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ISIS Coalition SITREP #45

Good day and a hope all had a lovely restful Thanksgiving……

Shall we begin the last briefing of the week….

Item 1–The concern has been that troops will be needed on the ground and just who will provide that unpopular part of this coalition……

US officials are confirming that they are engaged in ongoing negotiations with Arab nations, particularly Jordan, in an effort to send Arab ground troops to Iraq and Syria to fight against ISIS.

The US has been increasing its own ground presence across Iraq, though they continue to deny that they’re going to be involved in direct combat operations. Jordan seems to be keen to get an Arab army involved, and could be the first nation on board with the operation.

Does Jordan have an army large enough or experienced enough for the job of a ground assault?

Item 2–An ISIS military leader is said to have been killed…..

An air strike in west Iraq reportedly killed on Wednesday a senior figure in the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Al Arabiya’s correspondent reported.

Senan Meteeb, the so-called ISIS “emir” of the western Anbar province, was reportedly killed by a coalition air raid in the Anbar city of Hit. Twenty-four other ISIS fighters were also reportedly killed.

Item 3–Shi’a militias say that Kurds too NO part in the battle……

RBIL, Kurdistan Region – A top Iraqi militia commander said that no Kurdish forces took part in the operation that pushed back Islamic State (IS) gunmen from the strategic city of Saadiya which had been seized by the jihadists militants since early summer.

Hadi Ameri, who is the head of the Shiite Badr militia, said Iranian army played a key role in liberating the two cities of Jalawla and Saadiya.

“Saadiya was liberated by the (Shiite) People’s Protection Force (HASHD) with heavy artillery and air support from the Iraqi army and national police force,” Ameri told Rudaw. “No Peshmarga force took part in the battle for Saadiya,” he added.

Everyone in the fight will be jockeying for favor….so it begins……

Item 4–The new plan for Iraq to battle ISIS is a small “vanguard” force……

Instead, officials say the US is looking to create an entirely separate light infantry “vanguard force” for the time being, figuring they can cobble together these new brigades first and then use them as a model for a “leaner, meaner Iraqi Army.”
Shall we be truthful?  Not gonna happen!  The Iraqi army is as good as it will ever be.
Item 5–Internal politics of Iraq is showing its overriding problems….secular maneuvering…..

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraq’s central government is impeding foreign military assistance to the Kurdish Peshmerga forces in their fight with the Islamic State (ISIS), Kurdistan’s national security advisor complained.

Masrour Barzani said that Baghdad “impedes the foreign assistance to the Peshmerga forces,” adding that “this is a violation of the constitution.”

“In the constitution the Peshmerga are part of Iraq’s defense forces,” said Barzani. “But Baghdad not only does not meet its constitutional responsibilities, it rather prevents the delivery of assistance to the Peshmerga,” he said.

This will continue to be a problem until Hell freezes…..none of the three (3) major divisions do not trust each other…hard to fight a war with such feelings.

Item 5–the battle for the recapture of Mosul is raging…..well raging may not be the best description……

Kurdistan Region – A senior Sunni official from Mosul province says the Iraqi government is “not serious” about pushing back jihadist militants from the Sunni heartland.

Bashar Kiki, who is head of Mosul’s provincial council, says that Baghdad government has not supported Sunni tribes in the area that are willing to take on the Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists in Mosul.

“The central government has a duty to support those who have registered to join the forces that want to confront ISIS, but so far no such indication is seen in Baghdad,” Kiki told Rudaw

He explained that Sunni tribes in Mosul province have attempted to set up militias which would eventually take part in the liberation of the city with Baghdad’s largely Shiite government reluctant to arm them.

This is so typical in Iraq…..and well be the undoi9ng of any future successes made in the battle against ISIS.

This concludes the briefing for today…..

Turn The Page!

Why police are rarely indicted for misconduct | Al Jazeera America

With the decision coming out of Ferguson… media was a flame with pros and cons…..whether you agree with the decision there is a larger question that needs answering…..why do the police seem to always walk?

This op-ed covers that question and is a pretty good piece……

Read and let me know your thoughts…..


Why police are rarely indicted for misconduct | Al Jazeera America.

Cop’s Interview——A Worthless Display

Decision announced…..violence ensued…….then cop capitalizes on his fleeting fame and grants an exclusive interview to ABC News and the little Greek guy……..

My thoughts on the interview…..but with a different perspective……

I think he is more than right to have his side of the story told…….the problem is that there is NO one to confirm anything he said…..we must take or reject it on face value…….

First he says he was afraid…a logical assumption but a cop should be able to suppress that feeling to get the job done….he was hit in the face and it has been called a savage beating….I have seen the pics of him in the hospital….if that is a savage beating then women should use that term when pressing charges against abuse……he was afraid…..a 6 foot 4 inch man was afraid of a 6 foot 4 inch kid?  Apparently he is one of those people that wants to wear a badge and a gun without thought of what it means to be a cop..

The interview went on and on……we learned that he would have made the same decision if the person was a white teenager……we learned that after being shot Mr. Brown started to run then stopped turned an ran at cop with a clinched fist (did this man take the unarmed self-defense class or was he at Dunkin Doughnut that day?)

The interview continued and the answers were answers that an intelligent person could have predicted the from the start.  Basically it was blah-blah-blah….yada Yada yada……..

The little Greek dude ask a question that made me start the mental process all over again…….he asked the cop if the killing of another person would haunt him (paraphrase) and the answer was predictable….”NO it is something that I had to do and I will cope” (another paraphrase).  His answer was bullsh*t!  If he is not sociopath then that image will be with him for a long time.

This is the question that most angered me.  His question seem to imply that his life would change in ways he may not be aware of at this time……and then………

That question was a logical question…..but my problem is that NO one in the media has ever interviewed a veteran, especially a grunt, and ask that type of question.  WHY?

Could it be that vets are not interesting enough to ask a question like that or maybe the media just does not care…after all they are the ones that help sell the concept of a war to the public.

All in all the cop interview was a pathetic piece of journalism…..

The A-10 jet will launch airstrikes against the Islamic State – The Washington Post

I have already ranting about the absolutely MORONIC Defense Dept and their intent in retiring the A-10 Warthog……the government will scrap a vital part of the ground soldiers arsenal against the bad guys just to appease some bullsh*t defense contractor…

This airplane has won the admiration and respect of the grunts that actually do the fighting…..and now they want some worthless supersonic piece of crap flown by a “Top Gun” wannabe…..

The A-10 maybe be slow, ugly and it is the grunts best friend in the air……bet not one of the stupid paid agents in the military ever considered what the grunt wanted….NO all that matter was the graft that the “generals” would get to fall in line with the decision to scrape an ICON in close combat operations.

At least, for now, the ‘Hog will return to Iraq to do its part……and it’s part will be flawless.


The A-10 jet will launch airstrikes against the Islamic State – The Washington Post.