Saturday’s News No One Can Use

“Meet George Jetson

His boy Elroy

Daughter Judy

Jane his wife”

The opening tune of the animated series from the 60s……but days of “The Jetsons” may not be as far away as one might think.

One state had entered into the 21st century…New Hampshire…

The famously libertarian state of New Hampshire just passed a law that’ll allow flying cars to drive on its roads — once you’re actually able to buy one, that is.

“There was nothing on the books that would have allowed this type of vehicle on the road,” state representative Sherman Packard, a sponsor of the bill, told NHPR. “To allow them to even exist in New Hampshire we had to pass this type of legislation.”

Ancient Aliens seems to be all the rage…you know those silly people that believe that aliens actually built the Egyptian pyramids….now he has been set straight…..

After Elon Musk tweeted last week that “Aliens built the pyramids obv,” Egypt has officially set him straight. “I follow your work with a lot of admiration. I invite you & Space X to explore the writings about how the pyramids were built and also to check out the tombs of the pyramid builders. Mr. Musk, we are waiting for you,” tweeted Egypt’s Minister of International Co-operation at the Tesla founder. An Egyptian archaeologist also called the alien conspiracy theory a “complete hallucination.” But as the BBC and USA Today note, it’s not clear how serious Musk was being; he later tweeted a link to a BBC article about how the pyramids were actually built and mentioned them being built by humans.

How long have people been looking for that mystical city of Atlantis?  Is it in Bimini?  Under the Bermuda Triangle?  Is it Thera?

I know I know….who cares?

I needed a lead for my section…..

Atlantis is one of those words, those places, that’s truly a figure to conjure with, a mix of ancient legend and steam-punk possibilities, a sort of tabula rasa for whatever you’d hope humanity to be. The stories get told and reshaped, depending on the times in which they’re rediscovered and reshaped — Donovan sold a lot of copies of “Atlantis” back in 1969 with his special take on the beautiful, and now lost, island civilization. (It was quite groovy. Also repetitive.)

We have the Ancient Greek philosopher (he wasn’t ancient; to be clear, he was a philosopher of Ancient Greece) Plato to thank for Atlantis. Back around the Fourth Century BCE, Plato wrote one of his dialogues which included a long discourse about the really true story of Atlantis which, as the Ancient History Encyclopedia quotes, fell victim to “excessively violent earthquakes and floods” and sank beneath the waves, as sometimes happens to islands.

For those that are having problems with lions there is an answer……

Lions are less likely to attack your cattle if you put eyes on their butts.

The predation of livestock by carnivores, and the retaliatory killing of carnivores as a result, is a major global conservation challenge. Such human-wildlife conflicts are a key driver of large carnivore declines and the costs of coexistence are often disproportionately borne by rural communities in the global south.

While current approaches tend to focus on separating livestock from wild carnivores, for instance through fencing or lethal control, this is not always possible or desirable. Alternative and effective non-lethal tools that protect both large carnivores and livelihoods are urgently needed.

In a new study we describe how painting eyes on the backsides of livestock can protect them from attack.

Finally……do not chase a wild boar while naked!

A German nudist had the last laugh after giving chase to a wild boar that had run off with a bag containing his laptop.

Pictures posted on social media show the naked man running after a sow and her two piglets to the mirth of fellow bathers at Berlin’s Teufelssee, or Devil’s Lake.

Finally, People died while testing a new guacamole making machine…..

A food processing machine that was being tested for preparing guacamole exploded this week at an upstate New York test site, killing a former mayor and injuring two others, per NBC New York. The blast happened just after 7am Wednesday at Innovative Test Solutions in Schenectady, with Don Mareno, the assistant chief of the city’s fire department, telling the Times Union that the machine involved was a “high-pressure vessel.” Joseph Kapp, 67, who was once the mayor of nearby Rensselaer, died at a local hospital after the explosion. Two other people were hospitalized, apparently with non-life-threatening injuries, Mareno says.

There you have it….the most worthless news for this Saturday.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

3 thoughts on “Saturday’s News No One Can Use

  1. Dying for guacamole is not much of an epitaph, that’s for sure.
    As for flying cars, I once imagined I would have been ‘driving’ one of those by the time I was 25, in 1977.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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