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Time to pause……mental pause.  I have been reading and researching the current situation in the Middle East….so much info and so little time…..but enough is enough….for today.

Remember the early 60’s?  Groups like Dave Clark 5, Beatles, Stones, Herman’s Hermits and Manfred Mann?  Later on Manfred Mann reformed into the Manfred Mann’s Earth Band….a different direction from the early days…….


ISIS Coalition SITREP #36

Good day and welcome to today’s briefing….

Events are starting to accelerate….granted at a slow pace….but it is getting more and more likely that the US will be embroiled in another conflict in the Middle East… extended conflict that could cross decades…….

Item 1–ISIS is quickly becoming a world wide phenom…..there have been attacks in Egypt linked to ISIS….and now……

ANSYAAD Mbai retired a fortnight ago after 12 years leading Indonesia’s ferocious anti-terror campaign, but he says his country’s terror laws are now the “weakest in the world” and its prisons too soft on men such as jihadist Abu Bakar Bashir.

Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country….and now there seems to be a foothold being eked out….a situation that needs to be watched.

Item 2–Iraqi PM recently purged some high officers from the military and he has done it once again…….

Despite receiving more than $25 billion in American training and equipment over the past 10 years, the Iraqi military buckled, and thousands of troops fled, in the face of the Islamic State’s rapid advance across Iraq this summer. Only half the remaining units are considered fit to fight, according to American officials.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in a statement late Wednesday that he was removing the 36 commanders and installing 18 others to promote professionalism and “combat corruption.”

I understand the purging of weal links I question to validity of this action….he is making more disenfranchised commanding officers that could join ISIS in revenge.

Item 3–News out of Syria is about the US desire to oust Assad…….

The Obama Administration today realized what everyone else has known for quite some time, that their strategy in the new ISIS war in simply not working. Unfortunately, they seem to be shifting toward even deeper escalation of the war, particularly in Syria.

Instead, the new Syria strategy appears to be the military removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, even though his forces are the major significant anti-ISIS force inside Syria, and officials now seem to believe that ousting Assad first and cobbling together a new regime from the non-existent “moderate” factions that the Pentagon is supposed to be creating, is the key to the war.

Was this announcement necessary?  There are enough problems with the US strategy….why make more enemies?

Item 4–US troops return to al-Anbar……..

The return of US ground troops to the Anbar Province, the site of some of the bloodiest battles during the last US occupation of Iraq, threatens to bring those US troops directly into contact with ISIS.

Indeed, though the Pentagon downplays the risk of any incidents, saying the troops will remain at “fixed sites” inside Anbar, such an incident may be inevitable, with ISIS controlling more than 80 percent of Anbar, and doubtless keen to inflict US military casualties.

This could be the start of something big…….

Item 5–In the fight for Kobane….Kurdish forces have had a minor success……

(Reuters) – Kurdish forces blocked a road Islamic State militants use to resupply their forces in a Syrian town on the Turkish border, a town official and a monitoring group said on Wednesday, the first major gain against the jihadists after weeks of violence.

Iraqi-Kurdish peshmerga forces crossed into Kobani on Oct. 31 to help the besieged Kurdish YPG and YPJ fighters in the town. The combined forces have now cut off the road which leads south east to the village of Hilnij, the sources said.

Cutting off supplies is an excellent move….could prove to be decisive in the battle for Kobane…..

Item 6–Another Middle East country is being drawn into the conflict against ISIS….Lebanon…….

Beirut // The civil war in Syria has brought a bounty of assistance to Lebanon’s military, as outside powers compete for influence and seek to prevent Islamist extremists spreading across the border.

A deal signed last week will give the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) US$3 billion (Dh11bn) worth of French weaponry, paid for by Saudi Arabia. The United States has stepped up a long-standing programme of military assistance, and even Iran, a backer of the Shiite Hizbollah militia – long considered Lebanon’s most powerful fighting force – has offered to arm the military.

Under the Saudi military assistance, the LAF said it has requested heavy machine guns, armoured personnel carriers, vehicles, anti-tank weapons, rockets, artillery, ammunition and communications systems. The first deliveries can be expected early next year, once the protocols are signed.

It is a waiting game to see how this will effect the war on ISIS….the mission seems to be expanding daily……the more complicated the strategy becomes the no likely it will fail………..

That concludes today’s briefing…….events will dictate the direction and so far the direction is like a rudderless ship….what is needed most is CLARITY if mission.

Thanx for your time and attention…….

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What To Expect In 2015

Coming to a television near you…..the new Congress will be in session January of 2015…..and I expect great things…..HA….I just cannot say that with a straight face and lots of laughter…..

I have posted some pf the more outrageous issues clung to by the moronic right……now I think it is time to look at what will be the agenda of the GOP in 2015 now that it controls both Houses of Congress……

The magazine Mother Jones made some good points recently…….

  • Ban abortions after 20 weeks.
  • Wipe out all of Obama’s new and pending EPA regulations.
  • Repeal Obamacare bit by bit.
  • Figure out a way to obstruct Loretta Lynch’s nomination as Attorney General.

Oh, there’s still some desultory happy talk about tax reform and fast-track trade authority and other “areas of agreement,” but that seems to be fading out. Poking a stick in President Obama’s eye is very quickly becoming the order of the day.

Let’s not forget their lawsuit that they cannot find a lawyer to take…..and of course the old stand by for Repubs when there is a Dem president…..IMPEACHMENT!

Then there is the war…we know the neocons love a good war….but what about the coming 2015 session……..from a piece in The New American…….

“Republican control of the Senate = expanded neocon wars in Syria and Iraq. Boots on the ground are coming!”

So tweeted Ron Paul, the former Republican congressman from Texas, who was clearly not joining in the euphoria sweeping over Republican partisans celebrating Tuesday’s election results, giving the party more governors and a significant increase of the Republican majority in the House as well as GOP control of the Senate.

They will start their engine in the lame duck session but since they have only about 2 weeks of work for this session there will be very little done but talk……

What do you think 2015 will look like?

The U.S. Launches Another Dumb War in the Middle East. Why Hitting ISIS Will Just Make Matters Worse. –


Since the prez has decided to start a slow build-up of US troops in Iraq….it is time for the public to start paying attention….is history about to repeat itself?

For those that cannot remember their history….this situation is a mirror reflection to Vietnam in the late 50’s and early 60’s…….a slow build up of “advisers” that eventually became a major deployment of American troops….

But the question should be asked….Is this the best way to handle this situation?


The U.S. Launches Another Dumb War in the Middle East. Why Hitting ISIS Will Just Make Matters Worse. –

The American fear-mongering machine is about to scare us back into war again | Trevor Timm | Comment is free | The Guardian

Pres. Obama has issued orders for an additional 1500 troops to be sent to Iraq…..with those troops the amount deployed in country will likely double current number……

A GOP controlled Congress and the events unfolding in Iraq….it is only a matter of time before there is an all out full court press for direct intervention…..


The American fear-mongering machine is about to scare us back into war again | Trevor Timm | Comment is free | The Guardian.