The Country Of The Five Tribes

In a few days you go to the polls and vote…..and how will you vote…..why do you vote as you do?  Of course those are rhetorical questions so don’t get too excited…..

I am just trying to be a little FYI and to make my readers think before they use their vote…..

There are many Americans that have witnessed the descent of American politics into tribalism…..a political “us against them”…..

“Every difference of opinion,” Thomas Jefferson warned in his first inaugural address, “is not a difference of principle.” Speaking to his countrymen after an election every bit as bitter as the one that put Donald J. Trump in the White House, Jefferson was trying to soothe the reigning animosity between the nation’s two dominant political parties. “We are all Republicans,” he added. “We are all Federalists.”

Not anymore. In 21st century America, any notion that election results end the argument, however temporarily, is an anachronism. So, too, is the conceit that a nation this large and diverse is divided neatly along “50-50” lines, with half of America’s 253 million adults supporting Democrats, and the other half backing Republicans.

Today, slightly more than one-fourth of registered voters in the United States have political views and social attitudes placing them in the camp of the “Resistance” — to President Trump and the Trump-era Republican Party.

I guess I would be either “The Resistance” or “Independent Blues”……just depends when in life you ask……

Please do your research on the issues and vote your beliefs….above all….VOTE!

36 thoughts on “The Country Of The Five Tribes

  1. It might be time to put aside those parties like The Greens, and make a protest vote against Trump by voting for the candidate most likely to beat any Republican they are up against.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I guess casting votes is fine if you can get past all the voter suppression tactics. I voted a straight democrat ticket this time around, firstly because I am sick and tired of people telling me how “Stuck” I am on One Party and secondly because I know that my vote means absolutely nothing and will probably end up in a box stuck under somebody’s desk somewhere and won’t ever get counted … been there, done that. What America needs is a voting system where absolutely every qualified voter can be assured they can vote and that their votes will definitely count — and don’t tell me of anyone who has not had similar experiences because people like that are in the minority.

      1. The entire governmental set up is a broadway production. The real power lies in certain un-named government agencies once charged with the security of the country — I think they took control in 1964 and ever since then ever sitting president has been pre-selected for victory and the entire machinery has been manipulated to consolidate that control among those agencies. The voting and the campaigning and all that kind of stuff are just stage productions to make the rabble sleep securely.

      2. I disagree with you that the winners have been preselected. Absolutely none of the power brokers of the Republican Party wanted Trump. The powers of the republicans hated Trump, until he got the party nomination. Then they fell in behind him.

        Same with Obama. No powers in the Democratic Party wanted him in 2008.

        Same with Jimmy Carter.

        I could go on.

      3. It doesn’t matter what the “Powers” of the parties want or do not want … The “Powers” of the Parties have long since been stripped and any “Power” they appear to retain is an illusion to keep the masses pacified.

      4. Stripped away by the organization that seized control of the government sometime in 1964 or shortly thereafter.

  3. I voted early. I’ve been voting many years and never have I felt more urgency or commitment to exercise my right. The country is galvanized and so, however this election goes, we will at least know where we the people stand. I’m hoping for a blue wave but the polls tell me it’s going to be razor thin.

  4. Polls I have seen recently show about 75 per cent of Americans agree with Trump on immigration and racial issues. Left wing is way out of step with the rest of ghe country. The main stream press fall into the twenty five per cent minority

    1. 75%? I kinda find that hard to believe…..but anything is possible…..I agree that immigration needs attention but MSM is a propaganda tool….chuq

      1. You may have noticed that trump and the republicans are not campaigning on protecting preexisting conditions. Even here in Georgia the republicans candidates main commercials now endorse that policy. They republicans read the polls and follow where they lead.

      2. Most of the ads are lies…they have been voting over and over and over to kill O’care and one of the main things was preexisting conditions…..they are conning the voter…period….chuq

      3. I agree. That was my point. Up until the last two weeks their whole policy was to repeal the preexisting conditions part of the law. Now as election is near and the polls are against them they change their ads and their positions.

  5. Votes are a sham — The “Powers That Be” are not the “Real” powers that control things, the “People” have been fooled, The “Media” supports the lies and illusions that make people think they still matter or have a voice — No amount of talking or writing is going to change anything — Indifference and apathy have brought this about — We have had it too good for too long a time — we have become complacent — we are not going to pay a price for that complacency — Nothing is as it seems — Nobody can be trusted — Nothing can be believed. Get used to it!

      1. You have nothing to strike out with except your voice because the vote is meaningless. And who in the halls of power hears the cries of us ordinary citizens anymore? Do the elected officials listen to the voice of the People or do they believe that once they are in office, it is their voice that counts? And even if they were to speak out on behalf of the People, do you not believe that the real powers that be would shut them up in due order or cover them over with barrages of bought and paid for media propaganda? The only voice we have these days is the one we speak into the wind and that reverberates back to our own ears and accomplishes absolutely nothing — unless it is at a local level where the decisions made only affect the select few who live in the jurisdiction where the discussions are being held. You are a Professor; an Academic and you do not know these things?

      2. Where would this country have been 200+ years ago if we took those words to heart… would be feasting on Haggis and Yorkshire Pudding…..either of which are edible……..chuq

      3. What matters is NOT where this country was 200 years ago. What matters is where this country is RIGHT NOW. And you CAN take these words to heart because they are true and you know they are true.

      4. I am glad that you know what I believe to be true…..sorry but I believe that the country overcame the total BS 200 years ago and it can do the same today….chuq

      5. The five groups is pretty accurate after all that is what the articled was all about…..types of American voters……chuq

      6. If the citizens attempted a revolution today they would be decimated by massive resistance that they could not hope to match.

      7. True now that our police force is just a branch of the military in their tactics……so roll over and play dead is not the answer….chuq

      8. But not difficult for those of us who live in our own little sheltered cocoons, isolated from all reality, right?

      9. WE all make cocoons (that is a funny word) for ourselves…I guess it depends where your mind is on any given day. chuq

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