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Back in the early days of the 2020 election I thought that Andrew Yang would have been a good candidate…I later supported Tulsi Gabbard….but Yang had some good ideas.

I have since changed my mind about Yang….since he announced he would run for mayor of NYC he has made me dislike him a lot.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang sparked controversy by comparing the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement to “fascist” anti-Jewish campaigns.

Writing for Forward, a Jewish American webzine, Yang, who is a New York City mayoral candidate, compared BDS “to fascist boycotts of Jewish businesses” in the past, seemingly a nod at Nazi policies of the 1930s and 40s. 

“A Yang administration will push back against the BDS movement, which singles out Israel for unfair economic punishment,” Yang wrote

“Not only is BDS rooted in antisemitic thought and history, hearkening back to fascist boycotts of Jewish businesses, it’s also a direct shot at New York City’s economy,” he said.

This douche bag is full of shit!

Another dickhead telling me I cannot boycott a barbaric and uncivilized sate that thumbs its nose at human rights.

Yang may kiss my ass….as soon as possible…..he is a pandering asshole.

Antisemitic my ass!

I do not care the religion….I care about the treatment of people…..I condemn the theft of land, destruction of crops, stealing resources like water and the treatment of people in general.

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Impeachment Drama (Again)

Since Americans do not seem to give a crap about things since Donald the Orange was removed from office in the 2020 election….the impeachment process that is ongoing has not generated much interests……I thought I would bring my readers up to date on the process….for the second time…..

On the House side, 10 Republicans voted with Democrats to impeach. But Senate Republicans have been sounding reluctant lately to convict after their strong initial reaction to the Capitol riot, per the New York Times. Many of the GOP senators aren’t defending Trump’s behavior so much as citing objections to the trial process, with some of them saying it’s not constitutional to convict a former president. Others have been saying a trial will be too divisive for the country. The Senate is scheduled to formally ask Trump to respond to the charge Tuesday afternoon. The trial schedule also is to be agreed to then, and senators will take an impeachment oath to carry out “impartial justice” in the case.

Now that the articles have been delivered to the Senate from the House…..the drama brings again…..

Senate Republicans voted overwhelmingly Tuesday against moving forward with Donald Trump’s historic second impeachment trial, making clear a conviction of the former president for “incitement of insurrection” is unlikely. In a 55-45 procedural vote, the Senate set aside an objection from Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul that would have declared the impeachment proceedings unconstitutional, the AP reports. That means the trial on Trump’s impeachment, the first ever of a former president, will begin as scheduled the week of Feb. 8. Democrats rejected GOP arguments that the trial is not legitimate, pointing to an 1876 impeachment of a secretary of war who had already resigned and to opinions by many legal scholars.

The senators took oaths Tuesday to ensure “impartial justice” as jurors in the trial. Yet the support of 45 Republicans for declaring the trial invalid indicates that there are long odds for Trump’s conviction, which would require the support of all Democrats and 17 Republicans, or two-thirds of the Senate. While most Republicans criticized Trump shortly after the attack, many of them have rushed to defend him in the trial, showing the former president’s enduring sway over the GOP. The Hill reports that the five Republicans who voted against declaring the proceedings unconstitutional were Sens. Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Ben Sasse, Pat Toomey, and Susan Collins.

This whole early drama shows me that this about party politics and not the Constitution……this helps make my case that the GOP is loaded with cowards and spineless politicians.

What the vote count means….

Former President Trump’s impeachment trial begins Feb. 9, but a vote Tuesday in the Senate revealed a mostly partisan split over the validity of having the trial in the first place. It was a win for the Democrats, only in that they, and five Republicans who joined them, quashed an objection by Republican Sen. Rand Paul, who insisted impeaching an ex-president would violate the Constitution. The vote that killed Paul’s objection was 55-45, but it’s a vote count the Washington Post says signals a “likely acquittal” of Trump, as 67 senators would need to agree to convict him. If a conviction does come to pass, Trump could be banned from future office with a second vote by a simple majority. The five Republican senators who joined their Democratic colleagues in the vote: Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, and Pat Toomey. Reaction:

