Biden’s Foreign Policy

It is little secret that I am a foreign policy voter…..I spent many years working in government then teaching and later writing and being an activist.

I have looked at Trump’s foreign policy…..some of it I could support but not when it changes by the day……here is what I wrote at Donald the Orange foreign policy……

Now I need to look at what Biden’s approach would be if elected…..

This look is through the eyes of RealClearPolitics……

The 2020 presidential election is less than five months away. While the news cycle is still dominated by the pandemic and the economic consequences of the lockdown, the public needs to learn more about what is at stake for U.S. foreign policy in the upcoming contest. The Trump administration has taken some high-profile and controversial positions in world affairs. Now the electorate deserves to know where the presumptive Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, stands on these matters. To date, no clear Democratic foreign policy platform has emerged. To make an informed choice in November, it is important for the public to gain insight into Biden’s estimation of world affairs and his plans for the future of American foreign policy.

A list of questions may help the candidate decide whether and how he intends to differentiate himself from President Trump. It is insufficient for candidate Biden simply to repeat that he used to be vice president and therefore has experience. He should instead tell us what he will do with that experience if he wins in November. Will he change our foreign policy? How?

First and most importantly, we need to know how candidate Biden views China. Even before the pandemic, critical views on China were spreading — a reaction against China’s mistreatment of American firms, its military ambitions in the Pacific, and its human rights abuses domestically. Will Biden take steps to defend the autonomy of Hong Kong? What is his red line there? Would a Biden administration continue or reverse the Trump efforts to block the expansion of Chinese technology firm Huawei into sensitive security networks?

Biden is no progressive….he is a shadow Neocon and our foreign policy will change little from what it is now and what it was under the Obama control.

In other words….endless wars and wasted money on them.

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7 thoughts on “Biden’s Foreign Policy

  1. Claiming experience as VP doesn’t impress me at all. I cannot recall a single thing of note he did while he was in that job, living in Obama’s shadow. If anything, I believe that goes against him as far as voters are concerned.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. To be honest this is such an amazing blog. I just love reading everything that you write. This is such an amazing blog, actually, everything you write comes out so amazing. Keep posting more.

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