ISIS Coalition SITREP #37

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Item 1–The BIG news coming out about the use of force against ISIS……..

To the extent that anyone still believes President Obama’s pledge that the ever-growing number of ground troops sent to Iraq, the notion was destroyed by comments from Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Martin Dempsey in testimony to Congress.

Gen. Dempsey confirmed that the US is “actively considering” the use of ground troops in direct combat roles against ISIS, in the course of its plans to send yet more troops on top of the 3,000 already there.

If anyone finds this statement a surprise…..may I suggest that you bookmark this site and you will NO longer be surprised…..

Item 2–The battle for Congressional supremacy over this conflict is beginning……

House Armed Services Chief Rep. Buck McKeon (R – CA) today warned that he will block any attempt to pass an authorization for the new ISIS war that includes any restriction on the use of US ground troops.

McKeon cited comments from former Pentagon chiefs saying the new war needed “boots on the ground,” and insisted any bill that aimed to limit that would be dead on arrival in his committee.

Now that the neocons control Congress it is NO longer “if” Americans will return to combat but rather “when”……

Item 3–After days of speculation on whether al-Baghdadi is injured or worse is over……

After a few days of speculation about an attempted US airstrike against him, ISIS leader Caliph Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi has emerged with a new audio recording which appears to have shown he survives.

The audio recording wasn’t specifically dated, though Baghdadi did make mentions to events that took place after the US airstrike

Item 4–It is now official….the Coalition has a new target other than ISIS…….

Details of the pact are still unclear, but the Associated Press is reporting that a deal has been signed between ISIS and al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra somewhere in northern Syria.

The deal, signed last week, at the very least has the two factions, the largest in the Syrian rebellion, agreeing not to fight against one another, and to work together to some length against their mutual enemies, which is to say both the US and Syrian governments.

It is confirmed and the enemies are multiplying…..things will get more complicated…..

Item 5–The leader of ISIS has called on the jihad to target Saudi Arabia………

Baghdadi urged supporters in Saudi Arabia, the world’s top oil exporter, to take the fight to the rulers of the kingdom, which has joined the US.-led coalition in mounting air strikes against the Islamic State group in Syria.

If his followers do as told….the Middle East will become a lot more chaotic than it is now……

That concludes today’s briefing… one will be on Monday….

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Obama’s Scheme to Regulate U.S. Into ‘Net Neutrality’ Nirvana Could Kill Broadband – Hit & Run :

There is a battle going on for net neutrality…several plans….none of which I am convinced will protect that neutrality.

The prez has been praised, by some, for his plan…..but will it be the answer all seem to be searching for or will it crap all over the neutrality?

Questions……I have questions……


Obama’s Scheme to Regulate U.S. Into ‘Net Neutrality’ Nirvana Could Kill Broadband – Hit & Run :

Iraq: A Hidden Agenda? | Ace News Room 2014

This is a piece that I wrote after hearing the news that the US was sending even more troops to fighting ISIS….that they would “advise, train and assist”….the word “assist” is where I have the most problem…

Ace News Room 2014….is a total news sight and my readers need to visit often…it will keep them up on the info that they will need to have to make rational decisions and opinions…..


Iraq: A Hidden Agenda? | Ace News Room 2014.

War on Dr. King

Back in the days of the civil rights movement there was No one more central than Martin Luther King….and during this time the FBI  lead by the cross dresser, J. edgar Hoover,  spent many hours trying to discredit everything Dr. King tried to accomplish….they tried labeling him a Communist… a serial adulterer……and any other dirty trick they could think of at the time…….

A recent discovery may have been one of the dirtiest……

In 1964, Martin Luther King Jr. received an anonymous letter assailing him as an “evil” fraud and threatening to reveal all kinds of sordid details about his personal life. Unless: “There is only one thing left for you to do,” it concludes. “You know what it is.” As Yale professor Beverly Gage explains in the New York Times, King read the letter and concluded that it could only have come from the FBI and that it was J. Edgar Hoover’s way of getting him to kill himself. Historians have long known about the so-called “suicide letter,” but Gage has discovered an unredacted version in Hoover’s files in the National Archives, and the Times has published it here. (Though the newspaper redacts the name of a woman the letter writer calls one of his “evil playmates.”)

The letter also makes reference to an “enclosure” and says King should listen to it, suggesting that it could be an audio recording related to one of his affairs. Gage writes that Hoover isn’t the author—instead one of his deputies, William Sullivan, “apparently took it upon himself” to write it. For the record, the letter never explicitly says King should commit suicide, and some historians think the intent was to get him to step aside as a civil rights leader, not kill himself.

Character assassination is what we Americans do when we a confronted by someone that does not fit our little range of acceptable…..and the FBI does it better than most.

Dr, Kong basically flip-off the letter and as they say….the rest is history.

The Veterans Who Pro-War Americans Ignore Every Year – Yahoo News

This week is Veterans Week…..when we celebrate those brave souls that fought for their country and served with pride and honor….the big story was the concert that Bruce did some so-called anti-war songs……the Right wing had a stroke!

A veteran no matter what they believe, pro-war–anti-war, does not matter…they are vets and as such deserve respect, especially from idiots that sit home and let others do their fighting…..

I was an anti-war protesting vet in my younger days and I defy anyone to tell me I was wrong!

Anti-war veterans are pretty much ignored at most veteran celebrations………


The Veterans Who Pro-War Americans Ignore Every Year – Yahoo News.

The Horror That Is The NOLA PD

I do not know if my reader has heard the horrors of the New Orleans Police department…..they have had problems for decades…..corruption, felonies, intimidation and brutality…….but I recently read a report that made me ashamed that these dicks are sent out to “protect and serve”….a concept that is foreign to the NOLA PD……..

In the latest blow to New Orleans’ scandal-weary police department, a city inspector general’s report claims five detectives failed to do substantial investigation of more than 1,000 cases of sex crimes and child abuse—with one detective cited for stating that simple rape should not be considered a crime. The report, out yesterday, examined the detectives’ work between January 2011 and December 2013 and found “an indifference to our citizens that shouldn’t be tolerated.” They have been transferred to patrol duty pending further investigation. More particulars, per the report:

  • A detective failed to investigate a case involving a 3-year-old brought to the ER for an alleged sexual assault, closing the case without charges even though the child had a sexually transmitted disease. The same detective closed the book with no charges on two cases involving children brought to the ER with fractured skulls.
  • Another detective allegedly told several people that simple rape—sex without consent of one party—should not be considered a crime. This detective handled 11 simple-rape cases, five of which saw no follow-up reports and one with no initial report.
  • Two detectives are accused of writing six reports—on the same day in 2013—to make it appear that they had done follow-up reports years ago.
  • The detectives classified 65% of 1,290 sex crime cases as “miscellaneous,” for which no report at all was written.
  • Of the remaining 450 cases, detectives followed up on only 179 cases; 105 of those were handed over to prosecutors, who in turn prosecuted 74 cases. The report calls on police to fully investigate the 271 cases that the detectives failed to properly check into.

A shameful legacy for the PD……