Another Coup For The Media

OK the bitch is out of jail, are you happy now? The concern for a broad that could care less aboiut the rest of the states is just so damn moving, makes me proud! BTW, that is called sarcasm!

Newsworthy? At least for CNN. Anderson Cooper dedictated his 360 to Paris and my fav was Larry f*cking King–He bumped Michael Moore, so he could interview Paris…..thinking……I knew he was a hack, but I had, in the past given me the benefit of the doubt. No more! He is a HACK!

OK, for all you mentally challenged, gthe Paris story IS NOT NEWS! At best, it is GOSSIP!

The only newscaster that I will give props to is Mika Brzenzski. Zbig’s daughter, she refused to do the story tuesday morning and put it through a shredder on camera. May we move beyond this spoiled little bitch and get back to the news that will effect our daily lives? I may only hope!


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