Russia Is Doing It

While we wait for the final tally and a candidate is pronounced as the president-elect…….I thought I would give my readers a few posts to take their mind off their agonizing wait…..

For 4 years we have been told that Russia has been at the heart of the election hacking……day after day the MSM has pointed numerous fingers at Russia…..and with little actual evidence other than”we told you so”.

I am by far no fan of Putin…but that does not mean that he can be blamed for everything that goes wrong in this country…..usually problems of our own making…..

To illustrate how easy it is to blame Russia with little actual proof….

How do you call something “Russian disinformation” when you don’t have evidence it is? Let’s count the ways.

We don’t know a whole lot about how the New York Post story about Hunter Biden got into print. There are some reasons to think the material is genuine (including its cache of graphic photos and some apparent limited confirmation from people on the email chains), but in terms of sourcing, anything is possible. This material could have been hacked by any number of actors, and shopped for millions (as Time has reported), and all sorts of insidious characters – including notorious Russian partisans like Andrei Derkach – could have been behind it.

None of these details are known, however, which hasn’t stopped media companies from saying otherwise. Most major outlets began denouncing the story as foreign propaganda right away and haven’t stopped. A quick list of the creative methods seen lately of saying, “We don’t know, but we know!”:

And if you just want to blame someone you can always rent a Russian to vent your propaganda toward….by renting one (this is satire)

The election of 2020 is in the bag and whatever results that are tabulated then there will be blame for loss and the best thing to do is blame Russia.

And the count goes on…..

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

4 thoughts on “Russia Is Doing It

  1. If Trump wins, they blame Russia for helping him? Who does he blame if he loses?
    The BBC is saying Biden will have enough to win, but then legal action will drag out recounts for weeks. I don’t know what to believe at the moment. Whatever the outcome, almost half of the voters still wanted Trump for four more years. That is terrible news for America.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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