Closing thought–24Feb21

Warning:  This post may be offensive to some because of the language I use.

By now everyone that has access to the news knows that Tiger Woods has had another car accident.

But if you were otherwise diverted….

Tiger Woods had to be “extricated from the wreck” with the “jaws of life” after a serious car crash in California Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office says. The injured golfer was hospitalized after the “single-vehicle rollover collision” on the border of Rolling Hills Estates and Rancho Palos Verdes around 7am local time, the sheriff’s office tweeted. The 45-year-old’s agent tells TMZ that Woods sustained multiple leg injuries and is in surgery. Police say Woods was the only person in the SUV, CNBC reports.

Jesus Christ!

How much mundane bullshit must we endure?

The news this morning was all about Woods for the first 20 minutes I was subjected to information that I care nothing about.

I am sorry that he was in an accident and was badly injured and I hope he can recover….but that is all that concerns me about his situation.

I heard one reporter refer to Woods as an “American hero”…..just what has he done to be labeled as such?

Because he got millions of idiots to spend thousands of dollars on equipment so they can go for a walk…just what about his life makes him a ‘hero’?

The foundations of this country are being tested and challenged and yet the top story is some mindless bullshit about a car wreck.

I refuse to live my life idolizing some random athlete….there are more important situations that need our attention….and yet here we are….worshiping the ground some millionaire athlete treads upon.

I refuse to sink to this level of mindless personality worship.

Again if I offended anyone….all I can say is that you were warned.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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23 thoughts on “Closing thought–24Feb21

  1. Sporting ‘heroes’ leave me cold. They do what they like to do best, and get paid untold millions to do it. Sport is a sideline, where real life is concerned. No doubt many other people were injured in accidents on the same day. They don’t get a mention, so I hope they are doing okay.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. A difficult question….social media needs to be more responsible… should be geared to inform not entertain. chuq

      2. Yes, it should, and I’m sure that ongoing education for critical thinking would help our Human Community to cooperate at least a bit better, no?

  2. The term “hero” is applied so wantonly it means nothing as far as I’m concerned.

    As for the excessive coverage of Tiger Woods’ accident, I felt the same thing. I forgot how much Trump’s shenanigans filled the news day until recently. The excessive Tiger Woods coverage is just a revelation of that fact: the 24 hour news cycle has nothing of importance to fill the full 24 hours!

    1. If sure….even if he never plays golf again he will not starve…he has is design business and clothing line that all wannabes want to wear…nothing about him deems the label ‘hero’. chuq

  3. Just more of what I call “infoporn” that doesn’t require more than a talking head to talk about the subject and o pine rather than present facts

  4. I can endure the adulation being given to Tiger Woods because it is a lot more preferable to the raving demands of some on the righteous-radical-right to have the flags flown at half-mast all over the country in memory of Limbaugh.

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