My Thoughts For New Bloggers

I know there is a wealth of blogs that offer advice on ways to make your new blog more popular… my thoughts are what worked for me….they are just my thoughts not an official “advice” post.

If you are starting a blog for the first time and your desire is to be a “popular” blogger then I suggest you pick a subject that will generate followers….blogs like photography, fiction/poetry, fashion, beauty, even food…..these seem to generate more interests than blogs, like mine, that are more an educational and informative posts… short current events may not be the attention grabber you are searching for….sorry.

These days it seems that what you wear, how look and what you eat are far more popular than learning….attempting to teach is not as ‘glamorous’ for most these days.

My blog, IST, has been around for about 15 years and the best I have done is 4000 followers….with about the average of 100 hits a day….that is not breaking any Word Press records.

In the early days of IST I would check my stats daily and got discouraged daily…..even considered dropping my blog several times….but I decided that what I was writing needed to be written and from that point on I ceased to be concerned about the stats and concentrated on my content…..I have never regretted my decision.

Please do not get me wrong….I am very thankful for my regular readers….they are the best and you will find these loyal readers and commenters as well….just not in the numbers you were hoping for.

It seems that only a handful of people actually care about what is happening in the nation and the world.  Keep in mind that you are competing with about 500 million other blogs for readership.

If you focus on stats instead of content then you will probably be disappointed every day…..that is if you are starting your blog as a personal journey of discovery.

You could pay sites that promise all sorts of amazing stats….and there is lots of advice blogs as well…..

Again this is not an advice post just a few observations that I have made in the last 15 years.

If you are serious about blogging then be patient and do not get discouraged….do what you want to do with your blog.

I wish you well in your blogging endeavor…..and good luck.

“Lego ergo scribo”


Those Historic “Giants”

WE all have knowledge of the giant Goliath that was brought done by a pea shooter….then there are those giant TV shows about the big guys that have been here since history began…..but are they just fallen angels? Maybe some form of ET that visited to make us a better race…..surely there is evidence somewhere.

Those TV things try to convince us of the existence of such beasties. Shows like ‘Ancient Aliens’……but there is evidence!

Evidence that they did not exist!

It seems every time you look away from the Internet for more than a few minutes these days there are about five new conspiracy theories to catch up on by the time you come back. 

Go for a jog, look at the computer, and suddenly the Internet believes that Hillary Clinton and Tom Hanks flay children alive in order to harvest their blood (no, really, this is an actual conspiracy theory). But even given the strangeness and speed of conspiracy theories these days you might be shocked to learn that the Vatican – in conjunction with the Smithsonian, no less – is suppressing the truth about the existence of gigantic human skeletons, confirming the existence of giants and somewhat messing up our evolutionary tree.

There’s even evidence, in the form of the worst photoshop jobs you are ever likely to see.


You mean all those shows are feeding us crap?

Of course they have!

Be Well….Be Safe….

“lego ergo scribo”