Biden’s Foreign Policy

We are now in the midst of the 2020 election….we have the two major candidates and a few on the fringes…….and soon we will be making our mark in the booth……

I have said that I am not a supporter of the Biden/Harris ticket….and NO that does not mean that I would EVER vote for Donald the Orange.

My biggest concern is the foreign policies of the candidates…..and as I promised I will take a look at the Biden policies….

To begin with….all the talk about ending wars…but is Biden a Dove or a Hawk?

Now that Joe Biden is the Democratic presidential nominee, pundits, foreign policy analysts, and campaign beat reporters will be spending time between now and Nov. 3 deciphering how a hypothetical President Biden views the world, as well as America’s place in it. As is usually the case during campaign season, this crucial storyline will be trivialized into two neat camps. His detractors will label the former vice president as a member of an establishment class that brought us such luminary disasters such as the Iraq War and the 19-year-long war in Afghanistan. Biden’s supporters will try to convince voters that an incoming Biden administration will be calm, thoughtful, and deliberative.

Let no one tell you otherwise: Biden is no dove. His record as a senator is eerily similar to a classic liberal internationalist.

I agree……Biden is a Hawk….regardless what he lies about…..misadventures will continue if he is elected….

With Joe Biden leading in the polls and Republicans in trouble in the Senate, progressives are hoping for the sort of political revolution that Lyndon Johnson’s 1964 landslide over Barry Goldwater delivered. Biden has raced left, abandoning many of the positions which gave him his moderate reputation. If victorious, the aging, oft befuddled candidate seems likely to reign rather than govern, allowing energetic left-wing activists to drive his agenda.

However, while the portside shift is pronounced on domestic issues, Biden has made few concessions on foreign policy. Although an advocate of lower troop levels in Afghanistan, he backed the Iraq War and showed no dissent to the Obama administration’s other Middle Eastern misadventures.

Other than denounce the vile Saudi regime and promise to re-engage Iran, he has given no indication that his foreign policy would look radically different in substance than that of President Donald Trump. Rather, the Democrat’s focus is style and image. Biden promises to be much nicer to America’s cheap-riding allies, which likely means increasing subsidies for, deployments to, and entanglements with prosperous, populous countries that prefer to rely on Washington than spend their own money on their own defense. For reasons obvious only to themselves, self-avowed progressives have adopted this for their agenda as well.

Imagine a President Joe Biden: What Would be a Progressive Foreign Policy?

As a Progressive I would like to see more emphasis on diplomacy and less on armed conflict to settle disputes…..I still do not see a Biden presidency a break with the warmongering of the past….and Harris is no better.

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3 thoughts on “Biden’s Foreign Policy

  1. It’s the same old problem before any election. A candidate can talk about any policy they might implement if they win. Then if they do win, they conveniently forget them.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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