Closing Thought–13Nov20

In 2010 when the idiot Pompeo came to Congress in the Tea Party wave I said then he was a warmongering toad that was not to be trusted…..and NO ONE listened…..

His latest piece of crap coming from his mouth proves my point….

When asked about the transition to the president-elect he stated…..

– No transition, no problem. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters Tuesday, when asked if his agency is ready to work with President-elect Joe Biden’s team on the transfer of power, “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.” Pompeo’s job is dealing with the governments of other nations, of course, and they’ve been congratulating Biden on his victory, Axios reports. Pompeo has not, supporting President Trump’s battle against the election results without specifically saying so. “The world is watching what’s taking place here,” Pompeo said. “We’re going to count all the votes. When the process is complete, there will be electors selected.” He said that he’s heard from countries around the world and that they “understand that this takes time.”

The secretary of state did not appreciate a question about whether US efforts on behalf of free and fair elections in other nations are hurt by Trump’s refusal to concede the US election. “That’s ridiculous,” Pompeo told the reporter, per Politico. “And you know it’s ridiculous. And you asked it because it’s ridiculous.” Pompeo echoed the distinction Trump has been making between “legal votes” and “illegal votes,” saying, “I am very confident that we will count—and we must count—every legal vote.” He also said he wasn’t worried that any security risks would be caused by the current lack of coordination. “We will do all the things that are necessary to make sure that the government … will continue to perform its national security functions as we go forward,” Pompeo said.

I have given my thoughts on all the Trump sycophants like Pompeo and Jordan and Gaetz and Nunes and Graham and all others that allowed the republic to be damaged……

That is correct….they all should be arrested and put on trial for their part in the damage to our nation.

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Is There Any Trumpian News?

This could be a question that is asked these days…..

The answer is yes.

But since Trump is hiding in the White House he is still making news…..and very little of it is good.

I have already written a post about Trump’s desire to stay active and a possible candidate in 2024……

It looks like the fair weather friends like FOX News is deserting the soon to be ex-president….and he is not happy about their turncoats……

It’s no secret that relations between President Trump and Fox News have soured of late—especially after the network called Arizona for Joe Biden ahead of everyone else. Now, a report at Axios suggests things are going to get worse. The outlet says Trump plans to create a digital media company to compete with Fox for viewers on the right. Coverage:

  • Revenge: “He plans to wreck Fox,” a source tells Axios. For now, expect Trump to publicly slam the network at rallies. The longer-term strategy involves creating a digital streaming service—much easier and cheaper to launch than a cable network—and making use of Trump’s extensive database of supporters to lure subscribers away from Fox.
  • Another rival: Trump of late has been promoting coverage at existing Fox rivals on the right such as Newsmax, which media writer Brian Stelter of CNN notes is seeing a big surge in ratings. Before the election, it averaged 25,000 viewers at any given time. Now, the figure is above 400,000. That’s still small compared to Fox’s 1.86 million, but “this is the most robust right-wing TV challenge to Fox that I have ever seen,” writes Stelter. Newsmax doesn’t view Joe Biden as president-elect, as Fox’s news team does.
  • Still strong: But Newsmax’s rise doesn’t seem to be hurting Fox’s numbers. Mediaite notes that the network swept the top three spots Tuesday on cable news and digs into the numbers.
  • Day-night split: At the Intercept, Robert Mackey takes note of Fox’s day-night split. Daytime anchors see Biden as the winner, but nighttime anchors of opinion shows, led by Sean Hannity, are largely pushing Trump’s message that Biden’s victory is illegitimate. Mackey suggests Fox will continue providing this nighttime voice for the near future: “The goal, for both Fox and the Republicans, is to avoid alienating Trump—at least long enough to ensure that he doesn’t turn on the party before control of the Senate is settled in the two runoff elections in Georgia on January 5.”
  • Rupert’s view: Rupert Murdoch, the media magnate behind Fox, is reacting to the election with a “realpolitik” view, writes Michael M. Grynbaum at the New York Times. The day-night split mentioned above is an example. Fox’s news team won’t budge in retracting its view that Biden won, but Trump still has Hannity and company pushing his views. Trump just shouldn’t expect too much loyalty from the Murdoch empire—in fact, some of Murdoch’s other outlets, including the New York Post, have turned relatively negative on the president since Nov. 3. As Grynbaum puts it: “Presidents come and go. Rupert Murdoch remains.”
  • Trump’s view: It might be summed up in an interview he gave to Fox & Friends on Election Day. “Somebody said: ‘What’s the biggest difference between this and four years ago?'” said Trump, per the Hill. “And I say Fox.”

FOX the bastion of conserv thought and propaganda….will it survive if Trump jump’s ship?

Trump has a new scam to take in cash….a PAC, Save America……

President Trump has settled on one way he’ll try to keep a grip on Republican Party politics whenever he’s out of office: He’ll form a leadership political action committee. Controlling a PAC will provide money for Trump to use to influence candidates and issues, the Hill reports. There’s a limit on individual contributions of $5,000, but no limit on the number of people who can donate. His PAC, Save America, will be able to take money from other PACs, as well. “The president always planned to do this, win or lose, so he can support candidates and issues he cares about, such as combating voter fraud,” Tim Murtaugh, a Trump campaign spokesman, said in a statement. The development comes as Trump continues to pursue legal challenges against Joe Biden’s victory.

