Black People Is The Riots!

We have had yet another police shooting a black man and this time shot in the back numerous times.

Of course there have been protests and destruction…..and the conversation is still not being had……why is that?

I am sure that you have either had this conversation or heard someone else stating that it is those “Blacks” that are doing all the rioting….in essence it is all their fault.

I mean to some white people are so weak willed that they need Blacks to tell them when to riot…..which is total crap!

Let me say here…..these are protests not riots….only a racist would call them so…..

An honest review of the facts should compel a rational thinker to redirect his or her disgust—away from racist conclusions, and toward the outrageous indecencies that a well-to-do society forces on its less fortunate members.

It’s easy for lazy thinkers to gloss over the deep-seated reasons for the anger and violence of downtrodden people. Recent lootings of upscale shops on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile brought out waves of disgust for the ‘thugs’ who were said to care little for human values.

But an honest review of the facts should compel a rational thinker to redirect his or her disgust—away from racist conclusions, and toward the outrageous indecencies that a well-to-do society forces on its less fortunate members.

 1. For Every $100.00 in Median White Wealth, Black People Have $8.70

In 1968, it was $9.43. It keeps getting worse for beaten-down Americans. In the past twenty years, median income for Black households has dropped 5 percent while increasing 6 percent for White households. This year the Black and Latino communities have suffered the greatest effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Because of their job losses and lack of savings and inability to maintain rent payments, they will be taking the brunt of a growing housing crisis, especially in the big cities, where rent for Millennials is already over two-thirds of their incomes. Black and Latino households are also more like to face food insufficiencies. Yet the Trump administration recently considered cuts to the food stamp program.

“Lazy Thinkers”….I like the description……it is much more polite than what I will call them….

I know that there are things conspiring to prevent the protests from making the evening news…..but do not fear they are still raging….just not important enough for the media to break out into coverage.

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24 thoughts on “Black People Is The Riots!

  1. I saw one of the ‘rioters’ being interviewd on the BBC. They asked him why he thought it was okay to detsoy buildings and burn cars, costing millions of dollars. He replied, “They are just things. There is no price on the life of a man, whether he is black or not”. There is a lot of rage and anger over there, and it isn’t going away.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. How can you say they are not rioters? The man refused to cooperate with the police, he went to his car, reached in – what would you do?
    They didn’t protest, they destroyed a car dealership, burnt a furniture store down – what did that family do to anyone? Just because people are part of a minority does not give them the right to break the law and then scream Injustice.

    1. They are protesters…..because you do not like their politics does not make them wrong…and it does not give the right to murder who they like….I am not saying they are all angels just some of this is an exception…..chuq

      1. I am actually trying to understand. What exactly do they want? I am around Blacks every day and do not see what prejudice. Perhaps it is because I am around Blacks who worked hard to get where they’re at, just like you and me.
        But the rioters, are they saying they can do what they want – defy the police, rob who they want and burn down someone’s business they worked hard to build – yet no recourse?
        Lebron James says he wants change. The only change that can happen to him is giving up his millions.

      2. I believe they want real accountability and not some whitewash system that allows murder….and no one seems to be talking about the white guy that was shooting and killing protesters…..and I think that is the root of the problem. chuq

      3. Rooting is against the law. That’s a big problem – do they feel free to break the law and see NO consequences?

      4. If I can figure out that you meant “looting” when you wrote “rooting” then you should be able to figure out that I was talking about breaking the law. Murder is against the law even if it is a black person. In case you are not sure not all protesters are black and not all are looting….just like all cops are not bad….but it is easier to lump all together when you want to disagree. chuq

      5. And now they discover Blake was going to the car for his knife and his mother has apologized for all that’s going on. The protesters hung their hat on a loser!

      6. And all those cops not one knows how to handle a person other than shooting him in the back. And have no one mentioned the white guy killing people…oh sorry he is white. chuq

      7. The police were called there because of him, then he fights them, resists anything they said, walks away still refusing to comply – just who the hell did Blake think he was? People like you give him the power to defy the law. Without law, we slip back into uncivilized barbarians.

      8. BS! NO one deserve to be shot in the back that many times,,,,it was cowardice. And the police are allowed to do as they see fit damn the law…we are already there you just refuse to see it. chuq

      9. Blame is all you know….not once have you tried to see what the problem is…..but I expect that have a ducky weekend chuq

      10. I have asked, in fact that’s how I started this discussion. But what have you given me except you are right and I’m wrong?

      11. You asked me what they want, the protesters, and I gave you what I think it is all about…but you stated that the blacks at work are hard workers and up standing people…maybe ask them….I am not right but at least I try to see beyond the race thing. chuq

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