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It is over……that is all but the legal wrangling but the Trump lawyers…..but everyone knows that Trump has lost and even some of his family want him to do the right thing and concede…it appears that FLOTUS and Jared are pushing the prez to give up the antics and accept the outcome….ofm course that stunted larva Eric and Don Jr are wanting to keep the gravy train rolling…..

Melania Trump may be urging her husband to concede the 2020 US presidential election—but his three eldest children are reportedly split on the matter. CNN and Politico report that while Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump’s husband, is also suggesting President Trump concede, Ivanka’s siblings Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump remain staunchly on their dad’s side. The brothers, sources say, are calling for Republicans to publicly reject the results of the election and challenge them in court, while FLOTUS and Kushner are among those “nudging” Trump to concede, perhaps without actually agreeing that he lost the election. “Virtually everyone in his inner circle, his closest advisers, including his family members, are fully aware that this is over,” ABC News’ chief White House correspondent said Sunday morning, noting there have been discussions that “include the first lady, about how to convince him to make something of a graceful exit.”

Politico points out that Melania Trump, said by biographers to be one of the people whose advice Trump most trusts, did tweet Sunday that “Every legal – not illegal – vote should be counted,” but sources say privately she is suggesting her husband figure out some sort of exit strategy. Trump campaign spokesperson Jason Miller pushed back against the stories on Twitter, claiming, “Given undetermined electoral outcomes in multiple states and serious voting irregularities and lack of transparency in others, Jared has advised @realDonaldTrump to pursue all available legal remedies to ensure accuracy.” Both CNN and Politico also run down how other Republicans are handling the issue, from those who publicly agree Trump should not concede (Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, and others) to those who are backing away from his claims of election fraud. And then, of course, there’s one person whose voice has been notably absent: “Where the hell is Mike Pence?” one senior campaign official reportedly texted Sunday.

Good question…where is Pence?  Is he hiding behind his wife’s skirt?

The legal antics will be fun to watch how they play out.

Even those Repubs that wear knee pads for Trump are playing this game… Lindsey……that spineless sot…..

There’s a whole lot more than the next four years riding on President Trump’s concession or lack thereof, according to Lindsey Graham. Speaking on Fox News on Sunday, the senator said, per the Hill: “If Republicans don’t challenge and change the US election system, there will never be another Republican president elected again. President Trump should not concede. We’re down to less—10,000 votes in Georgia. He’s going to win North Carolina. We have gone from 93,000 votes to less than 20,000 votes in Arizona, where more—more votes to be counted.” He went on to make specific allegations about what he termed “a lot of shenanigans,” including a vote-flipping Michigan computer system, backdated ballots, and ballots supposedly coming in from dead people in Pennsylvania.

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Biden Wins!

While the legal antics are still being played the results of the Electoral College has Joe Biden at 294…..Trump at 214

This gives Biden the presidency and may God have mercy on our souls.

And this is where I start analyzing his choices for his administration…..

As the title says…Biden wins…..and the peasants dance…..but what does that mean for this country?

Absolutely NOTHING!

Senate stays in the GOP column so Biden will not get to do anything monumental…..

Mitch McConnell, if he keeps the Senate majority, plans to prevent Joe Biden from stacking his Cabinet with liberals and force him to go with more centrist options, like Lael Brainard for Treasury or Tony Blinken for State,

A source close to McConnell tells me a Republican Senate would work with Biden on centrist nominees but no “radical progressives” or ones who are controversial with conservatives.

  • The Biden agenda would be severely restricted by GOP control, the source added: “It’s going to be armed camps.”

The big picture: This political reality could result in Biden having a more centrist Cabinet.

  • It also gives Biden a ready excuse to reject liberal candidates, like Sens. Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders.

What’s next: Biden may end up leaning more on Democratic senators in blue states, or ex-senators.

