Closing Thought–05Nov20

As we await the final tally for the 2020 election……there are a few things that need to be said…..and we wait.

A few thoughts about the election as of 05Nov20……

Dems have lost a block of Hispanic votes thanks to Biden…..a bloc that they have depended on for decades to help put them over the top….they have kissed that bloc good-bye……

Hispanic voters per early 2020 exit polls:


2016: Clinton +27
2020: Biden +8

2016: Clinton +40
2020: Biden +25

2016: Clinton +41
2020: Biden +24

The results from Starr County, Texas, the most Latino county in the United States (96% Latino) and the second poorest in Texas, with a poverty rate of 33%. In 2016, it went for Clinton by 60 percent. In 2020, Biden won it by only 5 percent, with >98% reporting.

Not to worry…the pundits are trying to spin the loss of Hispanic votes as something positive……it is NOT!

Here is a another thought for you……Trump, at 63,085,022 votes, has already amassed more votes than in 2016.

According to the early exit polls, Trump did better in 2020 with every race and gender except …. white men!

Change from 2016:

White Men -5
White Women +2
Black Men +4
Black Women +4
Latino Men +3
Latino Women +3
Other +5

So all the Black pundits were WRONG when they stated that Afro-Americans were breaking large for the Dem candidate….I questioned their analyses……

Think about those numbers carefully…..even those ethnic groups he demonizes voted for him…..what are the Dems missing?

Remember the Lincoln Project that the MSM was giving all that airtime to…..they were clever and made little to NO difference in the vote….

The Lincoln Project raised $67 million. Republican Voters Against Trump raised another $10 million. 93% of Republicans voted for Trump in 2020, up from 90% in 2016.

All the cash spent the Lincoln Project proved that there were NO “Biden Republicans”…..can we put these aging GOP strategists to bed now?

They made NO difference.

Time for the Dems to get their shit together….if it had not been for Covid then Trump would have laid waste to Joe Biden……I told my readers that he was not a strong candidate….he will bring nothing to DC.

Once again the Dems gave the voter a dud (as I have said all along)….they did so in 2016 and 2020 is NO different.

The Dems cannot blame the other candidates for their poor showing this time around…..The Democrats can’t blame the Greens this time, having gotten them kicked off the ballot in key states. Perhaps they’ll blame the Libertarians for not pulling enough votes from Trump.

Early in the primary season Biden told the young to vote for someone else if they did not like his policies…..and guess what…..they did just that.

I pity the Dem candidate in 2024 if a new message is not located… will be a massacre…..the DNC is a dinosaur that needs to change or die.  Dems need new leadership…..the old farts in there now have NO idea what to do in elections.

…..”the exit polls found that voters are far more concerned about policy issues than personality.”   Maybe that will drive the Dems to find their message if not then they will continue to lose voters.

Just a few of my closing thoughts on this day….more updates to follow if needed….

Let me reiterate….”Better Angels” my ass!

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Contested Elections–A History

As long as you await the final results and the announcement of who will be president in 2021…..why not learn something… a little history.  (I can hear the eyes rolling in the background)…..

This election will not be the only election where there was some contention on who the winner was……but it may be the silliest in history.

As states continue to count their ballots in the 2020 election, it seems possible that Democrats and Republicans will end up in court over whether President Trump will win a second term in the White House.

President Trump has said he’s going to contest the election results – going so far as to say that he believes the election will ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has a team of lawyers lined up for a legal battle.

Unprecedented changes in voting procedures due to the coronavirus pandemic have created openings for candidates to cry foul. Republicans argued earlier this year that extending deadlines to receive and count ballots will lead to confusion and fraud, while Democrats believe Republicans are actively working to disenfranchise voters.

Should either Trump or Biden refuse to concede, it wouldn’t be the first time turmoil and claims of fraud dominated the days and weeks after the elections.

The elections of 1876, 1888, 1960 and 2000 were among the most contentious in American history. In each case, the losing candidate and party dealt with the disputed results differently.

Like I said it never hurts to learn while you are wringing your hands waiting for the results to be finalized.

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Russia Is Doing It

While we wait for the final tally and a candidate is pronounced as the president-elect…….I thought I would give my readers a few posts to take their mind off their agonizing wait…..

For 4 years we have been told that Russia has been at the heart of the election hacking……day after day the MSM has pointed numerous fingers at Russia…..and with little actual evidence other than”we told you so”.

I am by far no fan of Putin…but that does not mean that he can be blamed for everything that goes wrong in this country…..usually problems of our own making…..

To illustrate how easy it is to blame Russia with little actual proof….

How do you call something “Russian disinformation” when you don’t have evidence it is? Let’s count the ways.

We don’t know a whole lot about how the New York Post story about Hunter Biden got into print. There are some reasons to think the material is genuine (including its cache of graphic photos and some apparent limited confirmation from people on the email chains), but in terms of sourcing, anything is possible. This material could have been hacked by any number of actors, and shopped for millions (as Time has reported), and all sorts of insidious characters – including notorious Russian partisans like Andrei Derkach – could have been behind it.

