Is The World Safe For Democracy?

I believe it was Woodrow Wilson who said, “the world must be made safe for democracy”. (thinking…..thinking) Has it been made safe for democracy? (thinking…thinking) Well the US has spent many, many years and dollars and time trying to do just that–so far they are a dismal failure, especially with the rise of Bush II. Just his support for a democratic movement can squash it out of existence. Whus chu talk’n bout, professor?

OK, the two most noteable, Iraq and the palestine situation. we invaded and occupied Iraq in the name of democracy and so far our involvement has killed as many Iraqis as Saddam and democracy is only a catch word in the country. Let us move, shall we? The Palestine situation, we pissed and moaned that there was no democratic processes in the territories; they then had a democratic election and the bad guys won. The US immediately called it a sham and so on and so forth. However, the Palestinian people spoke with their votes and the US ignored the speech. Yeah! that is a democratic thing to do.

With George around democratic process means civil war, apparently. He got it in Iraq with deomcracy and now he has it in Gaza!

Do believe the whole policy thing needs to be revamp and quickly. How many civil wars must they have before someone hits themelves in the forward and say, SH*T! this is not working! The rest of the world needs to be very afraid if the admin starts pushing them on the democracy thing. A quick look around should discourage them from listening to anything Bush and Boyz have to say.


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