How About A New “Bull Moose Party”? #2

The 2010 mid term elections have shown that the American people are ready for some change in the way that governing is done by our representatives…unfortunately we have little choice on who does that changing of the way it is done……..

Dems are weaklings and the Left is not happy with the way things are going in Washington and across the nation….why not find a new way of doing politics….how about a new “Bull Moose Party”?

Back in 2007 I was involved with M. Kwiatkowski, the admin for Liberal Pride Forum (go to blogroll and visit his discussion forum)…..we (among others)  worked on logo and platform for future political endeavors….with all the uproar in Washington….I think that a Bull Moose Party could get more involved in the upcoming general elections in 2012…..

This from the Liberal Pride Discussion Forum………

The Congressional Progressive Caucus offers the Progressive Promise for all. We believe in government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Our fairness plan is rooted in our core principles. It also embodies national priorities that are consistent with the values, needs, and hopes of all our people, not just the powerful and the privileged. We pledge our unwavering commitment to these legislative priorities and we will not rest until they become law.

1. Fighting for Economic Justice and Security in the U.S. and Global Economies

» To uphold the right to universal access to affordable, high quality healthcare for all.

» To preserve guaranteed Social Security benefits for all Americans, protect private pensions, and require corporate accountability.

» To invest in America and create new jobs in the U.S. by building more affordable housing, re-building America’s schools and physical infrastructure, cleaning up our environment, and improving homeland security.

» To export more American products and not more American jobs and demand fair trade.

» To reaffirm freedom of association and enforce the right to organize.

» To ensure working families can live above the poverty line and with dignity by raising and indexing the minimum wage.

2. Protecting and Preserving Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

» To sunset expiring provisions of the Patriot Act and bring remaining provisions into line with the U. S. Constitution.

» To protect the personal privacy of all Americans from unbridled police powers and unchecked government intrusion.

» To extend the Voting Rights Act and reform our electoral processes.

» To fight corporate consolidation of the media and ensure opportunity for all voices to be heard.

» To ensure enforcement of all legal rights in the workplace.

» To eliminate all forms of discrimination based upon color, race, religion, gender, creed, disability, or sexual orientation.

3. Promoting Global Peace and Security

» To honor and help our overburdened international public servants – both military and civilian.

» To bring U. S. troops home from Iraq as soon as possible.

» To re-build U.S. alliances around the world, restore international respect for American power and influence, and reaffirm our nation’s constructive engagement in the United Nations and other multilateral organizations.

» To enhance international cooperation to reduce the threats posed by nuclear proliferation and weapons of mass destruction.

» To increase efforts to combat hunger and the scourge of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and other infectious diseases.

» To encourage debt relief for poor countries and support efforts to reach the UN’s Millennium Goals for Developing Countries.

4. Environmental Protection & Energy Independence

» To free ourselves and our economy from dependence upon imported oil and shift to growing reliance upon renewable energy supplies and technologies, thus creating at least three million new jobs, cleansing our environment, and enhancing our nation’s security.

» To promote environmental justice in affirmation that all people have an inherent right to a healthy environment, clean air, and clean water wherever we live, work, and relax.

» To change incentives in federal tax, procurement, and appropriation policies to:

(A) Speed commercialization of solar, biomass, and wind power generation, while encouraging state and local policy innovation to link clean energy and job creation;

(B) Convert domestic assembly lines to manufacture highly efficient vehicles, enhance global competitiveness of U.S. auto industry, and expand consumer choice;

© Increase investment in construction of “green buildings” and more energy-efficient homes and workplaces;

(D) Link higher energy efficiency standards in appliances to consumer and manufacturing incentives that increase demand for new durable goods and increase investment in U.S. factories;

» To eliminate environmental threat posed by global warming and ensuring that America does our part to advance an effective global problem-solving approach.

» To expand energy-efficient transportation choices by increasing investment in synthesized networks, including bicycle, local bus and rail transit, regional high-speed rail and magnetic levitation rail projects.

» To preserve prudent public interest regulations that encourage sustainable growth and investment, ensure energy diversity and system reliability, protect workers and the environment, reward consumer conservation, and support an expanding marketplace that rewards the commercialization of energy-efficient technologies.

The time has come for the American people, who have lost all confidence in the two political parties they have now to find a new way of doing business of the country….I think that this could very well be the answer that many of us are looking for in these days of confusion…..THINK ABOUT IT!

15 thoughts on “How About A New “Bull Moose Party”? #2

  1. Well, it’s a long list and there’s a lot of rather American detail there for outsiders like me to come to terms with. However, as usual, I will try to comment at least semi intelligently – well, fairly logically at least…

    I do think that what I regard as “wild” sweeping statements about things such as global warming are WAY beyond the ability of countries like America (possibly the whole human race) to solve and demonstrates a naivety that is also born of arrogance – nothing new there I guess.

    Such things as controlling corporate power and minimum wage levels do make things better (since I’ve always believed as a small time employer that if you pay peanuts, you can expect to get monkeys). However (again), unbridalled welfare allowed to run amok is JUST as destructive if not more so than unrestrained corporate power since, as I’ve pointed out before, a very large minority of people are basically assholes and anyone who believes otherwise is living in La-La Land!

    #3 – it will take CENTURIES of unrelenting hard work before most of the world will trust America! Sorry to be rude about your country Chuq, but it’s simply a fact that America just seems not to understand – most of us would as soon trust the Chinese government and that’s not even as far as we could throw them!

    #4 is just a plain old fashioned pipe dream! Maybe in a century or so – UNLESS you can overturn the economic dominance of Big Oil – that’s the oil companies combined, the big oil producers combined, Wall street, the most wealthy (globally) and attain a position in the world that is HUGELY more dominant than the US currently holds, or even than it thinks it holds. If you somehow by some miracle managed to do that, the cost in jobs would be wa-aaaay larger than any such program would create.

    Basically, my view is: fine – very laudable – but in the real world someone somewhere has to start looking at the WHOLE picture and, to date, no one ever has, or looks like doing so.

    The REAL problem is that, even if the party is right in its aims and the people actually changed there whole attitude to life (me, me, me) there is little chance if any that such a party would succeed in gaining power before the cataclysm that must surely come hits the States (and maybe the world) and even if they did this STILL offers nothing to change the way American “democracy” is run. Without that, they are “peeing into the wind”. It is clearly based on the idea that legislation works and, whilst it may make short term superficial apparent difference, it is always expensive, it is always intrusive and it never seriously threatens those it is intended to control.

    To use an analogy, what’s the point of changing your bed-linen, if the mattress is all ripped and crawling with a million bugs?

    1. We did this to give people a place to start looking for a real alternative…..the problem was there was only 3 of us that actually cared enough to try something….on the #3 thing….agreed….and the Bush Boyz did much to extend that window…..Hell…I do not trust my government why would anyone else?

      1. Oh, I agree and it’s a good try, but I am afraid that’s what’s wrong with democratic politics (particularly so in the US) is what will prevent anything like what you suggest becoming more than a talking point – sadly in VERY small groups!

        Hey, ho… such is life, eh? 😦

      2. Uh huh…..but this would have legs if people would pay attention….most people are there already, at least in the US….but they keep letting others decide for them….it was a shot in the dark (apologies to Peter Sellers)…..

      3. Yeah, well… like the last suggestion, sounds great, but people are ALWAYS voting to get the incumbents out, so you have to be the “guy most likely” before you even get a shot at the real prize…

      4. Most of our politicians are not authentic…most are made by some PR guru that they pay big bucks to for the privilege of losing their true selves….

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