None of these details are known, however, which hasn’t stopped media companies from saying otherwise. Most major outlets began denouncing the story as foreign propaganda right away and haven’t stopped. A quick list of the creative methods seen lately of saying, “We don’t know, but we know!”:

And if you just want to blame someone you can always rent a Russian to vent your propaganda toward….by renting one (this is satire)

The election of 2020 is in the bag and whatever results that are tabulated then there will be blame for loss and the best thing to do is blame Russia.

And the count goes on…..

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2020 Election Update

The election is sucking all the energy out of the news cycle…..the media has finally able to justify their existence…..good for them.

Not much has changed from yesterday….other than Biden is inching closer to the magic number of 270 in Electoral votes…..

Joe Biden has flipped another one of the Blue Wall battleground states, putting him within reach of 270 Electoral College votes, The AP called the Michigan race for Biden early Wednesday evening. The Washington Post, CNN, Fox, and other outlets had already projected Biden as the winner, while the Trump campaign sued to halt counting in the state. The narrow win was the result of extremely high turnout in Detroit and its northern suburbs, where Hillary Clinton struggled to get out the vote in 2016, the New York Times reports. The AP says it called Michigan for Biden because he had a “70,000-vote lead on Wednesday evening, a margin over Trump of about 1.3 percentage points,” and the votes still to be counted were from overwhelmingly Democratic areas.

The AP now puts Biden, who won Wisconsin earlier Wednesday, on 264 Electoral College votes to 214 for Trump, meaning another win in any of the battleground states yet to be called could give Biden the presidency—including Nevada, which has six Electoral College votes and voted for Clinton in 2016. Trump tweeted Wednesday that his campaign has “claimed, for Electoral College purposes,” Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina. He added that “we hereby claim” Michigan if “there was a large number of secretly dumped ballots.” As with several other Trump tweets Wednesday, Twitter put the tweet behind a warning that it contains disputed and potentially misleading information.

Of course we all knew that the Trump enablers would try some sort of legal trick if they thought they were losing……and they did just that….

President Trump’s campaign says it has filed lawsuits trying to halt the vote counts in battlegrounds Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The Trump campaign’s lawsuit to temporarily stop the vote count in Pennsylvania claims there is a lack of “transparency.” Justin Clark, Trump’s deputy campaign manager, said in a statement Wednesday that the campaign is “suing to stop Democrat election officials from hiding the ballot counting and processing from our Republican poll observers.” He said the campaign wants “to temporarily halt counting until there is meaningful transparency and Republicans can ensure all counting is done above board and by the law.” Clark also said the campaign would seek to intervene in an ongoing Supreme Court case involving the deadline for receiving mail-in ballots.

These are the states that are too close to call….so far…..

Alaska—Trump leads: The Anchorage Daily News reports the long wait has just begun in the state, where at least 122,233 absentee and early votes won’t be tallied until the Nov. 10 to Nov. 18 period, per state law. That count will increase as ballots continue to arrive in the mail over the next few days. Per the paper, “If turnout finishes near what it was four years ago, the late-counted ballots may account for one in three of all votes cast this year.” As of noon, the AP reports 45% of the vote has been tallied, with Trump up 63% to 33%.

  • Georgia—Trump leads: The AP describes this one as still too close to call, with roughly 4% of ballots yet to be counted, including mailed ballots from two counties where Biden is ahead: metro Atlanta’s DeKalb County and Chatham County, which is home to Savannah. As of 11:30am it was 50.5% Trump to 48.3% Biden, with Trump ahead by roughly 100,000 votes. The Georgia secretary of state hopes to have results by the end of the day, per the Journal Constitution.
  • Nevada—Biden leads: It was neck and neck in the state as of early Wednesday morning, with 67% of votes in and Biden up by less than 8,000 votes. Per the Las Vegas Review-Journal, all in-person votes have been tallied; late-arriving mail and provisional ballots have not. The secretary of state’s office tweeted early Wednesday that the next update would come at 9am Thursday. The state indicated later Wednesday that more results could be released before then, reports the New York Times.
  • North Carolina—Trump leads: Trump is leading by 76,000 votes, but the AP reports there are still about 200,000 mail-in ballots left to count, and mail ballots postmarked by Nov. 3 don’t have to be counted until Nov. 12. Per the Charlotte Observer, “The final margin will come down to uncounted absentee votes and provisional ballots,” and as of Tuesday there were almost 137,000 absentee ballots outstanding, though some of those people could have voted in person or decided not to vote. Biden has taken two-thirds of the absentee vote already counted.
  • Pennsylvania—Trump leads: Trump has a 266,000-vote lead, down from 500,000 earlier Wednesday, and there are roughly 1.1 million votes left to be counted. Most of those are mail ballots, which have favored Biden. Per the Philadelphia Inquirer, “Most of those remaining ballots come from Philadelphia, its four suburban collar counties … and Allegheny County, home to Pittsburgh. … Those votes will strongly skew toward Biden.”

And the count goes on……

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