ISIS Coalition Situation Report (SITREP) #31

Good day and today is election day and all eyes will be on the gutless pricks that are running for control….NO one will be watching the Middle East….well No one but me and that is why your information is far superior than that of the MSM….I will try to be brief…I would not want to impair my fellow Americans from making the wrong decisions.

Shall we begin the briefing?

Item 1–There has been a wealth of support and a wealth condemnation over this whole ISIS situation……and it just keeps getting wilder…..

Major losses on both the Iraqi and Syrian sides of the ISIS conflict emerged over the weekend, with ISIS routing a pro-Iraqi govt Sunni tribe and massacring hundreds of them, while Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s wing in Syria, forced a key US-allied moderate rebel faction to surrender.

The Pentagon is trying to downplay the problems, despite these both being clearly huge defeats for their strategy in the ever-escalating war, and is mostly falling back on semantic arguments to deflect concerns.

Clarity of the situation is in short supply…..will it get better?

Item 2–ISIS is working hard to control as many resources of funds as possible…….

After pushing back into the Sha’ar Gas Field late last week, ISIS seems to be continuing their offensive in the Homs Province, now taking the nearby Jahar field.

ISIS posted photos showing their flag flying over the Jahar field today online, and also posted photos they claimed were Syrian vehicles and weaponry seized during the battle to take the site.

Item 3–US is considering attacking another ‘rebel’ group…….

U.S. officials are weighing whether to broaden the air campaign in Syria to strike a militant group that is a rival to the Islamic State and that is poised to take over a strategically vital corridor from Turkey.

Extremists from the al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra group were said Monday to be within a few miles of the Bab ­al-Hawa crossing in northwestern Syria on the Turkish border, one of only two openings through which the moderate Free Syrian Army receives military and humanitarian supplies provided by the United States and other backers.

That might be a good idea considering al-Nusra has joined forces with ISIS on occasions…..

Item 4–the attempt by the Coalition of getting the Sunni tribes to sign onto another “awakening” is hitting a few snags….

The prospects of a new Iraqi Sunni “awakening” to combat the Islamic State (IS) are being stifled by the terrorist group’s brutal and effective intelligence operation, according to Ali Mamouri.

Mamouri writes from Iraq: “The Islamic State differs from its predecessors and similar groups by running a powerful intelligence apparatus that is strong and has plenty of security experience acquired by intelligence officers from the previous regime. The IS intelligence apparatus carries out various types of operations, similar to other intelligence apparatuses around the world. One of its most important operations is to monitor and identify its opponents, to eliminate them immediately and to avoid the possibility of the Iraqi government, and other local and regional opposing parties, to infiltrate its intelligence apparatus, or a military opposition to emerge on its territory.”

Today’s briefing is a short one…….after all it is election day and everyone should get out and vote!

Thanx for your time and attention……

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The Vote: The Height Of Ignorance!

College of Political Knowledge

Subject:  Voting

Soon the American voter will mosey into their local polling station and show their ignorance. (Sorry if that offends but looking at the last couple elections…I am being polite).

The Syrians despite the civil war have gone to the polls and voted for their next leader….a good guess is that it will be Bashir al-Assad….but that is just my wild guess…………I believe that it was Emma Goldman that stated….”If voting changed anything it would be illegal”……..and so it should.

The right to vote is a fundamental right of all humans, right?  Well in that case the old USSR had the right to vote and North Korea has the right and now we look at Syria.  All this gives credence to the theory that all voting does is to legitimize the state…..that it is in essence changes nothing.

Nothing changed in the Soviet Union…..nothing definitely changed in North Korea…..and these days nothing will change in Syria…..but the people have the right to vote.

Voting is a powerful ideological tool.  Having a majority of the adults vote gives legitimacy to the whole system whose authority is supposedly derived from the will of the people.  But as the percentage of eligible voters actually go to the polls is dropping with most ever election….it is a warning signal that the decline of the system legitimacy is approaching.

For instance in the Soviet Union there was about of 90% of candidates were re-elected to their posts……sounds like a fixed system, right?  If so then think about this…..about 80% of American candidates are re-elected to their posts…….would you call that a rigged election?

Well in one sense it is a rigged election.

In the past candidates had to get out and meet and greet the voting public……a voters impression was formed by talking with the candidate and listening to his/her opponents and then forming an opinion and voting for the candidate that best stood for the principles of the voter.

Today, the candidates use the mass media and social networking to get to the voter……thus eliminating the need to actually meet and greet the voter……because of this the voter is just a number and their vote is basically just an exercise in futility.

The vote now is not about issues and policies but rather a popularity contest….it is not about how to improve the country but rather who will work to maintain his/her cult following.  The message is not about issues but rather what the people want to hear….vague promises and a lot of out right lies.

In the past the voter picked his/her candidate…..thanx to gerrymandering it is now the parties are picking their voters…..if I need to explain that may I suggest a refresher course on civics.

But the American voter will go to the polls and nothing will change…..and the bitching and whining will start all over again…..and then on to the national election in 2016′

What is that old saying?  “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.”  This explains the American voting patterns very well.