Confronting Tribalism

I have written about the US version of tribalism in the past……read for yourself……

I have recently read a paper written by a service person about the way to confront tribalism in the near future……a “what if” if you will……

The article is written from the point of view of the United States in 2035 towards New Tribalism adherent groups imposing dangerous cultures on others.

Culture overrides ideological, political, or economic distinctions among peoples, driving global conflict in 2035[1]. While tremors of conventional conflict occur along fault lines between civilizations, localized conflicts erupt within civilizations as ethnicities and tribes seek to impose their ways of life upon others[2]. Governments struggle to meet societies’ demands for political and economic stability, leading them to turn inward and adopt protectionist policies, which erodes international coalitions that historically managed localized conflicts through small wars[3]. Cultural conflicts and weak multilateral cooperation accelerate the transition of predominant terrorism ideologies from a religious wave (1979 – late 2020s) to a wave known as New Tribalism, characterized by terrorist groups promulgating violent cultures based on ethnic, racial, or tribal mysticism[4]. Children are the vanguard of New Tribalism; child soldiers and child brides are cultural norms[5]. Rape and ethnic cleansing are integral in establishing a new human race[6]. New Tribalism thus “disrupts traditional cultures [by violating] even the most traditional elements of a society” by imposing its apocalyptic vision of how society should function[7]. In 2035, the U.S. faces the wicked problem of combating dangerous cultures of New Tribalism adherents before they topple governments, beget genocide, prompt mass migrations, and trigger regional instability.

Tribalism is a voting option in the US……as long as we have the mentality of “us against them”….we will never find the unity that we as a nation desperately needs.

My thoughts on this political movement…..

I know a ‘what if’ is just conjecture……but this problem is already making problems for the nation and left unchecked it will eventually destroy this experiment began by the Founders.

What point do we as Americans allow this destruction to go on?

Any thoughts abut the world to come?

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3 thoughts on “Confronting Tribalism

  1. I don’t really see that many fundamental changes in the future until the sea rises significantly, and fresh water starts to run out. As for political life, I suspect it will become more polarised, and more extreme at each end of the spectrum. Not unlike the Europe of the 1930s.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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