8 Million And Counting

Sorry to be a downer but the US has hit a milestone…..the first nation to come to 8 million cases of Covid-19.

Not something to be proud of and definitely nothing something that should be lied about….and yet our leaders seem to do just that.

The count keeps rising and rising….and some keep ignoring and lying…..we have past the 8 million cases….and are approaching 219,000 dead…..

Less than a month after the total number of coronvirus cases reached 7 million, the US has hit the next major milestone. The nation is now the only one in the world to have 8 million reported cases, USA Today reports. That’s out of 38.9 million world cases, per Johns Hopkins‘ count. The global death toll is almost 1.1 million, while the US has counted 217,000 deaths. Researchers have said actual US total surely is higher than 8 million, per CNN, because testing capacity was low early in the pandemic.

Especially worrisome to experts is the recent jump in US daily infections, which are up 55% in a bit over a month. The one-week average of new daily cases now tops 53,000, per Johns Hopkins. Seven states had a record number of hospitalizations Thursday for COVID-19: Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin. And 14 set records for seven-day averages of new daily cases. The Covid Tracking Project lists the nation’s average test-positivity rate over a week at higher than 5%. “The virus is now winning,” said New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

There are few words to describe this nation’s response to a pandemic….

Plus the toll will not stop anywhere near the current level….

As the Trump administration ignores the pleas of its own health experts and embraces a “herd immunity” strategy that scientists have condemned as fringe and dangerous, researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine are predicting an 80% spike in U.S. coronavirus deaths by February as cases continue to rise across the nation.

A model designed by experts at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation forecasts that the U.S. coronavirus death toll will soar from around 217,000 at present to 389,087 fatalities by February 1.

Under the model’s best-case scenario—in which all Americans adhere to mask guidelines—the U.S. death toll is predicted to rise to 314,000 by the beginning of February. If mask-wearing requirements are eased, the model predicts total U.S. deaths from the pandemic could rise to 477,000.

( CommonDreams)

One final thought on Donald the Orange’s embracing of the “herd immunity”….

“Instead of selling false hope that will predictably backfire, we must focus on how to manage this pandemic in a safe, responsible, and equitable way,” it reads.


Be Smart!

Be Well…..Be Safe….

I Read, I Write, You Know

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4 thoughts on “8 Million And Counting

  1. Yet the Internet is still full of ‘experts’ asserting that it is just ‘Flu’, and there is no genuine pandemic. Perhaps if some of their relatives die from it, they might begin to understand.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Trump should have to die a separate death for all those he has caused to balance out the cosmic justice scales ⚖️

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