Lebanon–Part II

As I reported earlier–Lebanon is burning again! This time it is interesting, the US indirectly support Fatah al-Islam in an attempt to confront Hezbollah. Now Hezbollah is supporting the government in the stand off with the militants. Hey! I can make up this stuff!

So the question now is, if Hezbollah is supporting the government and the US is a supporter of the government, are they now “good guys”? If so, what of Israel? they still have a beef with Hezbollah?

I recently read a book, no really, titled Samson Blinded by Obadiah Shoher, it is an Machiavellian look at the Israel-Palestine situation. One of his observations is that the world “should not discourage Arabs from killing one another”. I would say that this seems tom be the plan all along. For as soon as one small fire gets extinguished another breaks out and when it is analyzed the US or Israel or both are involved on either side or sometimes boths sides. Playing each end against the middle.

OMG! What a great foreign policy ploy!



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