  • Agreed: Mark Meadows, the White House’s former chief of staff, aligns with the notion that this vote is a signifier of the bigger picture, per the Hill. “If today’s Senate vote is any sign, the Democrats’ ridiculous impeachment of former President Trump will fail—again—by a long shot. Dead on arrival,” he tweeted Tuesday.
  • Constitutionality: That’s the issue many Republicans are citing, and some of them met Tuesday before the vote with law professor Jonathan Turley, who testified for the GOP during Trump’s first impeachment trial. At the luncheon, per the Wall Street Journal, Turley pushed the idea that it’s unconstitutional to try a former president, and that Trump “might be best served by simply not participating in the trial.”
  • Top Dem pushes back: “The theory that the Senate can’t try former officials would amount to a constitutional ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card for any president who commits an impeachable offense,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said in response, per NPR.
  • And another: Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin, who’s serving as one of the impeachment managers for the trial, concurs: “If we had a rule that you can’t be tried for anything that you did in your last three or four or five weeks in office, that would basically be sending an extremely dangerous signal to future presidents that they could try to incite or execute a coup or an armed insurrection against the government and say, ‘La-di-da, it’s too late to prosecute me.”
  • Historical precedence: The New York Times offers an example of when this type of impeachment trial has happened before—in 1876, when William Belknap, the secretary of war under Ulysses Grant, resigned “in tears,” but was impeached by the House soon after anyway. The Senate in that case agreed it had the jurisdiction to hear Belknap’s case, though it ended up acquitting him.
  • A crack in the firmament? An acquittal isn’t completely out of reach. GOP Sen. John Thune tells CNN, “I don’t think [this vote] binds anybody once the trial starts.” Sen. Rob Portman, meanwhile, who recently announced he won’t run for reelection, says he just wants a debate on the matter, but is similarly open: “I’ve not made my mind up. I’m a juror.”

The big point is that since Trump is no longer president he is a private citizen and cannot be impeached.

My thought is why not?

He was still president when he instigated that insurrection so he is still available for impeachment….the Senate trial should go forward.

In a real trial the judge would not allow someone that has already decided the outcome to become on a jury…..but yet it is perfectly okay for the Senate to do so.

If they have made up their mind then they should be dismissed.

Time for the Senate to start acting like lawmakers and not a pack of political twats.

But this may be an exercise in futility for the Repubs have made up their minds in advance and NO amount of evidence will change those minds.

For me this makes the entire GOP co-conspirators and should be handled as such.

Since they have made up their minds on this they should be denied committee assignments for they have proven that the rule of debate and evidence is a moot point with them.

This proves my assertion that the Senate is nothing but a club for old white guys…..that have NO interest in doing the work of the country.

They are a worthless pack and time to maybe considering a unicameral system (more on this soon) maybe then we could actually enact laws and the business of the nation.

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A New President–A New Day?

I know most Americans are thrilled at the idea that we have a government that is not that of Trump……we have a new president, Joe Biden.

I have been writing about the different policies of Biden trying to let my readers know what they are getting with this new president.

If you go to IST and search “Joe Biden” this is what you will get for you inquiry….

As you can see I have been writing extensively on his policies so far (more to come no doubt)

I feel that most people voted for him just to rid yourselves of the political cancer of the Trump administration……I think most people were looking no further than the end of the Trump years….which is sad…..just because we ridden ourselves of the fool on the hill does not mean that everything will come up rainbows and lollipops for the country.

There is an intense effort in the Democratic Party-aligned media to present the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris as a fundamental turning point in American politics.

No doubt there is immense relief among millions in the US and around the world to see the fascist Trump leave Washington, two weeks after he spurred on an insurrection aimed at stopping the congressional certification of Biden’s victory.

But with the transfer of the White House from the Republicans to the Democrats, it is necessary to counter illusions about what this government will or even can do. Its actions will be determined by the interests of the ruling class under conditions of an unprecedented social, economic and global crisis. However, efforts are underway to chloroform the public about the realities of the procapitalist, imperialist politics of the Biden administration and the catastrophic economic and social conditions under which it begins.

New York Times editorial board member Jesse Wegman declared that “Biden Can Heal What Trump Broke” in an op-ed Wednesday. “America is now being led by a decent, experienced public servant who cares about improving his constituents’ lives,” Wegman proclaimed.

