Closing Thought–25Jan21

I have made my feelings known that I think the traitorous slugs that participated in the insurrection of 06 January should pay a heavy price for their assault on the country.

I mean everyone!

There is a movement started by a Congressman from New Jersey to make the penalties should be doubled…..

A new bill introduced Friday by a Democratic lawmaker would double the prison time faced by rioters like those who stormed the Capitol, upping the maximum penalty for insurrection from 10 to 20 years.

The bill, named Stopping Domestic Terrorists Act and introduced by Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.), comes as the White House has directed agencies to undertake a sweeping interagency effort to root out domestic extremism.

“Two weeks ago, the world witnessed a deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol, incited to overturn our democracy and the will of the American people,” Gottheimer said on a call with reporters.

“With the new Congress in place and with the new administration in the White House, we must redouble our efforts to prioritize the serious threat domestic terrorism is in our nation,” he said.

“We are not a land of lawless thugs and if you attempt to overthrow it, through violence, you will pay the price,” he added.

If enacted, the doubled sentence would accompany increased efforts by the Biden administration to root out domestic extremism.

I say DO IT!

And that includes those slimy toads in Congress that have assisted the insurrection to come to a head.

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Is One Term Enough?

The news these days….is mostly speculation….

Trump has been beaten…..what can we say about his one term presidency?

President Trump is a commanding presence in the public arena of 2020, but what about a century from now? In a New York Times op-ed, NPR’s Steve Inskeep takes the long view and suggests that Trump’s presidential legacy will be relatively minor. Trump appears on track to be viewed by future historians less as a proactive president in his own right than as “the reaction to a game-changing president—Barack Obama,” writes Inskeep, the author of books on 19th-century American history. “Something like this is true of many presidents,” he adds. “A relative handful enact lasting change, while others respond to them.” In Trump’s case, he rose as a candidate with fierce attacks on Obama and continued them as president.

Trump, of course, will leave his imprint on the nation, including with his tax cuts, his Supreme Court picks, and his unprecedented use of social media. Controversies such as his efforts to ban Muslims from entering the country will surely be dissected in future history textbooks. But Trump’s failure to win a second term doesn’t bode well in terms of his place in history. “In those same textbooks, President Trump may be a minor player in the larger story of a democracy grappling with demands for a more equal society—an era marked by the election of Mr. Obama, the first Black president,” writes Inskeep. (Read his full column.)

What can we say about the one term presidents?

Donald Trump is officially a one-term president, the first to fail a reelection bid in nearly 30 years. But history shows his loss isn’t surprising, given the circumstances.

One-term presidents used to be a lot more common. Take the period between 1837 (when Andrew Jackson’s second term ended) and 1860, for example — no president served more than one term. And between 1900 and 1932, we had seven presidents, only one of whom served two full terms. (Some died in office, some lost reelection, and some chose not to run for another term.) But in the modern era, presidents have increasingly left office because term limits prevent them from staying, not because the voters have turned them out.

What Makes A One-Term President?

I have heard a rumor that Joe Biden would only serve one term and give his VP a chance to continue the Obama legacy…..the talking point is his age… creditable is this gossip?

We can go to the words of the nominee himself about a second term…..

President Trump has suggested Joe Biden has slipped mentally. Age is a fair issue, Joe Biden says in a new interview. “I think it’s a legitimate question to ask anybody over 70 years old whether or not they’re fit and whether they’re ready,” the Democratic presidential nominee says. Trump is 74, and Biden would be taking office at age 78. Biden’s answer to doubters: “Watch me.” Biden addressed the issue in an interview to be broadcast Sunday night, ABC reports. Interviewed with his running mate, Kamala Harris, Biden said, “Look at us both, what we say, what we do, what we control, what we know, what kind of shape we’re in.” Asked what it meant when he suggested he’s a transition candidate, Biden said it didn’t mean he would be a one-termer. He “absolutely” is open to serving two terms, he said.

The “transition” reference was about Democratic failures in “building the bench” in state offices, Biden said. The nominee said his goal is to “make sure when this is over, we have a new Senate, we won back statehouses, we’re in a position where we transition to a period of bringing people up to the visibility that they need to get to be able to lead nationally. And that’s about raising people up.” Harris laughed off Trump’s insults in the interview, per the Guardian, as attempts to distract from “the harm” he’s doing to the country. In an recent opinion piece on CNN, Lincoln Mitchell pointed out the dangers of coming into office as a lame duck. If Biden makes clear he’s only in for one term, Mitchell writes, Harris becomes the frontrunner for 2024, and “Democratic unity will not last long.”

Oh Joe!  Please do not run in 2024….after four years the country will have had enough of the dinosaur policies of the Dems.

And Kamala will be not that much better either……she is just an extension of the Old Fart policies of Bubba Clinton.

Can we please get some fresh ideas for 2024…..PLEASE!  Before it is too late!

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

Watch This Blog!

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Let The Whining Begin!

I have been reading a lot lately about the direction that some Trump supporters are willing to dance to…..some call it waffling.

Now that the little dictator (Trump not Chaplin) has been de-throned his supporters are wanting calm.


I read an op-ed by a Trump supporter that is calling for unity…..(a pathetic plea)……

I am a proud Southern Republican, pro-gun Christian and a strong Trump supporter. I am also caucasian and a female.

With that one statement, many of you may have already decided what you think of me and how you feel about what I’ve written. Maybe you’ve already decided whether I’m a friend or enemy and whether you will agree or disagree with my views and what I’m about to say.

In this current political environment, so many people are ready to support or attack others simply based upon some binary, superficial metric.