“President Trump is not going anywhere anytime soon,” a Republican strategist told the New York Times. “He’s going to insert himself in the national debate in a way that’s unlike any of his predecessors.” That debate would include the 2022 midterm elections. Among the expenses the PAC could pay for is Trump’s travel for political appearances. Fundraising appeals sent out by the Trump campaign on Monday night broke the news that 60% of the donations received would go to the new PAC. Sen. Lindsey Graham, one of the president’s most steadfast supporters, suggested that Trump consider running again should he end up the 2020 loser, or at least “create an organization, platforms over the next four years to keep his movement alive.”

Of course he will have the big spenders and the small donors…..where will the money go?

President Trump’s team is urging supporters to donate money to the “Official Election Defense Fund.” Otherwise, “the Left will try to STEAL this election!” reads one typical text that has gone out to potential donors, reports Reuters. However, a look at the fine print might come as a surprise to those who contribute—the money is unlikely to go toward any recounts or election challenges. Both Reuters and Politico come to that conclusion after an examination. Coverage:

  • Steep hill: No money goes to the election defense fund touted in the pitches unless a person gives more than $8,333, according to both sites.
  • Instead: Prior to that amount, 60% goes to a new leadership PAC started by Trump and 40% goes to the Republican National Committee. The RNC can spend money on recount efforts but is not obligated to do so; lawyers think the PAC cannot legally use its money on recounts, per Politico. The latter site says the money will instead “set the stage for the president’s next act.”
  • Example: If someone makes a $500 contribution, $300 goes to Trump’s Save America PAC and $200 to the RNC, per Reuters. None goes to a recount fund. Both the PAC and the RNC have broad leeway to use the money as they wish. Trump could use the PAC money for personal expenses such as travel, while the RNC could use the money for the upcoming Georgia runoff races in the Senate.
  • A critic: “This looks like a good old-fashioned bait and switch,” writes Paul S. Ryan of Common Cause in an op-ed at USA Today. He thinks Trump donors are being duped with pitches that strongly suggest all of their money will go to the legal challenges and recounts. He charges that PACs such as the one Trump set up amount to “personal slush funds.”
  • Another critic: Dana Milbank at the Washington Post has similar harsh words. Trump isn’t actually trying to overturn the election, writes Milbank. “He’s simply running one more scam before he leaves office that would enable him to enrich himself.”
  • A defense: Ohio pastor Darrell Scott tells Reuters that he doesn’t think fellow Trump supporters will mind at all. “I see this as two pockets on the same pair of pants,” he says. “It doesn’t matter if it goes into the left or the right pocket. In the end, the money will be used for a legitimate purpose that his supporters will get behind.”

His supporters have so much disposable income that they can piss money away all in the name of bigotry…..for Trump scam.

There is truly…… “No Fixin’ Stupid”

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Blame The Progressives

This time around Dems cannot blame the Green Party for their loss…..but they will look until they find someone to blame to their lack of a real plan for this nation.

The Dems lost some seats in the House and failed to turn the Senate blue so as per usual the Moderates started blaming everybody for the losses and the “Progressives” take the brunt of their attacks.

They say that issues like Medicare For All and the Green New Deal were labelled by Repubs as “socialism” and the moderates lost their edge…..

AOC made some excellent points about the allegations by the Gutless Centrists….

  • Progressives aren’t to blame for the party’s congressional losses, a narrative centrists have argued. The election showed that “progressive policies do not hurt candidates, Ocasio-Cortez said, adding the example that “every single candidate that co-sponsored Medicare for All in a swing district kept their seat.”
  • The party’s operation deserves blame. “There’s a reason Barack Obama built an entire national campaign apparatus outside of the Democratic National Committee,” she said, adding that “the party—in and of itself—does not have the core competencies, and no amount of money is going to fix that.” When Obama’s organization faded away, she said, “we lost House majorities.”
  • Republican success in the messaging battle can be traced to Democrats’ weak online presence. In fact, “Our party isn’t even online, not in a real way that exhibits competence,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “I don’t think anybody who is not on the internet in a real way in the Year of our Lord 2020 and loses an election can blame anyone else.”
  • Joe Biden’s transition decisions will show how open his administration will be to progressives. If it’s not, “we’re going to lose,” she said. “It’s really hard for us to turn out nonvoters when they feel like nothing changes for them.”
  • The significance of Biden’s election is that “we aren’t in a free fall to hell anymore.” But that doesn’t mean the nation is out of the woods yet. “Whether we’re going to pick ourselves up or not is the lingering question,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “We paused this precipitous descent.”

I agree with her thoughts…..Progressives are not to blame….Centrist Dems are terrible candidates and cowards.

First the Moderates/Centrists are so lame they could not defend themselves and now they want to blame others for the pussy ass campaigns….typical Centrist cowardice.

