Let The Whining Begin!

I have been reading a lot lately about the direction that some Trump supporters are willing to dance to…..some call it waffling.

Now that the little dictator (Trump not Chaplin) has been de-throned his supporters are wanting calm.


I read an op-ed by a Trump supporter that is calling for unity…..(a pathetic plea)……

I am a proud Southern Republican, pro-gun Christian and a strong Trump supporter. I am also caucasian and a female.

With that one statement, many of you may have already decided what you think of me and how you feel about what I’ve written. Maybe you’ve already decided whether I’m a friend or enemy and whether you will agree or disagree with my views and what I’m about to say.

In this current political environment, so many people are ready to support or attack others simply based upon some binary, superficial metric.

The sad truth is that’s what we have reduced each other to: Democrats or Republicans; Liberals or Conservatives; black or white; friend or enemy – leaving us divided and angry.  

Altogether, It feels like we are fighting so intensely to, effectively, dehumanize each other by creating and applying labels, often making harsh assumptions without a civil question asked of each other.

All the while becoming defensive, reacting emotionally to others and angrily judging one another. 


Sorry I cannot take this seriously.

If it is that important where was this sentiment for the last 4 years?

Why now after Trump has lost his hold on the nation?

Sorry but I refuse to listen to this slug.

Then there is the “Oath Keepers”….that far right militia a bunch of toads that feel important because they carry guns…..seems one ex-memdeber is running scared of the FBI….

The Daily Beast profiled Sam Andrews, a former member of the right-wing paramilitary group the Oath Keepers, who called for the Capitol protesters to arm themselves ahead of the insurrection — and now he is trying to distance himself out of fear that the FBI could come after him.

“Andrews was outside the Capitol on Jan. 6, but says he did not enter the building,” reported Kelly Weill. “Following Donald Trump’s election loss, Andrews appeared in a widely shared video that called on the right to converge on D.C. ‘armed, in large groups,” as The Washington Post previously reported. Those groups, he said, should show up ‘en masse in D.C., armed, demanding, not asking, that we get a peaceful resolution on these voter corruption issues.'”

Now, fearing retribution from federal agents, he is walking back all of this.


Oh golly……a “bad boy” whining…….go figure.

All I can say to him is something my grandfather use to say…”If you are looking for sympathy then go to a dictionary….you will find it between shit and syphilis”

All these rabid douche bags start showing their true colors when they learn there are consequences for their actions.

Sorry but you reap what you sow.

Then there is FOX News…..worried about hurting Trump supporters feelings…..

After the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday, Fox News critiqued the 46th president’s speech, taking issue with Biden’s strong denouncement of nativism, racism, and white supremacy – which, they suggested, might offend Trump voters.

Denouncing nativism, racism, and white supremacy was apparently upsetting to Fox News host Martha MacCallum and Fox News contributor Dan Henninger, who is also the deputy editorial page director of The Wall Street Journal.

Trump supporters “might be asking, ‘Why is he bringing up nativism and fear and telling lies for power and profit in the middle of an inaugural speech?'” Henninger asked, as Media Matters reports.


Okay this made me laugh…..god forbid someone hurt the feelings of Trumpites……

These insulting toads can go to Hell for all I care.

Unity my ass!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


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