Closing Thought–05Nov20

As we await the final tally for the 2020 election……there are a few things that need to be said…..and we wait.

A few thoughts about the election as of 05Nov20……

Dems have lost a block of Hispanic votes thanks to Biden…..a bloc that they have depended on for decades to help put them over the top….they have kissed that bloc good-bye……

Hispanic voters per early 2020 exit polls:


2016: Clinton +27
2020: Biden +8

2016: Clinton +40
2020: Biden +25

2016: Clinton +41
2020: Biden +24

The results from Starr County, Texas, the most Latino county in the United States (96% Latino) and the second poorest in Texas, with a poverty rate of 33%. In 2016, it went for Clinton by 60 percent. In 2020, Biden won it by only 5 percent, with >98% reporting.

Not to worry…the pundits are trying to spin the loss of Hispanic votes as something positive……it is NOT!

Here is a another thought for you……Trump, at 63,085,022 votes, has already amassed more votes than in 2016.

According to the early exit polls, Trump did better in 2020 with every race and gender except …. white men!

Change from 2016:

White Men -5
White Women +2
Black Men +4
Black Women +4
Latino Men +3
Latino Women +3
Other +5

So all the Black pundits were WRONG when they stated that Afro-Americans were breaking large for the Dem candidate….I questioned their analyses……

Think about those numbers carefully…..even those ethnic groups he demonizes voted for him…..what are the Dems missing?

Remember the Lincoln Project that the MSM was giving all that airtime to…..they were clever and made little to NO difference in the vote….

The Lincoln Project raised $67 million. Republican Voters Against Trump raised another $10 million. 93% of Republicans voted for Trump in 2020, up from 90% in 2016.

All the cash spent the Lincoln Project proved that there were NO “Biden Republicans”…..can we put these aging GOP strategists to bed now?

They made NO difference.

Time for the Dems to get their shit together….if it had not been for Covid then Trump would have laid waste to Joe Biden……I told my readers that he was not a strong candidate….he will bring nothing to DC.

Once again the Dems gave the voter a dud (as I have said all along)….they did so in 2016 and 2020 is NO different.

The Dems cannot blame the other candidates for their poor showing this time around…..The Democrats can’t blame the Greens this time, having gotten them kicked off the ballot in key states. Perhaps they’ll blame the Libertarians for not pulling enough votes from Trump.

Early in the primary season Biden told the young to vote for someone else if they did not like his policies…..and guess what…..they did just that.

I pity the Dem candidate in 2024 if a new message is not located… will be a massacre…..the DNC is a dinosaur that needs to change or die.  Dems need new leadership…..the old farts in there now have NO idea what to do in elections.

…..”the exit polls found that voters are far more concerned about policy issues than personality.”   Maybe that will drive the Dems to find their message if not then they will continue to lose voters.

Just a few of my closing thoughts on this day….more updates to follow if needed….

Let me reiterate….”Better Angels” my ass!

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8 thoughts on “Closing Thought–05Nov20

  1. If Biden hangs on to win, it will not be because people wanted him to be their president. It will only be because they no longer wanted Trump. The Democrats need to find another younger person who can connect with all age groups. JFK springs to mind.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I’m done in the sense that the Democrats will never receive another vote from me. I would rather fight and lose according to principles from now on than support a party that can’t get their message across, and pisses all over a large group of Progressive voters every time in the pointless attempt to convert a few republiKKKan Nazis.

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