Is Stupid Contagious?

You know for the longest time I thought we could contribute the stupidity of the public to over exposure to FOX News, Alex Jones, Glen Beck, Reality TV other such sources…..I never considered that it could be a virus….a stupidity virus?……NO!  I am not joking or making light……there is a for real Stupid virus!.

US researchers have come across a virus that may make us stupider—and it’s turning up in the throats of otherwise-healthy people, the Independent reports. Some 43% of 92 people in a study were found to have the virus. Those affected scored about 10% lower on tests involving visual processing, Science reports; for instance, it took them comparatively longer to draw a line through a numerical sequence on a page. Their attention spans also appeared to be shorter. “There’s more and more studies showing that microorganisms in your body have a bigger influence than anything anyone would have predicted, and this could be something along those lines,” says a researcher.

Known as chlorovirus ATCV-1, the virus typically affects freshwater algae, Healthline reports. Mice infected with the virus subsequently suffered declining scores on similar cognitive tests. The virus, researchers found, managed to cross the blood-brain barrier and take a toll on genes in the mice’s brains. A few things to note, however: More research is needed to see if the virus exists in people outside the Baltimore study area, and even if it is, an outside expert says its effect seems minimal: “If you ask me if I am worried about the existence of this virus, I am not.”

Personally, I believe it is more serious than the researchers say……just watch the news, any news, stupid is approaching a pandemic …….


12 thoughts on “Is Stupid Contagious?

  1. Obviously those of the more Right Wing Idiot-ology disposition are more prone to catching this virus than anyone else and I think it kind of matches their propensity to also suffer from something some of them refer to as Ed Zachary Disease.

      1. I am beginning to think that being a candidate assist the spread of the virus……this is more dangerous to the Us than Ebola….for Ebola can be cured, in a way, stupid is forever.

      2. The truly sad part is that we are saddled with these morons until the people start thinking for themselves….and that will be a long time if these days are any indication….

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