But let’s look at the issues that they are blaming for their losses…..M4A and Green New Deal……

Here are the facts:

►112 co-sponsors of Medicare for All were on the ballot in November. All 112 of them won their races.

►98 co-sponsors of the Green New Deal were on the ballot in November. Only one of them have lost an election.

Bernie has written an op-ed in USA Today shooting down all the accusations by the gutless spineless Centrists…..

You’re reading the Opposing View, one of two perspectives in Today’s Debate.

I am very proud of the hard work that the progressive community put into electing Joe Biden as our next president.

And let’s be clear: This election was not just a normal election between two candidates. It was much more important than that. It was an election about retaining our democracy, preserving the rule of law, believing in science and ending pathological lying in the White House. And with a record-breaking turnout, the American people voted to reject President Donald Trump’s racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, religious bigotry and authoritarianism. That is very good news.

Even so, truth be told, the election results in the House and Senate were disappointing. Despite Joe Biden winning the popular vote by more than 5 million votes, the Democrats lost seats in the House and, so far, have only picked up one seat in the Senate.

Now, with the blame game erupting, corporate Democrats are attacking so-called far-left policies like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal for election defeats in the House and the Senate. They are dead wrong.

I agree with Bernie….the DNC needs to pull it’s head out of corporate America’s ass and start representing the people that vote for them and not the free lunches they get with the wealthy.

Then there is the Media…..they have been pushing Biden even before he announced and gave Centrist candidates far more exposure than any of the true progressives…..and they continued their assault on progressives by helping the cowards centrists blame others fir their failures…..

In a write-up about the call, the Washington Post‘s Rachael Bade and Erica Werner (11/5/20) quoted and paraphrased 14 sources blaming those who “endorse far-left positions” for Democrats’ losses, counterbalanced by only four sources defending the left. All of the progressive sources were named; half of the establishment sources were either quoted anonymously or presented as unspecified “moderates”—or, twice, simply as “Democrats,” committing the exasperatingly common journalistic sleight-of-hand that erases progressive Democrats as legitimate members of their party.

In addition to quoting a handful of participants on the call, Bade and Werner interviewed numerous “moderates” for the article (“Several moderate Democrats said in interviews…”), but only managed to interview two progressives: Alexandra Rojas, head of the leftist PAC Justice Democrats, along with Rep. Jared Huffman, a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus—who took the side of the centrists.

The MSM is still NOT a source for accuracy and facts….

Before some lame Centrist tries to equate me with a Bernie supporter……you are WRONG.  I like some of his ideas but he is too damn old…..if I were going to vote for an Old Fart I would have chosen Biden…..BTW I dd not vote for him (before they ask)…..

Be Smart!

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Biden And Foreign Policy

I have made my feelings known during his campaign for the presidency……

Now that he has finally won the Electoral College and will be the next president I wanted to look at what will be his foreign policy approach.

I still stand with my analysis back in the days of the campaign…..he will be is typical Neocon and his policies will show this…..he will try to make some in roads with the treaty process but the intervention is NOT over.

While the 2020 election campaign understandably focused on domestic issues, Biden is a former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and reinforcing America’s geopolitical primacy will be high on his agenda.

He will bring a deeply experienced team of foreign and security policy advisers with him into government, many veterans of the Obama administration. Having worked alongside nearly all of them, I would say this might be the deepest initial bench any president has brought to the White House in the post-Vietnam era. Among them: Nicholas Burns, William Burns and Tony Blinken held top jobs at the State Department; Avril Haines and Michael Morell similarly helped guide the CIA; Michele Flournoy, Lisa Monaco and Jeh Johnson filled senior roles involving defense and homeland security; Susan Rice was ambassador to the United Nations and national security adviser.

Biden has signaled that he intends to take a relatively tough stance on China, for example. This will include continuing to address the pre-Covid basket of challenges the U.S. has with Beijing: claims of territoriality and construction of artificial islands in the South China Sea; trade and tariff imbalances; intellectual property theft; and shadowy conflicts in cybersecurity.

There will also be continuing pressure on various terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda, the so-called Islamic State, and Al Shabaab in East Africa. Likewise with economic and diplomatic pressure on the corrupt Nicolas Maduro regime in Venezuela. And the general idea of bringing home troops from “the forever wars” is likely, albeit at a more measured pace based on conditions on the ground.

(Nothing new from Trump)

There will, however, be a realignment within that budget to emphasize 21st-century tools of warfare: cybersecurity; unmanned vehicles (not just aerial drones, but also satellites, unmanned submarines and surface ships); Special Forces; hypersonic weapons; and artificial intelligence. This will come at the expense, probably, of troop levels and some number of very expensive large platforms (aircraft carriers and Army brigade combat teams). Modernization of the nation’s nuclear arsenal, begun under Obama, may be put on hold.


All in all the adventurism and war will continue…treaties may get a revival…..anything he tries to do will be a bone of contention in both the House and the Senate.

I do not see much progress there…however Biden will have the Executive Order he may use and make the GOP whine and cry like babies missing their breast feeding schedule.

American foreign policy has been a disaster for at least two decades….and I do not see much improvement overall for the next four years….

I will be taking a closer look at the teams he puts together….

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