Managing Civil Unrest


We won’t go!  (those were the days)

These days of yore…have many protests for various topics…racism, environment, education, police brutality….on and on…..and even an antiwar protest from time to time….

Personally I think that this president is handling it all horribly……but there has been social unrest that had to be dealt with by almost every presidential tenure…….starting with our very first president…..the deified George Washington.

But let’s look at the handling of these types of unrest through our history……

The current civil unrest in this country involves violent Marxist and left-wing rioters assaulting and sometimes killing police, vandalizing businesses, defacing and destroying statues and places of worship, threatening and harming innocent citizens, and paralyzing cities like Chicago, Portland, and Seattle, while far-left mayors, governors, and district attorneys do nothing but watch (and sometimes applaud), and place ludicrous restrictions on law enforcement’s ability to restore order. The forces of political rebellion — that, and not the murder of George Floyd, is at the heart of the unrest — seek to overthrow America’s capitalist democratic republic and replace it with their vision of a Marxist/socialist paradise.

Violent civil unrest and political rebellion are not unprecedented in the United States. In 1794, citizens in western Pennsylvania engaged in widespread violence to protest the imposition of taxes on whiskey. But as James Thomas Flexner noted in Washington: The Indispensable Man, the protest against the whiskey tax swiftly transformed into “active class warfare.” The western Pennsylvania frontiersmen targeted the wealthier inhabitants who operated commercial stills and could afford to pay the tax. “An insurrection developed,” Flexner explained, “the still of any man who paid the tax was wrecked, government representatives were seared with hot irons, mail bags were taken at gunpoint and citizens persecuted . . .”

Government ceased to function in western Pennsylvania and the rebels formed “Democratic Societies” that encouraged like-minded citizens to join the rebellion. “There was talk,” Flexner wrote, “of establishing a separate trans-Alleghenian nation, or of marching on Philadelphia to force on the federal government measures dictated by the frontier.”

Most civil unrest was handled without the massive responses…..but apparently those days are gone…..but are they gone forever?

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2 thoughts on “Managing Civil Unrest

  1. Your country has to stop Trump using his ‘mercenaries’ to supposedly enforce law andd order. It is a slippery slope, leading to a new Gestapo. I think America is actually in need of some kind of secession, where the anti-Trump states just secede from his control, and declare him unfit to govern.
    (Just don’t call it a ‘Confederacy’)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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