A GOP Split?

Happy Mardi Gras….for those that celebrate……

For years now I have been telling my readers that the GOP was heading down a dangerous path….a path that could not bode well for the Party.

Like I said for years….https://lobotero.com/2020/07/08/is-the-gop-collapsing/

After 4 years of Trump the GOP is divided…..true conservatives and the Trumpites….so is the GOP over?

The GOP’s dire need for an alternative reality is well-founded. Demographics are changing. The number of people of color is increasing and whites will be in the minority in a bit over 20 years. Despite Hispanic Americans’ increased tilt towards Trump in 2020, unless Republican Party completely overhauls its platform and outreach efforts, most POC won’t vote for these politicians who stand in stark contrast to their interests.

Trump intuitively knew something that past Republicans didn’t get. Today’s conspiratorial and overtly white supremacist wings of the Republican Party, formerly disconnected from and disillusioned by the GOP, needed a proper welcoming in order to win elections. From Charlottesville’s “very fine people on both sides,” to the Proud Boys’ “stand back and stand by” comments, Trump signaled very clearly that these hate groups are embraced as part of the GOP.

The GOP Is Over

The GOP is losing donors by the barrel….one of their biggest donors…one of the largest is the Chamber of Commerce and they have cut ties with the GOP…others will follow….

The popularity of the Lincoln Project has given rise to the idea of conservatives forming a new party to counter the authoritarianism of the Trumpites.

Just how divided is the Republican Party? Divided enough that some 50 former Republican officials are on board to form a third US political party to serve as a counter to a GOP under the thumb of a wannabe autocrat, according to Reuters. The outlet cites “four people involved in the discussions,” said to involve former elected Republicans as well as officials who served in the past four Republican administrations. Evan McMullin, the former chief policy director for the House Republican Conference who ran as an independent in the 2016 presidential election, tells Reuters that more than 120 people—including former Rep. Charlie Dent—participated Friday in a Zoom discussion about a center-right party that would focus on adherence to the Constitution and rule of law. McMullin notes that about 40% of those on the call supported the idea.

“Large portions of the Republican Party are radicalizing and threatening American democracy,” McMullin says, noting call participants were shocked that so many Republicans in Congress voted to block certification of Joe Biden’s election victory. An “extremist” wing led by former President Trump “has taken the [GOP] over,” McMullin tells the Washington Post, adding that some officials believe the party is “irredeemable.” Asked to respond, Trump spokesman Jason Miller tells Reuters that those involved in the talks are “losers [who] left the Republican Party when they voted for Joe Biden.” The Republican National Committee has a very different take, however, pointing to a recent statement from Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. She noted infighting would distract from the 2022 elections, and that winning is only possible “if we come together.”

I like the idea….maybe now the voter can have a real choice….but then that may be just my wishful thinking.

Apparently most Americans would like to see a third party as well…..

“I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me,” Ronald Reagan famously said after becoming a Republican in 1962. According to a new Gallup poll, a record number of Republicans now feel their party has left them. The poll found that 62% of Americans feel the two main parties “do such a poor job representing the American people that a third party is needed.” That’s the highest proportion since Gallup starting asking the question in 2003, and it now includes a majority of Republicans. Some 63% of Republicans now believe a third party is needed, up from 40% in September last year. Among independents, support for a third party was at 70%, while 46% of Democrats would like to see a third major political party, down from 52% in September. The poll also found that a record 50% of Americans now identify as independents.

ut while most Republicans now desire a third party, it would take more than one extra party to encompass their views. Some 40% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents said the party should become more conservative, while 24% wanted it to become more moderate and 36% felt it should stay the same. Some 68% of Republicans wanted Donald Trump to remain as party leader, compared to just 47% of GOP-leaning independents. Among Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents, 34% wanted the party to become more liberal, 34% felt it should become more moderate, and 31% wanted it to stay the same. No third-party candidate has carried a state in a presidential election since segregationist George Wallace won five Southern states in 1968, though Ross Perot took 18.9% of the vote nationwide in 1992.

Any thoughts on the GOP?

Any thoughts on a new party?

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3 thoughts on “A GOP Split?

  1. It seems that one thing Trump managed to do well was to hammer the last nails into the coffin of the Republican Party. Now all you have to do over there is to bury it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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