75,000–Thank You

Closing Thought–17Jun20

Back in September 2011 I got my 5,000th comment and I was so pleased I even wrote a special thank you to all my readers and commenters…..https://lobotero.com/2010/09/10/a-special-thank-you/

Well 9 years later and I want to send another “special thank you” to my readers and comments…We have gone over 75,000 comments together….granted I am not breaking records here but those that comment are cherished and much appreciated.

I am so pleased with those that choose to comment on my many posts….I have many new commenters and I am supremely thankful for all of them….and I have also lost a few regulars along the way….some have stopped blogging for various reasons and others have decided to stop visiting for I am an opinionated SOB and some did not like the comments they got for me. For that I am sorry….but like I tell many I follow the advice my grandfather gave me many years ago…”If you smell sh*t then say so”………

I hope we continue to have a good back and forth….and we add many more by the next time I feel I need to issue a formal “thank you”….

Once again…thank all of you for your time and your readership….may we have many more comments and time ahead of us.

Be well and be safe…..

“lego ergo scribo”

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