some sort of violence and protests……the MSM is chomping at the bit….it would make their month for violence break out after the announcement of the decision by the grand jury…..

Some Missouri mayor popped off about not tolerating violence from protesters……but will let the police and nat guard go about harming people with immunity…..sounds like a police state to me… about you?

This is a fascinating article that I hope others will like as much as I did….tells the story that the media seems determined to not…….this will be a prime example of our police state at work… for the story to infold……

Let me know what you think, please.


Police expert: War on terror has turned our cops into occupying armies — and we’re the enemy.