In the midst of a killer pandemic and mass unemployment, the Democrats could have offered the nation a universal health care plan, a moratorium on evictions and a guaranteed basic income. Instead, they believed that the key to victory over Trump was to meld neoliberal economics with a neoconservative foreign policy. I don’t know where they got this idea. Probably, the same place Obama got his health insurance plan, the Heritage Foundation.

I predicted after Biden became the candidate that if he won the election nothing “progressive” would ever see the light of day….and nothing has been done to change my mind.  All Biden’s “progressive” ideas are just a slogan to fool, the ignorant into believing something will change… with Obama in 2008…..nothing will change except the person who sits on the golden toilet in the White House.

At least the candidate I supported in the primaries offered up policies…the best Biden could ever do is offer vaguely worded proposals and the slogans….GOD the slogans!

I hope I am mistaken…..but I seriously doubt it.

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Joe Biden, President-Elect

Uncle Joe is our man!

I am thrilled that Trump will be out but less thrilled about a Biden/Harris administration…..why?

The Biden campaign preferred to court the exiled neocons who started the Iraq war, than Hispanics and progressives.

I will start with foreign policy since that is my thing…..I cannot believe that we are engaged in forever wars and yet not once was it a priority in this election…..the American Conservative took a look at the the foreign policy election that ignored foreign policy…..

The 2020 presidential campaigns have ignored foreign policy more this year than in any election since the turn of the century, but the 2020 election will have significant foreign policy consequences no matter the outcome. The neglect of foreign policy by the campaigns and the media has been a great disservice to the country, since the president wields such extensive power in this area. The choices that a president makes can have devastating effects on tens of millions of people in other countries, and they can sometimes impose huge costs on the United States.

By all rights, foreign policy should account for the majority of what presidential candidates talk about, because it is such a large part of what presidents do once in office, but the public’s lack of interest has created incentives for the candidates and journalists to pay it as little attention as possible. It is no wonder that we have no accountability in foreign policy when foreign policy plays such a small part in the process of selecting a president.

The Foreign Policy Election That Ignored Foreign Policy

This tells me that with a Biden presidency nothing will change….the wars will continue and the M-IC will have yet another president in its pocket.

Let’s look at the possibility of his foreign policy team….

Here’s a who’s who of Biden’s foreign policy advisers:

NOTHING will change on the endless war front…….

Joe Biden might be elected president next week. What would that mean for U.S. foreign policy? President Donald Trump’s failings are many and obvious. Unfortunately, Biden’s assumptions and plans, though different, are equally flawed.

Almost certainly there would be more pervasive intervention, ceaseless meddling, self-serving demands, economic sanctions, deadly drones, intermittent bombing, continuing occupation, and endless war. More lives and wealth wasted. More foreign societies ruined. More world problems created and seeds of future crises planted. Rather like the last two decades.

Biden has been in politics nearly a half century. Never has he evidenced a single thought that deviated much from the conventional wisdom on foreign (or domestic) policy. When he dissented from majority sentiments, it always was within hailing distance of the rest of what Ben Rhodes inelegantly termed “the Blob,” or foreign policy establishment.

President Joe Biden Plans a World of Endless Intervention and Probably War

More along these lines…..

“Let’s bring decency and integrity back to the White House.” I can’t count the number of times I have heard and read this phrase uttered by U.S. expats here in Paris, France. As one of many American expats living here, of course I share in the desire for an end to a Donald Trump presidency. But at what cost? And will a Biden presidency – which promises a return to “normalcy” – really merit the sigh of relief that so many think it will? Below I summarize some of the most troubling information I have uncovered about some of the most likely foreign policy picks for key positions in a Biden cabinet.

Biden: A War Cabinet?

Since I am a foreign policy geek and looking at Joe Biden I could see him doing anything but keeping the status quo and that is one reason I could not support him for president.

I wish I could be as optimistic as others about a Biden/Harris White House…they are Centrists that owe their political lives to big money….matters not the race, gender or anything else…a sell-out is a sell-out.

We were told that this election was all about “saving democracy” and in order to save democracy, the Democrats (DNC) had to rig their primaries for Biden.

This will not end well.

Be Smart!

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