Women For Stability In Afghanistan

The US is working on removing itself from Afghanistan…well that was Trump’s grand plan…..but will Biden continue the push to end America’s longest ever war?

Most of us that follow international affairs know just how horribly women are treated in Afghanistan….they are little more than chattel…….

But there is a proposal for the rehabilitation of Afghanistan by making women the cornerstone of the reforms for the country.

Afghan women are closely watching as peace talks continue between their government and the Taliban. Women hope the talks will end decades of unabated violence, and not return them to a social, political, and economic prison from which there is no escape.

Afghanistan has made significant yet fragile gains over the past two decades. The country’s Constitution and political system ensure equality and human rights for all. Its economy has been working toward self-sustainability, and Afghan society has restored its rich tapestry of art, music, and culture — a legacy that the Taliban had erased.

But for Afghanistan to maintain its hard-won gains for women and girls and in human rights and democracy, the United States still must play a role in preventing the rise of extremism. It won’t be forever – the Afghan people should and will control their future. But at this pivotal juncture, continued support from the Biden Administration and the U.S. Congress are needed both for Afghanistan and for the security of the United States.

This means investing in programs dedicated to the education, economic empowerment, and leadership development of women and girls, including initiatives that address the specific effects of COVID-19. But the needs are broader than that, as national and economic stability also impact the lives of women and girls.



Once we leave the Taleban will fight on until they control the country and then women will be persecuted even more.

It is his concern.

In the 1990s the US turned its back on Afghanistan and all serious programs were underfunded and women took a backseat.

While I agree that women should be the cornerstone I would be remiss if I did not point out the reality on the ground.

The ultra-conservs will NOT allow women to progress.

The US and the think tanks cannot dictate to the Taleban…..that would be like a fart in a hurricane….

Sorry to be a downer on this….but these proposals need to be based in reality not some fanciful hope.

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13 thoughts on “Women For Stability In Afghanistan

  1. To be honest, I see no hope for Afghanistan as a country, and even less for the Afghan women. The Taliban are set on taking it back to the stone age, although they are happy to do that using modern weaponry of course. And selling heroin, let’s not forget that trade.
    Best ishes, Pete.

  2. The following might be harshly.

    But the US, let’s say it polite, was participant in several wars in the region.

    Several of them started for unfounded reasons.

    Than as a region is in total dissarey you leave. People are worse of than before.

  3. As sad as it is, i have to agree to Pete’s comment. Look at all the other states/ communities on earth. Wherever its possible their leaders are on the way back. Conserving there own money and influence, Taleban will also do. ;-( Changing strong patriarchalism into liberality needs some decades, with todays possible cultural influence, not weapons. Europe has needed fivehundred years. Michael

  4. Why are UN peace-keeping troops not there to protect the Afghan women and democracy? Or is it that the US makes up the bulk of the PeaceKeepers there currently? Sorry, I’ve not been following this issue in some years, as I found it too depressing.

    1. It is very depressing……the UN will stay away because it is a hopeless situation and these days they want to appear to be successful because of all the criticism they receive…..but we are there for another 20 years it looks like to me. chuq

      1. Well, if we brought in the aid agencies and provided protection for them, and if we gave special permits for all Afghan girls below a certain poverty level to come to the US to study, say, at boarding schools, then perhaps we could make an impact. There are certainly ways to solve the problem, if we had the will. or even the interest. But it still takes long-term thinking and a vision of a safe(r) world for every human being, no? We could get there…

      2. Sound plan…..but also need to change the macho thinking of the Afghan male population….they will fight the loss of influence hard. chuq

      3. Good point. That’s the hard part: keeping the girls and women alive long enough for the change to take. Difficult, but not impossible. That’s why education is so crucial.

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