Biden And Foreign Policy

I have made my feelings known during his campaign for the presidency……

Now that he has finally won the Electoral College and will be the next president I wanted to look at what will be his foreign policy approach.

I still stand with my analysis back in the days of the campaign…..he will be is typical Neocon and his policies will show this…..he will try to make some in roads with the treaty process but the intervention is NOT over.

While the 2020 election campaign understandably focused on domestic issues, Biden is a former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and reinforcing America’s geopolitical primacy will be high on his agenda.

He will bring a deeply experienced team of foreign and security policy advisers with him into government, many veterans of the Obama administration. Having worked alongside nearly all of them, I would say this might be the deepest initial bench any president has brought to the White House in the post-Vietnam era. Among them: Nicholas Burns, William Burns and Tony Blinken held top jobs at the State Department; Avril Haines and Michael Morell similarly helped guide the CIA; Michele Flournoy, Lisa Monaco and Jeh Johnson filled senior roles involving defense and homeland security; Susan Rice was ambassador to the United Nations and national security adviser.

Biden has signaled that he intends to take a relatively tough stance on China, for example. This will include continuing to address the pre-Covid basket of challenges the U.S. has with Beijing: claims of territoriality and construction of artificial islands in the South China Sea; trade and tariff imbalances; intellectual property theft; and shadowy conflicts in cybersecurity.

There will also be continuing pressure on various terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda, the so-called Islamic State, and Al Shabaab in East Africa. Likewise with economic and diplomatic pressure on the corrupt Nicolas Maduro regime in Venezuela. And the general idea of bringing home troops from “the forever wars” is likely, albeit at a more measured pace based on conditions on the ground.

(Nothing new from Trump)

There will, however, be a realignment within that budget to emphasize 21st-century tools of warfare: cybersecurity; unmanned vehicles (not just aerial drones, but also satellites, unmanned submarines and surface ships); Special Forces; hypersonic weapons; and artificial intelligence. This will come at the expense, probably, of troop levels and some number of very expensive large platforms (aircraft carriers and Army brigade combat teams). Modernization of the nation’s nuclear arsenal, begun under Obama, may be put on hold.


All in all the adventurism and war will continue…treaties may get a revival…..anything he tries to do will be a bone of contention in both the House and the Senate.

I do not see much progress there…however Biden will have the Executive Order he may use and make the GOP whine and cry like babies missing their breast feeding schedule.

American foreign policy has been a disaster for at least two decades….and I do not see much improvement overall for the next four years….

I will be taking a closer look at the teams he puts together….

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