What Is Happening To The GOP?

This GOP is not the party that my grandfather supporter back in the 50s…..since the mid 60s it has been moving further and further away from the policies it supported back in the day.

But has Trump done anything to make the GOP a stronger party?

I say no….the reason is just watch the party nowadays….they do not seem to jump to defend the president…..only a few sycophants.

Politico reporter Jake Sherman explained in a PBS “Washington Week” discussion that it has become clear Republicans aren’t defending Trump anymore.

“Republicans have just basically decided, as we put it in Playbook, almost to just pat him on the head – Pres. Trump that is – and move on with their day. They’re no longer really twisting themselves in pretzels to defend him,” Sherman said Sunday.

Instead, they’re replying to reporters asking questions with, “we didn’t really see that” or claiming they need more information. While they still haven’t moved to be brave enough to criticize Trump, refusing to defend him is a huge step for Republicans who protected the president from a legitimate impeachment investigation.


First I would not get too excited at this lack of defense….some of those are facing stiff elections and will do what they can to look as if they are showing some spine….they will slip back if they win.

Second there is another worrying situation within the GOP….those ultra far right candidates….

Openly fascistic candidates are gaining ground within the Republican Party, which is moving ever further to the right even as the working class and large sections of the middle class move to the left, as expressed in the demonstrations against the police murder of George Floyd.

In Georgia’s Republican primary election June 9, a supporter of the QAnon conspiracy campaign was the leading candidate for the party’s nomination in the 14th Congressional District, a seat held by Republican Tom Graves, who stepped down after five terms in office. The district, which comprises the northwest corner of Georgia, along the Alabama and Tennessee borders, is considered a safe Republican seat.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, co-owner of a local construction company, won 41 percent of the vote, more than double the vote of her closest competitor, John Cowan, a neurosurgeon and businessman. Greene is heavily favored to win the August 11 runoff election.


Like I said…..worrying situation for a once proud party that is sinking into the muck and mire of far right politics.

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12 thoughts on “What Is Happening To The GOP?

  1. I never actually think of Trump as representing the Republican Party in any form. He is a one-man band, the only member of his own fantasy party.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Media analysts keep saying that the GOP will come around…I do not agree…they have not at this point why change? chuq

  2. Speaking as a former Republican who bolted before Obama ran, it will take a hell of a lot of internal reform in the GOP before I can forgive then such things as the tax reform and anti-ACA crusades. I think the party that turned Benghazi into a multi-layered joke and continues to treat the most decent man to hold the presidency in recent years to endless abuse, lies, and scorn has a lot to apologize for, behavior that I personally find tedious and unforgivable. What about the Gorsuch appointment and how that came about? And McConnell and his obstructionism? I currently am registered as an independent because neither party fits, yet it looks like I will be voting close to a straight Democratic party line for the foreseeable future. Power corrupts, and the Republicans have a black rot of the soul that can be helped best by extinction.

    1. Black rot on their soul….good analogy…..if the GOP would return to the platform of 1956 then I might consider them as my party. chuq

  3. It has been sickening to watch the Republican Party kowtow to Trump’s psychopathy. There has literally been ONE Republican to stand up to Trump since John McCain died. Mitt Romney–and he met with Trump about a possible place in his cabinet early on. Murkowsky has offered token resistance, but crumbles when the heat is on.
    Though I am surprised by the 99.9% capitulation, I am not surprised that the crux of the party would move in this direction. The Republican Party has danced with subtle and not so subtle racism since Nixon. Now racism has raped and plundered them; it has destroyed them. You reap what you sow.

  4. Your blogs are my new addiction. I love reading all your blogs, they are super informational and the way you put forward your point of view is amazing and inspirational. Keep posting more.

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