ISIS Coalition SITREP #44

Good day……all eyes are on Ferguson, Missouri and the reaction to the grand jury decision……but I will press on the war that no one wants to talk about…..

Item 1–I warned as did many others that the US intervention in the ISIS situation would do more harm than good….

US air strikes in Syria are encouraging anti-regime fighters to forge alliances with or even defect to Islamic State (Isis), according to a series of interviews conducted by the Guardian.

Fighters from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Islamic military groups are joining forces with Isis, which has gained control of swaths of Syria and Iraq and has beheaded six western hostages in the past few months.

Some brigades have transferred their allegiance, while others are forming tactical alliances or truces. Support among civilians also appears to be growing in some areas as a result of resentment over US-led military action.

This is not good news….and things may only get worse….

Item 2–The IS keeps sending weapons to Iraq but where are they really going?

Awash in oil wealth and massive influxes of US aid, Iraq was supposed to have the best trained, best equipped military in the region. After being routed by ISIS, there is huge pressure for the US to rearm them.

But the billions of dollars in aid they have to send to Iraq to build that military up again isn’t going to go nearly so far as you’d figure, because of the massive amount of corruption in the Iraqi military.

It is insanity to send weapons to Iraq so that ISIS will be armed….time to re-think the policy.

Item 3–The key, some say, to defeating (a delusion) ISIS is the province of al-Anbar….but ISIS is using a different tactic…….

A recent Islamic State offensive in Iraq’s Anbar province suggests that the extremist organization is changing tactics, relying less on local Sunni Muslim tribes for support and carrying out what one coalition strategist called a “counterinsurgency campaign” intended to undercut any U.S.-led effort to enlist tribes against it.

The outlines of this new strategy became apparent last week when the Islamic State launched an assault on Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province, without the assistance of local fighters. That assault was preceded by weeks of assassinations aimed at prominent members of Anbar tribes.

This whole strategy needs a quick review…it is NOT working!
Item 4–Shiite militias and Peshmerga forces are at odds over a liberated town…….

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—Peshmerga forces have asked the Shiite Badr brigade to handover the control of Saadiya in northern Diyala to the Kurds a day after the town was liberated from Islamist militants, a Peshmerga spokesman said.

“There is the Badr brigade in Saadiya now and we need to negotiate with them in order to take the town back from that militia force,” Brigadier Ahmed Latif, Peshmerga spokesperson in the area told Rudaw.

Minor disputes like this one could erupt in ally fighting ally…..more problems waiting to happen…..

Item 5–Turkey to train Syrian fights….really?

Turkish and U.S. forces will train 2,000 moderate Syrian rebel fighters at a base in the central Turkish city of Kirsehir as part of the campaign against Islamic State insurgents, a Turkish Foreign Ministry official said on Monday.

Turkey had agreed in principle to train and equip Syrian rebel forces as part of the U.S.-led military campaign against Islamic State, but details on the numbers involved and where the training would take place had yet to be announced.


Smells like a problem brewing…..

While American people were diverted to thinking about Ferguson or immigration the prez made another decision…….

A new report coming out of the New York Times tonight reveals that President Obama has signed a secret order dramatically expanding the scope of US military operations in Afghanistan in 2015.

Despite claims that the war is “ending” at the end of 2014, the new order will ensure that US ground troops will continue to carry out direct combat operations throughout 2015, and potentially beyond.

Remind us again who was the anti-war candidate in 2008…..

This concludes today’s briefing…..

Thanx for your time and attention……

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Benghazi—–Again And Again And…….

Yep…..there is more on the Benghazi situation…….after years of playing the media and the people there has been another ruling on the Benghazi affair…..after many hours of media bullshit there been another report on Benghazi… may be lost in the aftermath Of The Ferguson decision…..but nonetheless this is important…..

The House Intelligence Committee spent two years investigating conspiracy theories about the 2012 Benghazi attack and has concluded they’re mostly just hot air. Here’s the takeaway paragraph from the AP:

  • The investigation “determined that there was no intelligence failure, no delay in sending a CIA rescue team, no missed opportunity for a military rescue, and no evidence the CIA was covertly shipping arms from Libya to Syria.”

Yes, then UN ambassador Susan Rice wrongly stated that the attacks were the result of a protest against an inflammatory video, but the panel found that Rice had been given bad intelligence and that neither she nor anyone else in the White House deliberately tried to mislead the public.

The report further finds no evidence that CIA officers were ordered to “stand down” during the attack or were intimidated afterward to avoid testifying, reports CNN. “We concluded that all the CIA officers in Benghazi were heroes,” says Republican panel chairman Mike Rogers and ranking Democrat CA Dutch Ruppersberger. The panel does, however, fault the State Department for having weak security at the US consulate, and Politico expects that criticism to resonate. This is not the end of the Benghazi inquiries: A House select committee appointed in May is still conducting its own investigation.

“A lot of hot air”…..pretty much what most people said all along but it took a couple of years pf wasted time and many millions of wasted cash to have the House said what we all said in 2012…

May we move on now?

Talk of a third Intifada: Where to from here, Palestine? | Middle East Eye

The tit for tat violence in the area around East Jerusalem has prompted some to call for a 3rd intifada….a popular uprising of Palestinians against the occupation, destruction and theft that Israel is perpetrating against the population of the territories.

Personally, I think it is a good idea…..but more on the lines of the 1st Intifada and not the mindless violence of the 2nd…………


Talk of a third Intifada: Where to from here, Palestine? | Middle East Eye.