The sad truth is that’s what we have reduced each other to: Democrats or Republicans; Liberals or Conservatives; black or white; friend or enemy – leaving us divided and angry.  

Altogether, It feels like we are fighting so intensely to, effectively, dehumanize each other by creating and applying labels, often making harsh assumptions without a civil question asked of each other.

All the while becoming defensive, reacting emotionally to others and angrily judging one another.

Sorry I cannot take this seriously.

If it is that important where was this sentiment for the last 4 years?

Why now after Trump has lost his hold on the nation?

Sorry but I refuse to listen to this slug.

Then there is the “Oath Keepers”….that far right militia a bunch of toads that feel important because they carry guns…..seems one ex-memdeber is running scared of the FBI….

The Daily Beast profiled Sam Andrews, a former member of the right-wing paramilitary group the Oath Keepers, who called for the Capitol protesters to arm themselves ahead of the insurrection — and now he is trying to distance himself out of fear that the FBI could come after him.

“Andrews was outside the Capitol on Jan. 6, but says he did not enter the building,” reported Kelly Weill. “Following Donald Trump’s election loss, Andrews appeared in a widely shared video that called on the right to converge on D.C. ‘armed, in large groups,” as The Washington Post previously reported. Those groups, he said, should show up ‘en masse in D.C., armed, demanding, not asking, that we get a peaceful resolution on these voter corruption issues.'”

Now, fearing retribution from federal agents, he is walking back all of this.

Oh golly……a “bad boy” whining…….go figure.

All I can say to him is something my grandfather use to say…”If you are looking for sympathy then go to a dictionary….you will find it between shit and syphilis”

All these rabid douche bags start showing their true colors when they learn there are consequences for their actions.

Sorry but you reap what you sow.

Then there is FOX News…..worried about hurting Trump supporters feelings…..

After the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday, Fox News critiqued the 46th president’s speech, taking issue with Biden’s strong denouncement of nativism, racism, and white supremacy – which, they suggested, might offend Trump voters.

Denouncing nativism, racism, and white supremacy was apparently upsetting to Fox News host Martha MacCallum and Fox News contributor Dan Henninger, who is also the deputy editorial page director of The Wall Street Journal.

Trump supporters “might be asking, ‘Why is he bringing up nativism and fear and telling lies for power and profit in the middle of an inaugural speech?'” Henninger asked, as Media Matters reports.

Okay this made me laugh…..god forbid someone hurt the feelings of Trumpites……

These insulting toads can go to Hell for all I care.

Unity my ass!

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Biden’s Covid Plan

Just a short observation……now that Trump has been de-throned people seem to be uninterested in what we have to replace Donald the Orange.  Just because he is gone does not mean that everything is now just duckey.


On to the Biden Covid Plan.

As the pandemic continues to rage the nation….Pres. Biden offers his plan to help control the pace of the virus.

Trump’s Operation Warp Speed was a dismal failure…..hopefully Biden has better luck.

President Joe Biden already announced a $400 billion Covid-19 plan as part of his $1.9 trillion economic relief proposal. But while he waits for Congress to act on those proposals, Biden is taking a dozen executive actions to tackle the US’s most pressing public health crisis.

Behind the executive actions is Biden’s “National Strategy for the Covid-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness,” announced Thursday. The plan aims to restore public trust, scale up vaccination, expand testing and masking, reopen schools and businesses safely, and more — all with an eye on equity in terms of race, ethnicity, and urban-rural divides.

Here are some of the major points of Biden’s executive actions:

  • More vaccines: The Biden administration is taking a series of actions to boost the distribution of vaccines: FEMA will build vaccination centers, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will launch a new federal pharmacy program, and states will have new “Covid Response Liaisons to foster more cooperation, similar to those used during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.
  • Leverage the Defense Production Act: Whether it’s for testing or vaccines, supply chains have repeatedly broken down during America’s response to Covid-19. Biden has promised to fix that, leveraging a federal law known as the Defense Production Act to prioritize and boost the production and distribution of supplies that are necessary to combat the virus.
  • Reimburse states for some personnel and supplies: With the economy still weak, states and local governments have seen revenues drop throughout the pandemic, leaving them unable to pay for all they need to combat Covid-19. The Biden administration has promised a bit of relief by offering to reimburse states through FEMA for the use of the National Guard and some supplies.
  • Set up a pandemic test board: A year after the coronavirus was discovered, America still doesn’t have the testing infrastructure that experts argue is needed to properly contain the disease. Biden will set up a board that will attempt to track down what the hold-ups are here and recommend how to fix them.
  • Improve data collection and sharing: Local and state officials have complained they often don’t know how many vaccine doses they’re getting from the federal government and when. Biden will try to ameliorate that through an executive order and other actions trying to improve data collection and sharing with all levels of government and the broader public.
  • More support to schools and workers: Through various federal agencies, Biden will move to provide more guidance and regulations to help schools and businesses reopen safely.
  • New federal roles for pandemic response: Biden created a new position of Covid-19 response coordinator, who “will report directly to the President and be responsible for coordinating all elements of the COVID-19 response across government.” And he reestablished the National Security Council’s Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense, which will oversee, in part, pandemic response for the White House.
  • Rejoining the World Health Organization: Biden also rescinded Trump’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization, promising to rejoin and help reform the group. Anthony Fauci will attend the organization’s January 21 meeting while acting as head of the delegation.

Good plan but do not get too excited yet….Biden will need the Congress to come through with the plan…..and we know how fickle the Congress can be.

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