Yes In my opinion he will be successful…but how do we measure presidential success?

Not being Trump is a lame reason to judge success….especially if the people of this country remain as a struggling mass

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Who Do These Dicks Think They Are?

A new president and a new chance to find a way to keep Iran from achieving nuke weapons.

Trump decided to bow out of the nuke deal that the Obama admin had reached with the government of Iran….and the whole region got just a little more dangerous.

Of course after 30 years of lying and threatening Israel has made it even more dangerous since Trump left power.

As the US prepares for a meeting with Israeli officials news has come out that demands will be made…..

Cohen will present the Biden administration with a list of components that Israel believes must be included in any renegotiated deal.

Those would include: Iran halting the enrichment of uranium and production of advanced centrifuges; an end to its support of armed groups, especially Lebanon’s Hezbollah; an end to its military interventions in around the region; and an end to its targeting of Israelis overseas.


Since when does the nation of Israel dictate our foreign policy?

If they do not get their demands and the US returns to a deal with Iran then Israel is willing to expand the conflict and the do something stupid.

Israeli officials have made their opposition to the Biden administration returning to the Iran nuclear deal known. Some have even threatened a military strike on Iran if President Biden revives the deal, known as the JCPOA.

An Israeli source affirmed this to Breaking Defense in an article published on Monday. “Israel needs to know — and fast — whether Washington plans to stop Iran’s race to the bomb or take some action to do this,” the source said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

The source said that Israeli intelligence is monitoring Iran’s nuclear facilities closely. Israeli airstrikes on Syria were also mentioned, which have ramped up in recent months. “This pressure will continue and grow, as a preparation for a direct attack on targets in Iran,” the source said of airstrikes in Syria.

Tzachi Hanegbi, an Israeli minister from the Likud party, made the most direct public threat against Iran. Hanegbi said that if the US returns to the JCPOA that “Israel will again be alone against Iran” and will attack Iran’s nuclear program.

Breaking Defense, its source, and Haneegbi all push the narrative that Iran is racing towards a bomb when that is not the case. One example they use is the fact that Iran recently increased uranium enrichment to 20 percent, which is still vastly lower than the 90 percent needed for weapons-grade uranium.

Despite the hype, the 20 percent enrichment has a civilian purpose. It allows Iran to make fuel rods for its Tehran Research Reactor, a facility that was built by the US in the 1960s that can produce medical isotopes.

Another crucial piece of context left out of the Breaking Defense article is the reason why Iran started enriching uranium at 20 percent. Iran’s parliament passed a bill to increase enrichment after the November assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the prominent Iranian scientist who was killed in an apparent Israeli plot. So it was Israeli aggression that led to the increased enrichment.

Iran has maintained that it is willing to return to compliance with the JCPOA if the Biden administration lifts sanctions. Any more attacks from Israel could prevent Iran from decreasing enrichment levels.



These asswads would start a war because they did not get their way?

At what point does the US say “F you”?

When did Israel become our State Department?

I believe that it is beyond time for the US to cease its protection of an apartheid state let them come up from behind the skirt of the US.

Sadly I think that the Biden admin will bow to the Israeli lobby money and not do anything to anger Israel.

Why do I say that?

Look at what Biden’s SecState had to say (even praised Trump)…..

A new administration has taken over Washington with talk of justice, respect and diversity. However, when it comes to Israel-Palestine the news isn’t so encouraging.

Joe Biden’s foreign policy team says it wants to return to the Iran deal, but reassures the Israel lobby that that won’t happen any time soon, and when it comes to actual Palestinian rights or freedom (the “peace process”), it clearly wants as little friction with the Israeli government and Israel’s friends in Washington as possible.

Blinken repeatedly praised Trump policy on normalizing relations between Israel and the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco and the Sudan as opening a pathway to Palestinian peace.

Biden’s secretary of state praises Trump’s achievements on Israel

What part of those deals would lead to peace?

The land grab, the destruction of crops and theft of water rights say that Israel has NO intention of treating the Palestinians with respect and peace.

I will be watching to see how much Israeli money will influence and control our foreign policy.

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