Biden’s And Racial Justice

Pres. Biden has used his pen and signed a series of EOs that will try to reverse some of the racial inequalities….another promise he is trying to make good on…..

President Biden on Tuesday signed four executive actions meant to advance racial equity in the United States, including directing his administration to fully implement a law combating housing discrimination and another to mitigate xenophobia against Asian Americans.

Biden signed a memorandum directing the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to begin the process of rooting out systemic racism in the housing market by analyzing areas where the previous administration’s policies undermined fair housing laws, according to senior administration officials.

Biden also signed an executive order ending the Department of Justice’s use of private prisons, as part of the new administration’s broader criminal justice reform agenda.

Additionally, the president signed a memorandum directing federal agencies, including the departments of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Justice, to take steps to stop xenophobia and violence towards Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. The memo also acknowledges what officials described as xenophobic behavior on the part of the previous administration.

Finally, Biden signed an executive order directing federal agencies to engage regularly with Tribal governments in order to strengthen the relationship between the federal government and American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes.

Read the entire EO for yourself…..

Biden is off to a good start.

How long can this last?

I would like someone from Biden’s inner circle to explain how this will solve the problems we have with racial justice….

I wish I was more optimistic.

Your thoughts will be appreciated.

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18 thoughts on “Biden’s And Racial Justice

  1. I have found that 99% of the Blacks I meet are just as regular people as 99% of whites and Asians I meet. Biden is placating the 1% that threatens to burn down D.C. while everyone is watching Super Bowl, etc, etc. They don’t want equality, they want replacement – and trying to jam that down people’s throats with his EO’s only irritates the issue.

      1. I agree with the slugs part, but I looked it up and Biden has signed more EO’s in this period more than Trump and Obama did – combined.

      2. It was not a problem when Trump or Obama did them…so again….elect people that want this country to move forward and the EOs will not be needed. chuq

      3. We went one whole year without one of our children dying in combat – It looks like that will change soon too.

  2. Hi, Chuq:

    These Exec. Orders are a start, and needed, but only a start. Undoing the effects of Red-lining, and then blue-lining, block busting, FHA/VHA/Fanny and Sallie Mae loan discrimination and of course, the original urban renewal displacements, is a very tall order which requires a variety of both infrastructure fixes or rebuilds, like decent public transportation, as well as repairing the lack of ability to build inter-generational wealth that continues to lead to loss of family homes even among the Black middle classes, like my family in DC, and strategy fixes.
    Ultimately, we need a strategy for building a safety net and wealth across the board for all Americans, but starting with stronger protections from the sorts of hate crimes like lynching and discrimination (even after the housing covenants and sundown towns were banned), and the intentional lack of education in certain zip codes, that have made it so difficult to defend against illegal actions, violence, unlawful/expired debt suits, etc. All of these issues are part and parcel of the problem, and require time and a comprehensive strategy to overcome. I hope that President Biden has one.
    Stay safe,

    1. I agree with you…..but my concern is for the Congress for there is no set goals for this country….without a common goal there can be little progress.
      Thanx for the the comment… safe chuq

      1. Exactly my point, Chuq: a vision, a strategy, and a set of goals to get us there. I do happen to have one potential offering of such a set of ideas, if you’d be interested to read them?

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